CHS dome repair cost less than estimate

CHS dome repair cost less than estimate

December 10th, 2009 by Randall Higgins in News

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - Renovation of the Cleveland High School dome cost less than the initial estimate, the Cleveland Board of Education's site committee learned Wednesday.

The first estimate to replace some supports on the gymnasium roof was $195,000. But that was an architect's rough estimate before a mechanical lift was brought in to get a close look, Schools Director Rick Denning said.

The board budgeted $75,755 for the repairs, but Dr. Denning said the construction company had deducted another $7,580 after the schools' construction overseer, Gene Bishop, said some pieces didn't need replacing after all.

That brought the project to a little more than $68,000.

"Gene saved us the amount of his salary," Dr. Denning said.

There may be further reductions. The committee authorized Mr. Bishop to negotiate with the company over damage to the gym floor during the roof repair work.

The committee also took up drainage issues at Mayfield Elementary School. Mud stains are showing in the retaining wall facing 20th Street NE. Mr. Bishop said a local company's informal estimate for the repair was about $1,700.

Board member Tom Cloud asked if the responsibility for pressure-washing and sealing the wall and sealing is with the city or the school board.

"I've heard both," he said.

Dr. Denning said he would find out.

Committee members also agreed that Stuart Elementary School is overdue for maintenance and remodeling work.

"The parents there have been so patient with us. They have stood by because they knew we had other issues to deal with, too," member Dawn Robinson said