Birth cycle baffles family

Birth cycle baffles family

May 24th, 2009 by Joan Garrett McClane in News

Staff Photo by Allison Kwesell Kent Adams, born on May 11, 1961, stands with his son, Jonathan Adams, born on May 11, 1985, while he holds his son, Brody Adams who was born on May 11, 2009. All three were born on May 11, and 24 years apart.

Staff Photo by Allison Kwesell Kent Adams, born on...

Kent Adams doesn't have many "lucky" numbers to choose from when he plays the lottery.

"Eleven and 24, that is pretty much it," said the 48-year old Fort Oglethorpe resident.

He has reasons for his choices. Every 24 years for three generations, a baby boy has been born into the Adams family on May 11.

"I was born on my dad's 24th birthday, and my son was born on my 24th birthday," said Jonathan Adams, 24, whose infant son, Brody, is the newest member of the Adams family.

The statistical probability of the Adams family pattern is one in 133,225, and Jonathan Adams said he doesn't know how it is happening.

After all, the wives of both Mr. Adamses had natural child- birth, so it wasn't like they booked a specific date to have the baby.

"I don't know how in the world it worked out like that, but it did," he said.

One thing is for sure, birthdays in the Adams family are hectic, especially once every 24 years.

"My mother was picking up the birthday cake for my dad when her water broke," said Jonathan Adams.

In some years, the men's birthday is combined with Mother's Day, which really makes for a familywide celebration.

"It is just cool the way it all worked out," said Kent Adams.

While it is a strange phenomenon, neither Kent Adams nor his son think their family's birth cycle means anything significant. Nothing cosmic is being communicated, he said.

"I guess we are all just weird," he said. "I was my dad's birthday present, and Brody was my birthday present."