Red Bank request could be costly

Red Bank request could be costly

May 28th, 2009 by Matt Wilson in News

Red Bank's mayor and public works director are asking the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority for 11 collections of data they say they need to make an informed decision on whether to stay in the authority's sewer system.

But officials for the Hamilton County authority say that information's going to come at a big cost and require lots of staff overtime.

"It's going to be an enormous undertaking," said Mike Carter, attorney for the authority.

No estimates have been made on what it would cost, officials said.

Wayne Hamill, Red Bank's public works director and the city's representative on the authority board, said the city would be willing to pay a fair amount.

"It's obvious that there's going to be some cost associated with it," he said. "I do feel they should (provide the information) because we're a partner."

At last week's authority board meeting, Mr. Hamill read a letter from Red Bank Mayor Joe Glasscock asking for the data. Among the items requested were a list of sewer repairs over the last four years, a list of all overflows and stoppages in that period and copies of tapes of sewer inspections.

In March, the authority's board voted to give cities the opportunity to start the process of exiting the system. If a city council so voted, authority staff would begin compiling information about the financial impact of its exit.

Mr. Hamill and East Ridge Mayor Mike Steele voted against a plan that requires gravity sewer customers to pay an $8 fee for inspections and repairs.

Both cities are considering leaving the authority.

Red Bank needs the information before the City Council can take such a vote, Mr. Hamill said.

Mr. Carter said the authority would do its best to accommodate Red Bank's request, but some of what the city wants is information the authority doesn't regularly compile.

"A letter's gone to Red Bank saying, 'Let's get together and figure out how to do this economically and fairly,'" he said.