Man asks grand jury to indict Obama

Man asks grand jury to indict Obama

April 7th, 2010 by Randall Higgins in News

A Monroe County, Tenn., man who was arrested after authorities said he barged in on the county grand jury and demanded an indictment of President Barack Obama was freed on bond Tuesday, records show.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick contends that President Obama is an illegal alien whose real name is Barry Soetoro.

In what he labeled an "affidavit of criminal complaint" and took to the Monroe County court clerk's office on Friday, Mr. Fitzpatrick wrote that "individuals named below are hereby declared domestic enemies of The (sic) United States of America in commission of treason."

In addition to President Obama, local officials and District Attorney Steve Bebb, he also names members of the president's cabinet, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden.

When the court clerk wouldn't issue a warrant, Mr. Fitzpatrick, who is described as a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander, took the documents into the grand jury room. He also tried to make citizen's arrests of the grand jury foreman and, later, Sheriff Bill Bivens, records show.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is charged with interfering with a grand jury meeting, inciting a riot and resisting arrest. A hearing is scheduled for April 20, according to the sheriff's department.

Carl Swensson, who operates a Web site called, said Tuesday he and others were there in support when Mr. Fitzpatrick entered the grand jury room.

"He did not force his way into the room," Mr. Swensson said. "He just opened the door and walked in."

Mr. Swensson agrees with Mr. Fitzgerald that Mr. Obama is not legally president. He cites Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

"It clearly states you must be a natural-born citizen to be president of the United States," he said. Mr. Obama states in his book that his father was from Kenya, Mr. Swensson said.

"That clearly makes him a British subject with dual allegiance," Mr. Swensson said. "That's what the founding fathers were trying to avoid."

Mr. Obama is the son of an American mother and African father. His birth certificate shows that he was born in Hawaii.


Walter Fitzpatrick's hearing is set for April 20.

Mr. Bebb said Tuesday that Mr. Fitzpatrick was pushed out of the grand jury room. A court security tape shows a woman with a video camera and another man also in the room, he said. Federal investigators in Knoxville have been notified, Mr. Bebb said.

While in jail, Mr. Fitzpatrick refused to eat or to cooperate with the court, Mr. Bebb said.

Mr. Fitzpatrick was offered a $1,500 bond Tuesday. One of the conditions of bond is that he undergo a mental evaluation, Mr. Bebb said.