Land donated for Stringer's Ridge Park

Land donated for Stringer's Ridge Park

February 12th, 2010 in News

Stringer's Ridge, the spot where Union soldiers bombarded Chattanooga to roust the Confederates, soon officially will be a 92-acre park in the heart of North Chattanooga.

The long-planned Stringer's Ridge park edged toward reality Thursday when the Tennessee River Gorge Trust announced it has accepted the donation of a 55-acre property easement from owner Jimmy Hudson.

The historic land, which also helps give Chattanooga it's natural and ridge-lined frame, can never be developed, according to the terms of the easement.

Contributed Photo, provided by the Trust for Public Land. Part of Stringer's Ridge will be turned into a park.

Contributed Photo, provided by the Trust for Public...

"We're happy to help make this into the beautiful urban park it will be one day," said Jim Brown, director of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.

The 55 acres will be combined with an adjacent 37 acres on the north end of the ridge and be managed as a natural area for hiking and bicycling. The Trust for Public Land purchased the smaller tract from Mr. Hudson for $2 million last year.

"We are at the stage now where we need to put pencil to maps and decide where to build trails and two trail heads," said Rick Wood director of TPL's Chattanooga office.


The highest points of Stringer's Ridge contain Civil War earthworks from which Union troops bombarded occupying Confederate forces for two weeks. Its ridge line affords views not only of downtown, but also of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east and the mouth of the Tennessee River Gorge in the west.