Ex-official seeking back pay in Soddy-Daisy

Ex-official seeking back pay in Soddy-Daisy

November 19th, 2010 by Jeremy Belk in News

While Soddy-Daisy commissioners have served on the board forgoing their $300 monthly pay, one former commissioner has asked the city for back pay, and it could be costly to the city.

Mayor Jim Adams said, "This could cost us $110,000."

Under Soddy-Daisy city code, commissioners are supposed to be paid $300 each month to serve on the board while the mayor receives an additional $50 a month.

"For many years members of the commission have not drawn that pay as an accommodation to the public," said Soddy-Daisy City Attorney Sam Elliott, "but this request has been made."

No one on the current commission would name where the request came from.

Elliott explained that while the commissioners have elected to not receive pay, court opinions from across the country have concluded that public officials can't perform their duties for free.

"The courts have upheld that basically you are bribing the public to vote for you if you say elect me and I won't draw this pay," Elliott said.

He said the city only has to go back six years because of the statute of limitations on such cases.

No action was taken by the commission on the matter, as Elliott said he was still looking into it.