Stormy night in Charleston

Stormy night in Charleston

October 28th, 2010 by Harrison Keely in News

Staff Photo by Harrison Keely/Chattanooga Times Free Press The Stockyard employee Shy Green says a tarp has been placed over her workplace since the roof was blown away during Tuesday's storm.

Staff Photo by Harrison Keely/Chattanooga Times Free Press The...

CHARLESTON, Tenn. -- A severe storm ripped the tin roof from a Bradley County shop Tuesday night, tossing it onto a bridge into McMinn County.

When Donna Brown, owner of the Western-themed store The Stockyard, spotted the damage around 8 p.m., rainwater was already gushing through the shop's rafters, soaking thousands of leather boots.

Four inches of stormwater flooded her store, ruining a flat-screen TV and other merchandise as she struggled to move everything she could. Now she's unsure of what to do next.

"I don't know what to do," she said. "I don't know."

A rescue squad has since tied a tarp to cover the shop's roof, employee Shy Green said Wednesday.

Jeff Gunter, from the Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency, said he believes damage to The Stockyard could cost up to $40,000.

Next to the shop, storm winds overturned a gas pump at the Conoco station, forcing the convenience store to shut off the gas line, Gunter said.

"It's not cheap, I'm sure," station owner Michael Bondi said.

Nevertheless, he said, the pump should be repaired and back to normal by today.

Alabama, Georgia tornadoes

The National Weather Service said a tornado with winds estimated at 80 mph touched down briefly northeast of Ringgold, Ga., in Catoosa County near Keith Road early Monday. The twister downed about 50 trees and caused minor roof damage to two homes, two chicken houses and a barn.

A second tornado with winds estimated at 100 mph also struck Monday near Rising Fawn, Ga., in Dade County, downing 100 to 200 trees and causing minor roof damage to 30 homes, according to the Weather Service.

Damage was even worse in Geraldine, Ala., according to Fire Chief Barry Sparks.

One house, six barns and a mobile home were destroyed by a tornado Tuesday evening, he said.

Christy Hardin, deputy director of the Emergency Management Agency in Fort Payne, Ala., said 12 homes were damaged and 18 power poles felled by the storm.

One family was displaced, she said.

The twister followed a set of tornadoes Monday morning, she said.

"It's just weird to get hit in the same spot in two days," she said.