Police Briefs: Women used bats in attack

Police Briefs: Women used bats in attack

April 27th, 2011 in News

Women used bats in attack, police say

A card game led to a fight, which led to a beating with baseball bats, which led to two women getting booked into the Hamilton County Jail on aggravated assault charges late Sunday night, according to a Chattanooga police arrest report.

Officers were called to an unknown trouble call at 3010 Noa St., the report said, and found two women chasing a man around the yard with baseball bats.

One woman, Jaharra Dowdell, 18, struck the man as an officer stepped out of his car, the report said.

The officer was able to separate the three, holding both of women at Taser-point to keep them away from the man, Nathan Brown, until backup officers responded, the report said.

Dowdell told police that she and her mother, Jacqueline Brown, 44, were playing cards with Brown's husband, Nathan, when a heated argument broke out over the game.

As the argument mounted, Nathan Brown decided to pack some belongings and leave. At that point, the report states, the women picked up the baseball bats.

The fracas continued into the front yard, at which point Dowdell said her mother swung the bat at her husband and missed, hitting Dowdell in the mouth and chipping her two front teeth.

Jacqueline Brown told police that her husband tried to fight her, but police determined that she and Dowdell were the primary aggressors, the report said.

No one at the home could be reached for comment.

Both women were released after posting $750 bonds.

Dowdell and Brown are scheduled to appear in court May 2.

Man found hiding in doghouse

A Chattanooga man found hiding in a doghouse wearing nothing but his underwear is facing charges of criminal impersonation and possession of marijuana, according to a Chattanooga police arrest report.

On Easter Sunday, a homeowner on Faust Street called police after finding blood on her front porch and doorknob. As police searched around the residence, an officer found Johnny Lebron Henderson, 44, hiding in the homeowner's doghouse, bleeding and in his underwear, the report stated.

Officers said Henderson gave him several names that weren't accurate.

His description matched that of a suspect involved in a robbery in the area earlier that morning, police said.

During questioning, officers reported that Henderson tried to hide marijuana in a police car, and they found more on him when he was booked in the Hamilton County Jail later that day.

Henderson's court date is set for May 12.