Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board approves permit for steakhouse

Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board approves permit for steakhouse

December 2nd, 2011 by Naomi Jagoda in News

The Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board voted unanimously Thursday morning confirm that plans for a steakhouse in an East Brainerd development would not be too close to a church to allow a beer permit.

A proposed mixed-use development at Shallowford Road and Lifestyle Way would include an Embassy Suites with a Ruth's Chris Steak House in it, said Mike Price, who works for the engineering company for the hotel and restaurant.

The steakhouse, which plans to sell beer, would sit near New Hope Presbyterian Church, but the plan is to build the steakhouse so that its regularly used doors would be more than 500 feet away.

The Beer Board agreed to provide a letter to developers stating that the steakhouse was far enough away to allow a beer permit.

Price wanted the board to confirm that such a layout would make the steakhouse eligible to receive a permit before construction starts.

City Councilman Jack Benson said at the Beer Board meeting that no one from the church or the community has objected to the steakhouse.

"It's a first-class development," Benson said after the meeting.

The larger complex, which is being developed by Ken DeFoor, also will have residences, a library branch and medical facilities, Benson added.

Construction on the hotel and steakhouse is expected to start this month, Price said.