Eton alcohol and LaFayette council runoffs set

Eton alcohol and LaFayette council runoffs set

December 4th, 2011 by Naomi Jagoda in News

A sign reads "Vote Yes" across the street from a sign reading "Vote No for Alcohol."

A sign reads "Vote Yes" across the street...

Photo by Jenna Walker /Times Free Press.


Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. EST.

Voters in Eton, Ga., will decide Tuesday whether to allow alcohol by the drink on Sundays.

The Murray County town deadlocked 44-44 in November, which led to Tuesday's runoff. But some Eton officials said last week they hadn't seen people campaigning for one side or the other.

City Councilman Jim Bartley said he has no indication how the vote will come out.

"Everything seems to be quite calm," said Bartley, who is against allowing the sales.

"I just don't think it's best for the community," he said, adding that the measure would affect only two establishments in Eton.

The owner of one of those businesses, Manuel Naranjo, said it would help his El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant if he could sell mixed drinks on Sundays.

"It might help the city of Eton, too," he said, because people would stay in town for drinks instead of heading elsewhere.

Eton City Clerk Kim Hall said she wasn't sure what voter turnout will be because this is the city's first runoff in at least 20 years. "I have no idea," Hall said.

She said each election costs the city about $800.

Two city council races in LaFayette, Ga., also have runoffs Tuesday.

In Ward 3, the race is between Barry "Chris" Hollis and Judy Meeks. The Ward 4 race is a faceoff between Donnie McGaha and Christopher Scott Davis.