Alcohol sales pass in Eton

Alcohol sales pass in Eton

December 7th, 2011 by Naomi Jagoda in News

This time, it wasn't a tie.

Vote totals:

LaFayette City Council

Ward 3

Judy Meeks: 206

Barry "Chris" Hollis: 146

Ward 4

Chris Davis: 203

Donnie McGaha: 147


Alcohol by the drink on Sundays

Yes: 36

No: 34

Sunday alcohol-by-the-drink sales passed in Eton, Ga., by a two-vote margin in Tuesday's runoff election. Thirty-six voters cast their ballots in favor of the measure, and 34 voted no.

The runoff was necessary because voters were evenly split -- 44 to 44 -- in November's voting.

Juan Nunez -- manager of El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant, one of two places in Eton impacted by the vote -- said they now may get more customers who previously went to Dalton on Sundays.

"It's good for us," he said.

In LaFayette, Ga., two new City Council members were elected.

In Ward 3, Judy Meeks defeated Barry "Chris" Hollis. In Ward 4, Chris Davis defeated Donnie McGaha.

"It's been a nerve-wracking day," Davis said.

"I feel great," Meeks said. "I'm just ready to get in and serve the people now."

Both Davis and Meeks said that one of their goals is to bring new business to the city.

Meeks and Davis will begin their four-year terms in January. The incumbents in their future seats, Bill Craig and Eric Tallent, decided not to seek re-election.