Ex-Dade deputy charged with assaulting woman

Ex-Dade deputy charged with assaulting woman

February 26th, 2011 by Joy Lukachick Smith in News

Mug shot for Dade County Sheriff's deputy Steven Pryor.

Mug shot for Dade County Sheriff's deputy Steven...

A former Dade County, Ga., sheriff's deputy who was fired for reportedly grabbing his estranged wife during an argument in 2010 was arrested again Thursday on charges involving another woman.

Steven Pryor, 37, was arrested after a woman told police he tried to force her into his truck when she attempted to break off their relationship, an arrest report shows.

Pryor was charged with attempted kidnapping, two counts of disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and battery, booking reports show.

In September, Pryor was fired from the sheriff's department after he was charged with simple battery involving an argument with his wife.

That charge was dropped after Pryor completed several requirements, including an anger management class, Sheriff Patrick Cannon said.

On Thursday, a sheriff's deputy found Pryor leaving a house on Avery Road and questioned him about a 911 call, a report shows. Pryor told the deputy he had been arguing with his girlfriend and there was no physical contact, the report shows.

The officer found bruising around Pryor's left and right wrist and took him back to the house, the report states.

Pryor's girlfriend told police she was at a friend's house when he showed up and demanded they talk. When she refused, Pryor grabbed her shoulder and arm and attempted to force her in the vehicle, the report states.

Pryor was booked at the Dade County Jail and released on an $8,000 bond, according to a news release.