Quote Worthy

Quote Worthy

February 27th, 2011 by Staff Report in News

"I don't think they should have given him one dime."

- Dade County Executive Ted Rumley, on the $325,000 severance that Charles Stewart, the former CEO of Hutcheson Medical Center, will receive under the terms of his employment contract

"I might have smoked a joint the night before, but I hadn't done nothing that day. I was not impaired one bit."

- David Wilkey, on findings that he had THC - marijuana's key ingredient - in his system when the fishing boat he was operating was struck by a barge on the Tennessee River last year, killing the two men with him

"Everything that I worried about when I woke up every morning is gone. That's the most beautiful house I've ever seen."

- Michael Sharrock, on how the new home his family received from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has changed their lives

"I still have a bullet in me. Do you think that's fair?"

- Cecil Stodghill, criticizing the five-year sentence handed to the man who shot him last year

"I believe you love dogs, but I'm having a big-time problem with 19 dogs in a trailer."

- Chattanooga City Court Judge Russell Bean, speaking to Winston Andrew O'Dell Jr., after 19 Chihuahuas were taken from his trailer