Dayton gets boat dock upgrade bids

Dayton gets boat dock upgrade bids

March 10th, 2011 by Tom Davis in News

DAYTON, Tenn. - A decision several months ago by the City Council to upgrade the city's boat dock is beginning to provide a payback even before a new lease is signed for the facility.

The council received bids Monday from seven companies to provide a metal building to replace the present store and maintenance facility, which is to be demolished. The apparent low bidder was $28,580 from Dillard Construction Co. of Dayton, but officials will check to ensure that it and other bids meet specifications before awarding a contract.

The metal building is to be completed by the new tenant and rental payments will be used to pay for the structure, officials said.

City Attorney Susan Arnold said the new tenant has offered to pay 10 percent of gross revenues in rent, with the dollar amount yet to be determined.

City Councilman Gary Louallen said several fishing tournament organizers, some with as many as 100 boats, have agreed to come to Dayton later this year to fish from the boat dock.

First among these will be the inaugural Student Angler Federation Tennessee High School Fishing State Championship on April 9.

"This is going to be good for the community," Louallen said.

In other matters, the council authorized City Manager Frank Welch to advertise for bids for a used ladder truck for the fire department.

Fire Chief Chuck Suttles said a 75-foot ladder truck will provide coverage for most buildings in the city. A larger truck, he said, would not be able to navigate many city streets.

The council also approved a contract with the J.R. Wauford engineering firm to begin design work on a station for the city's north sewage drainage basin.

Expansion of sewer service north of the city's industrial park is limited by the capacity of the present station. City officials said they hope to have a new facility in place late this year.

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