Son charged with attempted murder in shooting of mother's boyfriend

Son charged with attempted murder in shooting of mother's boyfriend

March 16th, 2011 in News

Roderick C. Jones, 28, is charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

Roderick C. Jones, 28, is charged with attempted...

A 28-year-old man remained in jail Tuesday on a $100,000 bond, facing charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault after he reportedly shot his mother's boyfriend as many as five times.

He told police he feared for his mother's safety.

On Monday, Roderick C. Jones Jr., of Chattanooga, spoke with police several hours after the shooting. He said he awoke to hear his mother, Angela Ponder, and her boyfriend, Tommy Poindexter, arguing.

Jones said he left his bedroom and saw Poindexter push his mother against the refrigerator. He told police that Poindexter said, "I've got something for y'all" and went towards the closet, according to the arrest report.

Jones said he told Poindexter to leave several times and that he then observed his mother getting choked. But, according to the report, police did not observe any visible red marks on Ponder and questioned if she was actually choked.

After being confronted with this information by police, Jones said he was in fear for his mother's life based on what happened to her two years ago when Poindexter was arrested and charged with domestic assault after Ponder was attacked.

When police arrived on scene just before 5 a.m. Monday in response to the latest domestic argument, Ponder initially told authorities she shot Poindexter after he grabbed and pushed her. She later said her son shot Poindexter because he was protecting her.

Jones told police he attempted to get Poindexter off his mother before brandishing a .38-caliber revolver and firing the gun an unknown number of times.

Poindexter, who had been shot five times in the back, shoulder and legs, was rushed to surgery at Erlanger hospital and was listed in critical condition Tuesday.

Jones, who had another attempted first-degree murder charge dismissed in February, has a court date set for March 22.