Two men charged in Dade slaying

Two men charged in Dade slaying

March 18th, 2011 by Joy Lukachick Smith in News

Jonathan Ellison and James Oglesbee

After leading police on an all-night manhunt, two men were arrested Thursday in Whitfield County, Ga., in connection with the death of a Chattanooga man who was shot and stabbed late Wednesday.

Local and state police caught Jonathan Ellison and James Oglesbee hiding at a home early Thursday morning and charged each of them with murder and aggravated assault, authorities said.

Coroner Johnny Gray said the death is the first homicide in Dade County in at least five years.

Police began the search after Antwane Hyatte was found stabbed and shot to death at the door of Ellison's home on Sand Mountain in Dade County, Gray said.

The preliminary autopsy report on Hyatte shows he was shot once and stabbed multiple times, he said.

Hyatte had gone to the house of his co-worker around 6 p.m., possibly to pick up some money, Dade Sheriff Patrick Cannon said.

But after Hyatte went inside, the woman who had dropped him off said she heard gunshots and saw Hyatte run to the door, Cannon said. Hyatte was waving frantically for the woman to leave when he suddenly fell to the floor, the sheriff said.

Ellison and Oglesbee fled the home out the back door, leaving Ellison's two young children alone at the home with the slain man, Cannon said.

After Ellison and Oglesbee were arrested, each was jailed and charged with murder and aggravated assault, according to a Dade County Jail official.

Staff writer Kate Harrison contributed to this story.