Cleveland wants input on new airport terminal

Cleveland wants input on new airport terminal

March 19th, 2011 by Randall Higgins in News

CLEVELAND, Tenn.-As tons of dirt are being moved for a new city airport in the Tasso community, the Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority is gearing up for what comes next-the terminal area.

Chairwoman Lynn DeVault said Friday the authority wants to hear ideas from everyone with a stake in how the terminal and hangars will be developed.

To that end, a survey is being sent next week to pilots and airplane and hangar owners here and also those based in Chattanooga or elsewhere in the region. It will be posted on the city

"There will have to be a series of meetings and work sessions with pilots and utility companies," said Mark Paslick of PDC Consultants. "Because we are now getting closer to knowing when the airport will be available. We kind of work backward from that."

The 43 items to be worked through include construction, hangar needs and transferring from the existing airport, Hardwick Field.

The new airport is expected to be ready in 2013.

DeVault suggested the survey include the new industries, Wacker Chemical and Amazon. They may or may not have hangar needs for transient aircraft, she said.

Authority members plan to name an architect committee next month.

Meanwhile, the airport authority has been reimbursed $331,628 for the purchase of part of the former Rolling Hills golf course to be used as a wetland mitigation area for wetland disturbed at the Tasso site, said city staff member Gloria Malone. That money came through the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission, she said.