Rhea residents seeking county's help to fix 2 roads

Rhea residents seeking county's help to fix 2 roads

March 25th, 2011 by By Kimberly McMillian in News

Residents have sought the county's help in fixing the deep ruts and broken pavement along Triple J Road off Dayton Mountain Highway in Dayton, Tenn. Photo by Correspondent Kimberly McMillian

Residents have sought the county's help in fixing...

DAYTON, Tenn.-Residents along Dayton Mountain Highway have asked the Rhea County Road Committee's help with what they say are needed improvements on Triple J Road and Culp Lane.

County Road Superintendent Tommy Snyder said at the weekly meeting of the Rhea County Purchase and Finance Committee that most of Triple J was not on county property.

Commissioner Tracy Taylor said after the meeting that resident Claude Jenkins recently had spoken with him about the county fixing Triple J.

Jenkins wasn't at the meeting.

Claudette Jenkins, the daughter of Claude Jenkins, also lives on the road off Dayton Mountain Highway. She said she wants the county to "get the road fixed" before an emergency with her elderly parents occurs and requires an ambulance to take them to a hospital.

Tom Culp, who lives on Second Avenue and has an apartment for rent on Culp Lane, earlier had asked Snyder to review ownership of the road. He said he has had difficulty renting his apartment because of the gravel road's rutted condition.

"No one has done anything about it," Culp said.

Commissioner Bill Hollin asked if Snyder could bring the road up to standards, but Snyder said there was "no way to do that until I research it."

Snyder told Culp he would have to pay for the work himself if the county determined Culp Lane was privately owned.

At the recent meeting, Snyder declined to comment on the county's findings about the ownership of the street.

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