Upland Design Group to restore theater at Cleveland High School

Upland Design Group to restore theater at Cleveland High School

November 13th, 2011 by Randall Higgins in News

A sloping concrete floor is the main feature for now at Cleveland High School's little theater. The aging seats were removed during the summer. On Wednesday, the Cleveland School Board and staff toured the high school, including a stop in the theater to discuss future renovation.

Photo by Randall Higgins /Times Free Press.

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- Upland Design Group, the architectural firm that designed Cleveland High School's science wing, will take on a similar role now to prepare the school's theater.

The Cleveland Board of Education agreed Monday to Upland helping with the permits and compliance work. The theater will get a full makeover, including new seats and a sound system.

Upland's Brian Templeton said the fee would be 6 percent of the project's total cost, which is expected to be in the $200,000 range. The funds are in the budget, official said.

Considering the difficulties with renovation, board members said, Upland made a generous offer.

"When we do something at Cleveland City Schools, as with the science wing, we do it right," school board member Dawn Robinson said Wednesday during the board's site committee discussion.

Dr. Martin Ringstaff said that because Upland is providing a professional service, there does not need to be a bidding process.

The theater now is only an empty space inside the school. Board members last year determined it was too dilapidated for continued use, and during the summer the school system's maintenance staff removed the seats.

The theater is more like a multipurpose room for the school, board member Steve Morgan said.

"With all the requirements that need to be complied with, we will need professional advice," said Tom Cloud, another board member.

Upland will oversee compliance with regulations on handicap access, fire marshal inspections and other safety issues.