Erlanger trustees promote COO to interim CEO

Erlanger trustees promote COO to interim CEO

November 30th, 2011 by Andrew Pantazi in News

Charlesetta Woodard-Thompson speaks to fellow board members after she was announced to be Erlanger's interim CEO Tuesday evening after Jim Brexler's resignation.

Photo by Jenna Walker /Times Free Press.

The Erlanger board of trustees on Tuesday unanimously approved Charlesetta Woodard-Thompson, the chief operating officer of the hospital, as the temporary president and CEO.

Effective Jan. 1, Woodard-Thompson, who served as interim president and CEO of the hospital from 2003 to 2004 before current CEO Jim Brexler took over the position, replaces Brexler, who announced his resignation 12 days ago.

She said that she accomplished everything she hoped to during the time she was serving as interim CEO. The hospital had the highest bottom line in its history during that time, she said, and she hopes to have similar success this time around.

"We have seven months left in the fiscal year, so we'll hit the ground running," Woodard-Thompson said.

Woodard-Thompson, who now makes $326,720, will be paid an annual salary of $486,720 as CEO. Brexler earned a salary of about $550,000.

Brexler's severance package has not been announced, but his last day will be Dec. 31, according to Erlanger Vice President of Human Relations Gregg Gentry.

Brexler's employment contract says he cannot work for nor have anything to do with any competing hospital within 75 miles of Hamilton County for a year after his employment ends.

In May 2005, one year after arriving at Erlanger, the hospital announced it had lost $7.63 million. At the time, Brexler said, "We're continuing to do as much as we can, but we're not going to likely make up that deficit. Now we're really having to manage our costs and prepare for the next year as best we can."

In July, Erlanger registered a $1.3 million loss, and trustees complained about perceived administrative inefficiencies.

The circumstances that prompted Brexler's resignation haven't been made public.