Cleveland, Tullahoma airports get grants

Cleveland, Tullahoma airports get grants

October 22nd, 2011 by Ben Benton in News

This is a conceptual digital image of the proposed terminal for the new Cleveland, Tenn., airport at night.

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Facility / Federal / State / Local share / Total

Local airports:

Cleveland Municipal Airport / $5 million / $385,000 / $940,555 / $6.33 million

Tullahoma Municipal Airport / $288,000 / $405,000 / $77,000 / $770,000

Other Tennessee airports:

Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport / $3.5 million / $27,000 / $187,211 / $3.71 million

McGhee Tyson Airport / 0 / $455,000 / $50,556 / $505,556

Springfield-Robertson County Airport / 0 / $94,989 / $15,663 / $110,652

Source: Tennessee Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division, airport officials

More than $5.46 million in Tennessee and federal grants will help pay for design work on the new airport in Bradley County and safety and access improvements at the airport in Coffee County.

In Cleveland, the recipient of $5.385 million in state and federal money, funding will be used for sewer design and construction of a terminal building at the new Cleveland Municipal Airport, said Gloria Malone, TDC Consultants administrative assistant and retired assistant director of Cleveland Public Works. TDC is the design firm for the project.

Cleveland's local match toward the project, which is located in the Michigan Avenue-Tasso Road area north of town, totals $940,555.

Malone said part of the money will be used to build the estimated $2.1 million to $2.2 million terminal building and associated parking, lighting, fencing and landscaping.

The rest of the grant will pay for sewer design and a concrete runway, apron and taxiways, she said.

In Tullahoma, $770,000 in total grant and local funding will pay for expansion of the airport's parking area to provide access for tenant Momentum Foundation's four new, 12,000-square-foot hangars at the facility, Tullahoma Municipal Airport manager Jon Glass said.

Tullahoma will pitch in $77,000 in local money.

Glass said the other portion of the grant will pay for new approach lighting to improve safety and visibility for pilots landing at night and in inclement weather. There have been a couple of instances in which jet pilots had to divert to another airport after they couldn't find the runway, he said.

"The lights will extend out about 1,500 feet beyond the end of the runway," he said.

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