Sewanee teacher gets science grant

Sewanee teacher gets science grant

September 2nd, 2011 by Staff Reports in News

Sewanee teacher gets science grant

A Sewanee biology professor received a $400,000 award over the next four years from the National Science Foundation in support of her research into the mechanisms controlling thermal acclimation in the eastern red spotted newt.

Sewanee: The University of the South professor Nancy Berner will coordinate with the university's Bridge Program in Math and Science to increase the involvement of minority students in research, according to a news release.

The grant funding also will provide summer stipends for 10 to 12 undergraduate students and travel funds for these students to attend national meetings to present their research.

Berner's research will provide one of the most complete investigations of acclimation in a single cold-blooded vertebrate species and will lead to insights about mechanisms of acclimatization in their natural environment, according to the release, information that will be critical in determining best conservation practices in the face of the changing global environment.

Police eye traffic in unmarked cars

The Chattanooga Police Department will be monitoring traffic through the use of unmarked cars beginning today at 5 p.m., according to Chattanooga police spokeswoman Jerri Weary.

The unmarked cars will have blue and white lights and sirens and will be manned by uniformed officers, Weary reported.

Anyone who is concerned about the legitimacy of such a vehicle can pull over to a well-lit or populated area and call the police at 423-698-2525, she said.

As part of a safety initiative conducted by the police department's traffic division and other area law enforcement agencies, police also will monitor traffic from marked cars and motorcycle units, Weary said.