Police Briefs: Man accused of raping woman

Police Briefs: Man accused of raping woman

September 14th, 2011 by Staff Reports in News

Man accused of raping woman

Derrick L. Jones was reportedly wearing a mask when he brutally raped a woman repeatedly on Aug. 15, 2010.

Chattanooga police arrested a 22-year-old man after lab results showed his DNA matched evidence on the nightgown of a woman who said she was raped more than a year ago, according to an arrest report.

Derrick L. Jones has been charged with one count of aggravated rape, according to the report.

Jones, who has a lengthy criminal history, remains in Hamilton County Jail on a bond of $1 million. His next court appearance is set for Sept. 22 in front of General Sessions Court Judge Clarence Shattuck.

The woman reported that a man wearing a mask raped her repeatedly on Aug. 15, 2010, the report said. The woman did not know Jones, but when she moved out of her apartment in December, she found a cellphone that contained a photo of Jones, according to the report.

Chattanooga police Detective Karl Fields was able to use the photo to find Jones' mother in the apartment complex and she identified Jones as her son, police said.

When questioned, Jones denied raping the woman and consented to a DNA swab in January. According to the report, the DNA results came back from the lab on Sept. 6.

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Mother accused of neglect

Jacobi S. Honeysucker, of Chattanooga, faces charges of child neglect and reckless endangerment after she left her four-year-old son unattended.

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

A 22-year-old mother was cited by Chattanooga police after she left her 4-year-old son unattended to go to work at a gas station.

The child left the residence at 1020 W. 37th St. on Aug. 30 and began walking the streets, searching for his mother, according to an incident report.

Jacobi S. Honeysucker, of Chattanooga, faces charges of child neglect and reckless endangerment. She was given a notice to appear at the Hamilton County Jail by Tuesday to be booked on the charges. Honeysucker is scheduled to go before General Sessions Court Judge Bob Moon on Sept. 29.