Man reports wings stolen

Man reports wings stolen

September 15th, 2011 by Andrew Pantazi in News

A man called police Tuesday after he got hungry and discovered something missing.

Charles Moore's bag of chicken wings was absent from his refrigerator. He told Chattanooga Police Officer Florida Wynn that he believed his next-door neighbor on Northway Lane had taken them, according to the incident report.

Wynn did not talk to Sandra and Dozie Melvin or Sharon Williams, the accused neighbors.

"The idea of him accusing us," neighbor Sandra Melvin said while cooking Hamburger Helper on Wednesday.

Dozie Melvin, who is recovering from a stroke, and his wife said that this isn't Moore's first time accusing people of stealing something. Once, they remembered, he said someone broke into his bedroom and stole change and pens off of his chest of drawers and later, according to the couple, broke into the house to return the pens.

The Melvins, along with their adult daughter Sharon Williams, said they didn't steal Moore's chicken.

"I know God says, 'Love thy neighbor,'" Williams said, "but how can you with someone like that?"

Moore did not answer knocks at his barred and locked screen door Wednesday, and, according to the report, no one was charged a crime.