Chattanooga police investigate gang shooting at mini-mart

Chattanooga police investigate gang shooting at mini-mart

September 24th, 2011 by Staff Report in News

Chattanooga police say a man who showed up at Erlanger Hospital last night with a gunshot wound to the shoulder said he was shot at a mini-mart on Glass Street.

22-year-old Eric Bell said he and a friend had stopped at 2400 Glass Street at Sandy's Mini Mart around 8:30 p.m. Once inside the store, they noticed some gang members who recognized them and began making threats towards them, police say.

Bell said they immediately left the store but when they tried to drive away, one of the men pulled a gun and began shooting at their car, hitting Bell in the shoulder.

Bell's friend then drove him to a hospital where he was treated for his injury.

Police are currently working to identify the suspects but no arrests have yet been made.

Bell's injury was believed to be non-life threatening, police say.