ADT sells alarms door-to-door in Red Bank neighborhood after slaying

ADT sells alarms door-to-door in Red Bank neighborhood after slaying

September 28th, 2011 by Beth Burger in News

The resident of this house on Redding Road in Red Bank, Jordan Collins, was found dead Saturday morning and Red Bank police believe the death is connected to a robbery.

The resident of this house on Redding Road...

Photo by Jenna Walker /Times Free Press.

An alarm company sent representatives door-to-door on Redding Road to sell security systems Tuesday after a man was killed on the street over the weekend, according to a resident.

"To me, it's sick, preying on old people who live on this road," said Terry Smith, a resident of six years who has a home in the 3400 block of Redding Road. "Nothing like this has happened here."

Police said the death of Jordan Collins was carried out by people who knew him. His former roommate has been charged in the death.

Smith said ADT Security Services came to his door and offered to install a security system after Jordan Collins was found dead in his home at 3710 Redding Road on Saturday. Collins' former roommate, Zachary Hughes, and three others have been arrested in connection with his death.

ADT did not return a phone call for comment.

Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol said the homicide of Collins was not a random home invasion.

"Everything we have found so far, I would like to reinforce ... shows this was not a random act," he said.

The chief also said there are not a high number of burglaries and robberies in the Redding Road area.

If ADT wants to take advantage of the situation, "it's one of those things where it's free enterprise society we live in, so they can do that," Christol said.

Collins' death is the second homicide in Red Bank this year and third homicide the city has had in 10 years.

Collins' former roommate, Zachary Hughes, 19, is charged with criminal homicide in connection with the death. Although he had moved out of Collins' house, Hughes still lived a few blocks down on Redding Road, according to records.

A man who answered the door at Hughes' residence Tuesday declined to comment when asked about Hughes.