Meth worth $1.5 million seized in DeKalb County

Meth worth $1.5 million seized in DeKalb County

August 28th, 2012 by Rachel Bunn in News

With a street value of about $1.5 million, the largest methamphetamine stash in DeKalb County, Ala., history was discovered in an uninhabited mobile home, authorities say.

About 33 pounds of methamphetamine in crystallized "ice" form were found in a home in a trailer park on DeKalb County Road 354 near Collinsville, Ala., officials said. The seizure is more than four times bigger than the previous largest seizure in the county, they said.

"I think the previous largest seizure was about 7 pounds," Cmdr. Darrell Collins of the DeKalb County Drug Task Force said Monday. "At $100 a gram, that would total to $313,000. So this is much larger."

No arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing, he said.

Sheriff Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson confirmed that the house was believed to be a "stash house" for the drugs, and that it was probably being used by a single organization.

A "stash house" is used by drug traffickers to store drugs until they are prepared for resale, according to Collins, and the traffickers usually hire people to watch the residence.

The drugs are believed to be imported from Mexico because ice meth is not usually made locally, Collins said.

"This has greatly handicapped their organization," Collins said. "You're looking at a bunch of money they are losing, in addition to the resale value."