Dayton, Tenn., development OK'd for sewer line

Dayton, Tenn., development OK'd for sewer line

December 5th, 2012 by Tom Davis in News

Councilman Bill Graham, who also is Rhea County's finance director

Councilman Bill Graham, who also is Rhea County's...

DAYTON, Tenn. -- Dayton's sewer line serving Rhea County High School has capacity to serve a proposed 50-unit residential development, city councilmen were told Monday.

In response, council members approved a request from developers of Brookstone Heights, to be located near Rhea Medical Center, to tie onto the line.

City Manager Frank Welch said engineer Roy Wauford had reviewed the request and reported that "there would not be a problem with that development." With improvements recently completed to a pump station in the city's industrial park "we have the capacity to handle 340 grinder pump taps between Payne Lane and the pump station," he said.

But Wastewater Superintendent Glenn Fraley added, "We don't have a problem with this project, but Mr. Wauford just wants council to be aware of work that needs to be done in the future."

That work, at a minimum, includes repairs to a main line under U.S. 27 and to the line between the industrial park and the state Highway 30 pumping station.

In other matters, council authorized Welch to continue to work with personnel at FIMCO Services on lease payments due the city. Welch reported the company has paid rent through June, promoting Mayor Bob Vincent to say the situation has "been going on too long."

Councilman Bill Graham cautioned against giving the company an ultimatum.

"My concern is the employees," he said. "The time is really bad to force anybody to close."

The council instructed Welch to continue to work with the company in an effort to bring its payments current, and members agreed to reconsider the situation in the spring.

Council members also approved an agreement with RevTel LLC to attach fiber-optic cables to city-owned utility poles. RevTel owner David Snyder says he has customers lined up to use his telephone and data service, and he is ready to begin construction immediately.

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