Bradley County and Cleveland School calendars carry changes for 2012-2013

Bradley County and Cleveland School calendars carry changes for 2012-2013

January 2nd, 2012 by Randall Higgins in News

Dr. Martin Ringstaff, director of Cleveland City Schools, and Johnny McDaniel, director of Bradley County Schools

Dr. Martin Ringstaff, director of Cleveland City Schools,...

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- The Cleveland and Bradley County school systems' 2012-2013 calendars each have some changes coming in the summer of 2012.

Both school boards earlier this month adopted their calendars for the next school year after inviting parent and staff comments.

For Cleveland City Schools, the first abbreviated student day will be Aug. 8. Schools will close for Labor Day on Sept. 3 and Thanksgiving break Nov. 19-23. The year-end break will be from Dec. 19, an abbreviated day, through Jan. 8, 2013. During that holiday break, teachers will have staff development on Jan. 3-4 and a Jan. 7 workday.

After the current holiday break, city students return to class on Thursday.

City Schools Director Martin Ringstaff said he likes having the entire Thanksgiving week off instead of a short break after a fall break.

"We have a lot of breaks in the calendar right now. To me, it's too many breaks," he said.

That can interfere with student achievement, Ringstaff said.

The extra day after New Year gives teachers a break, too, especially if they are traveling, board member Richard Shaw said.

For Bradley County Schools, students return from the current holiday break on Wednesday after a staff development day for teachers.

Johnny McDaniel, county schools director, said the school calendar must be carefully considered each year. During the December board meeting he noted the calendar affects thousands of families' plans throughout the year.

For county schools, the 2012-2013 year begins Aug. 1 for teachers and Aug. 7 for students. May 22, 2012, is the last school day for both systems in the 2012-2013 year.

Next holiday season, the county schools have an abbreviated day on Dec. 20, 2012, and students are off through Jan. 4, 2013.