Marion County sets $88 a day pay rate for election workers

Marion County sets $88 a day pay rate for election workers

July 1st, 2012 by Ryan Lewis in News

South Pittsburg businesswoman and former educator Jane Dawkins

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

JASPER, Tenn. -- Marion County has paid its election workers, but it never had an official decree to do so.

Now the Marion County Commission has voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that establishes a pay rate for part-time workers and election day officials.

"It was discovered ... that our County Commission has never passed a resolution establishing the rate of pay for election workers," County Attorney Billy Gouger said.

Part-time workers and early voting workers now are compensated at a rate of $8 per hour in Marion County.

The election registrar and election day poll officials make $88 per day, officials said.

"From start to finish on election day, those election workers are working an 11-hour day," Gouger said. "It's what they've been being paid, but we just have it in resolution form to satisfy the requirements of the state."

Tennessee law requires a minimum wage of $15 per day for election workers.

"State law says that you can pay more than the minimums required and outlined by the state, but it has to be done by passing a resolution through the County Commission," Gouger said.

Officials said potential election employees are required by state law to attend a training session if they have never worked an election before.

"[The workers] are not compensated [by the county] for attending that workshop," Commissioner Jane Dawkins said.

Workers who already have attended the training and are certified do not have to be retrained, Gouger said.

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