Kimball wants invoice from engineers for partial wastewater treatment plant work

Kimball wants invoice from engineers for partial wastewater treatment plant work

March 5th, 2012 by Ryan Lewis/Correspondent in News

Kimball Mayor David Jackson

Kimball Mayor David Jackson

KIMBALL, Tenn. -- When Kimball and Jasper attempted to build a wastewater treatment plant for both towns, leaders agreed to split the initial engineering costs.

In January, Kimball Mayor David Jackson said the "deal fell through" because city leaders discovered the project would not receive any federal funding, and the towns couldn't afford to build the facility on their own.

The project's end left Kimball with $18,225 to pay for its half of the initial engineering work done by CTI Engineers Inc. in Chattanooga.

The Kimball Board of Mayor and Aldermen said they wanted all of the documents produced from that engineering work and an invoice before they would pay the bill.

In February, Jackson said Kimball received all of the documents, but no invoice was included.

When Jackson once again requested an invoice last month, CTI officials said they would not send one to Kimball because the company's contract actually is with Jasper.

Kimball should get an invoice from Jasper, CTI officials said, and pay Jasper the money for the work.

"I'm going to come from left field and suggest that if [CTI] wants their money, they need to do that," Kimball Alderman Mark Payne said.

Kimball Attorney Billy Gouger said he thought it was "a little bit strange" that CTI wouldn't send a separate invoice to Kimball.

"They knew going into it, that [Jasper and Kimball] were sharing the work and the responsibility of payment," he said. "I didn't see why [sending Kimball an invoice] would be a problem."

An invoice for the work was sent to Jasper, Jackson said.

Gouger said he is concerned about Kimball paying the money without an invoice for "audit purposes."

"You don't have a bill, but you wrote the check," he said. "That's never a good policy."

Kimball Vice Mayor Rex Pesnell said Kimball has "made attempts" to pay the bill, but the board has to have the proper documentation before it can agree to pay.

Last week, the board agreed that the best thing to do for now is nothing.

"If [CTI] wants their money, they can send us a bill," Alderman Johnny Sisk said.

Jackson said he did not disagree with the board's position on the matter, and Kimball will simply wait to be contacted about the bill.

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