Proposed city of Hamilton to unveil services plan

Proposed city of Hamilton to unveil services plan

March 6th, 2012 by Cliff Hightower in News

Proposed city of Hamilton

Proposed city of Hamilton


The service plan is located on the group's website at The city of Hamilton proposes to:

  • Contract with Hamilton County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement.
  • Contract with Highway 58 Fire Department for fire.
  • To provide street signs, code inspection and street maintenance within two years.

The plan of services also states:

  • Citizens will contract with private companies for trash collection.
  • Recreation facilities are not provided at this time.
  • Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Authority will provide sewers.
  • Hamilton County Animal Services will provide animal control.

Source: Proposed city of Hamilton


A meeting for the city of Hamilton will be held at 7 p.m. March 13 at Birchwood Elementary School, 5623 Highway 60.

Leaders for the proposed city of Hamilton will hold a public meeting next Tuesday to unveil their plans for public services.

"The meeting will fulfill another one of the state requirements for incorporation," said Chris Matthews, president of Friends of Hamilton, the group trying to create the city. "It will also help us confirm the level of public support we have."

Last October, members of Friends of Hamilton announced they would try to incorporate a new city in Hamilton County. The group wants to create a city covering the area from Mahan Gap Road to the Bradley County line to the east and to the Meigs County line to the north. The western border would be the Tennessee River.

Friends of Hamilton now is in the middle of a petition drive. State requirements say the group must gather signatures from one-third of those in the affected area, hold a meeting to give potential residents a plan of services and have the Hamilton County Election Commission approve an incorporation question to appear on an upcoming ballot.

Matthews has said in the past that he hopes the question will appear on the November general election ballot.

To incorporate, a majority of the affected residents who are voting must approve the formation of the city.

Brendan Jennings, spokesman for the group, said Friends of Hamilton will probably go beyond the requirements of state law.

"The state law says 'a meeting,'" he said. "We will probably have two."

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