Dayton, Tenn., to repair former post office building

Dayton, Tenn., to repair former post office building

October 2nd, 2012 by Tom Davis in News

DAYTON, Tenn. -- The city will seek bids this month to repair years of weather-related damage to its utilities building, the former Dayton Post Office.

City councilmen authorized City Manager Frank Welch to seek quotes on the project, which will include replacing the building's roof and windows, repainting and adding a customer service window inside.

Welch said the building on Main Street was built about 1939 and was used as a post office until a new facility was built on First Avenue about 10 years ago. The city acquired the building when the postal service moved.

"We'll put new metal on the roof, but it will match the color of other [city] buildings," Welch said. "We'll have to replace the windows, because the wood has rotted so you could poke a screwdriver through it."

The building's basement once was designated a fallout shelter, and for a time part of the basement was leased as office space.

Welch also reported that the city has received a grant for $550,000 to improve the parking ramp at Mark Anton Airport. The federal grant must be matched by $30,000 each from the state and city governments.

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