Bike taken during service at East Ridge church

Bike taken during service at East Ridge church

October 9th, 2012 by Staff Report in News

A local pastor is hoping a bicycle that was taken during services on Sunday will be returned to Ascension Lutheran Church in East Ridge.

"We would love to meet the person who took it and see if we can help them," Pastor Jeff Crim said.

While a report was filed with East Ridge police, there are no plans to press charges if the bike is returned, Crim said.

The Giant Sedona DX bicycle was taken from inside the church fellowship hall during service. The bike belonged to one of the church members who brought it so another church member who works on bicycles could look at it.

The bicycle, which was valued at $550, was purchased two weeks ago at East Ridge Bicycles, Crim said.

In the year he has been at the church, it has not experienced a lot of crime, he said.

"Obviously, this is East Ridge. We do have a large transient population and a population living in poverty," he said. "That causes things to sometimes happen, unfortunately."