Bats hard to chase from city buildings in Kimball, Tenn.

Bats hard to chase from city buildings in Kimball, Tenn.

September 9th, 2012 by Ryan Lewis in News

Bats are seen in this file photo.

Bats are seen in this file photo.

Photo by Corey Holliday/USFWS

KIMBALL, Tenn. -- A year ago, city administrators voted to take the fight to bats that had invaded two municipal buildings.

So far, the bats have won the battle.

In September 2011, the Kimball Board of Mayor and Aldermen agreed to pay $3,300 to Lookout Pest Control Inc. in Rossville for the removal of the bat infestation in the Kimball Fire & Rescue Hall and the town's maintenance building.

Kimball Vice Mayor Rex Pesnell said the original contract with the company called for the town to pay an additional $300 per year starting this month to "guarantee they'll keep the bats away."

"It's been an ongoing problem for over a year now," he said. "They haven't been successful in getting rid of them."

Pesnell said he met recently with officials from Lookout Pest Control about the problem.

"They agreed to waive [the $300] renewal for September if we would give them more time to get the situation under control," he said. "[They] assured me that they'll get the problem straightened out."

On Thursday, the board voted unanimously to accept the company's offer.

City Attorney Billy Gouger said Kimball was making an amendment to the existing contract, and that move required the board to vote.

If the company is successful in ridding the buildings of the pests, the yearly maintenance program fee will resume in September 2013, officials said.

"[Lookout Pest Control] is trying to solve the problem," Alderman Johnny Sisk said. "I think we should give them more time."

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