Chattanooga's homeless and hungry need our support and other letters to the editors

Chattanooga's homeless and hungry need our support and other letters to the editors

August 23rd, 2013 in Opinion Cartoons

Chattanooga's homeless and hungry need our support

I think Chattanooga may have some aggressive panhandlers and drunks on its streets, but I believe a lot are genuinely hungry. I, homeless for about four months, came from Knoxville to here, and this city is the absolute worst place to be in need. The community kitchen's food is rarely edible. It is usually some expired noodles or goulash mixture. I lost 60 pounds in my first six months having to eat there. Instead of complaining about being asked for a dollar like it is so horrible to just say no or ignore them or maybe try to ask the city to come together to try and find a solution for the problem such as more shelters, job programs, or reform and support of current programs. Remember all of you are maybe 2-4 weeks away from this if you lose your job or something happens to your finances. Myself, I am an IT guy, made good money, lost my job and within three months was homeless. So this can happen to anyone. I am sure it will be a crying shame when this does happen to many of you, so pay forward what you can now.


Bennett's cartoons lack intelligence

I know that the editors of the left-hand editorial page love Clay Bennett, but his cartoon in your Aug. 20 edition is all too typical of his mediocre work. In it, he isn't the least bit clever. (Although he probably thinks he is). He's just insulting by suggesting that anyone who may be a tea party activist or sympathizer or a Republican is comparable to a knuckle-dragging ape. That tactic (insults and vilification) is typical of the modus operandi of Democrats and the left-wing nowadays, since they are apparently intellectually bankrupt and unable or afraid to debate tea partiers or Republicans on the facts, logic, or merits of most issues anymore.

I might add that I don't understand the marketing logic either. Bennett is insulting probably the majority (if not the vast majority) of your readers, who are people who believe in the things he routinely insults or distorts.

By the way, if you want to see cartoons that are really clever and amusing, look on the right-hand editorial page whenever they print a Ramirez cartoon.

JOHN G. GRUBB JR., McCaysville, Ga.

Our teachers deserve wage increases now

Truly enjoyed reading commentary by Warren Mackey Hamilton County commissioner (District 4) printed on the Chattanooga Times editorial page on Aug. 17, 2013 He supports a raise for teachers.

Shame, shame on powers that be that deny a raise of 4 to 5 percent to teachers, principles and support staff. They are on the front line for our future. Come on now, eight years is too long not to get a raise. We want eduction to move forward, not backward. Some previous governors made sure we had 4 or 5 percent on state portion every year. That encouraged one to get up, face tough issues that educators and support staff deal with every second of the school day and year.

Please spend our tax money wisely and put our money toward raises for these fine educators and support staff.

Don't you want your child's teacher, principal, and support staff happy rather than struggling to make ends meet?

Retired educators and support staff, please help me contact legislators, commissioners, school board members, community leaders and others to encourage them to pass a raise for these fine hard working people on the front line.

WENDELL SWEETON, Whitwell, Tenn.