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Opinion - Columnists

Summers: The time Johnny Cash was arrested in Walker County

Published Jul. 24 2016

The sheriff had never met the singer before October 1967, when one of his deputies arrested Cash for...

Austin: Don't sacrifice park's green space for museum better suited elsewhere

Published Jul. 24 2016

Chattanooga's acclaim-ed downtown riverside rejuvenation hasn't come easy or quick. Nor, it seems, are all elements of it guaranteed to...

Cook: The most important football game of the season

Published Jul. 24 2016

High school football practice begins this week. For months, they've been lifting off-season weights, running, reviewing film, working up to...


Raines and Bell: Heritage Center will fulfill promise

Published Jul. 24 2016

Yes, the Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center should be located in Coolidge Park.

Kennedy: Pokemon Go catches fire

Published Jul. 24 2016

My first exposure to the Pokémon Go game was a conspiratorial request from our two sons, ages 14 and 9.

Good for You: Clothing, toys donated to patients at Children's Hospital

Published Jul. 24 2016

The employees at Chattanooga's Synterprise Company bought hundreds of dollars worth of clothing and toys for patients at Children's Hospital...

Martin: Life happens, so don't miss Election Day

Published Jul. 22 2016

Early voting numbers in Hamilton County are embarrassingly low. They're so bad — only 1,864 reported by Monday — I'm...

Hart: Summarizing news stories I didn't get to write about

Published Jul. 22 2016

Hillary Clinton was fired for dishonesty from her role in the Watergate investigation, but she learned a lot about the...

Kennedy: Hope for the helpless through story-telling

Published Jul. 21 2016

Smith, 43, a former nonprofit organization worker and Christian volunteer, had seen first-hand the HIV-AIDs scourge in Africa, the subjugation...

Smith: Questions that need answers

Published Jul. 18 2016

Sometimes in a world that has supposedly evolved to unheard-of heights of intellect and advancement, it seems that too many...

Cook: Love and July 16

Published Jul. 17 2016

They say Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez — the author and architect of one of worst days in our city's history —...

Kennedy: Photo albums and other personal favorites that have faded away with time

Published Jul. 17 2016

As time passes and you reach the doorstep of senior citizenship, you notice little parts of the culture flaking off.

Griscom: Welcome to Chattanooga, Ronald Reagan

Published Jul. 17 2016

On May 19, 1987, the UTC arena was packed — not for a basketball game, a tractor pull or a...

American veteran from Chattanooga area wins free bathtub-to-shower conversion

Published Jul. 17 2016

Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchens of Chattanooga and North Georgia announce that retired U.S. Army Spc. Beth A. Lynch is...

Martin: Killing the autopsy report

Published Jul. 15 2016

You remember the Autopsy Report (actual name: Growth and Opportunity Project), issued by the Republican National Committee back in 2013,...

Hart: Obama, the divider-in-chief

Published Jul. 15 2016

In spite of all the facts, the media are again taking a hit off the bong of the Black Lives...

Kennedy: Redshirting moves to kindergarten

Published Jul. 14 2016

Redshirting, a term often associated with college football, is on the lips of many parents of Chattanooga preschoolers this summer.

Smith: America's revolution

Published Jul. 11 2016

Surprisingly, Donald Trump beat GOP primary candidates whose resumes boasted of experience, accomplishments and exposure coveted by so many in...

Cook: Coaxing light and goodness out of July 16 tragedy

Published Jul. 10 2016

Love is patient.

Summers: Clemons Brothers Furniture Store

Published Jul. 10 2016

The front page of the Chattanooga News on Nov. 23, 1922, announced with great fanfare the opening of a six-story...

Greeson: Presidential silliness in serious times, and a real Saturday star

Published Jul. 9 2016

A day or so before the worst act of violence against an American police force since 9/11, did you see...

Martin: Conception and the congressional campaign

Published Jul. 8 2016

Can the question 'When exactly does life begin?' substantially influence the outcome of a Republican congressional primary?

Hart: Our Founding Fathers: The original Brexit

Published Jul. 8 2016

Independence Day, a great American tradition, combines three things we like: eating, alcohol and fireworks. Set against the pent-up tension...