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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Melting images of snow drive us crazy

Published Feb. 11 2016

Were you sucked into the early spring hype by the world's most powerful rodent on Groundhog's Day?

Kennedy: Bradley County man definitely led 'a football life'

Published Feb. 11 2016

The NFL Network features a popular biography series called "A Football Life." It typically contains documentary video of a Hall...

Greeson: Betting experts say Hillary, Rubio clear primary favorites

Published Feb. 9 2016

The New Hampshire primary is today, and the direction for the rest of the presidential campaign landscape could be set...

From Cleveland to Nashville, adults can't seem to stop misbehaving

Published Feb. 8 2016

No, leaders are not expected to be perfect. No, leaders, as defined as those in a position of authority or...

Cook: Chattanooga's athletic Steve Jobs

Published Feb. 7 2016

alison, ms edited

Kennedy: Too much parent-teacher communication?

Published Feb. 7 2016

As I was entering fourth grade at Riverside Elementary School in Columbia, Tenn., my teacher made my mother a promise:...

Elevator operator, painter, mystery man: meet Rice Carothers

Published Feb. 7 2016

It was a painting of Disease. In this case, it was the crimson pestilence that was the centerpiece of Edgar...

Greeson: Super numbers gauge growth of Super Bowl

Published Feb. 6 2016

The Super Bowl is this weekend. You may have heard of it.

Kennedy: Storytellers are curators of a craft that is still alive and well

Published Feb. 4 2016

After a recent column, in which I carelessly wrote that storytelling is a lost art, I heard from Judy Baker...

Greeson: Peyton Manning's super traits already well-known to families of fallen heroes

Published Feb. 4 2016

Regardless of what happens Sunday night against Carolina, don't tell Tracy Smith and his family that Manning is anything less...

Greeson: Goodbye, Brother Ron, we all need to be better

Published Feb. 2 2016

Like most, I remember the first time I met Brother Ron Fender. I was dropping off something at the Chattanooga...

Smith: Americans are rejecting the status quo

Published Feb. 1 2016

Today, Democrats and Republicans will cast the votes in the Iowa Caucus...

Raulston Schoolfield made enemies amid his rise to power

Published Jan. 31 2016

The life of Scott Raulston Schoolfield from birth around 1905 until his death in 1982 was filled with controversy.

Charles: Tale of two Tennessee colleges

Published Jan. 31 2016

For those whose vocational "calling" is higher education, there is something deeply satisfying about teaching in the liberal arts tradition,...

Thornton: Time to end 'digital deserts' created by state restrictions

Published Jan. 31 2016

Private carriers, some taking millions in federal funds to provide speeds that will be outdated once actually finished, have had...

Greeson: Saturday's quick hits from Ooltewah's cleaning woman being Tased, the city as dog catchers, GOP winners

Published Jan. 30 2016

Keep your head on a swivel in Ooltewah.

Kennedy: Website lets users peer into Chattanooga's past

Published Jan. 28 2016

When he was a student at Red Bank High School in the 1980s, Sam Hall, now 52, brought his 35...

Greeson: Trump's absence is as boisterous as his presence

Published Jan. 28 2016

In the political realm, debates are normally dog-and-pony shows. It certainly has been the case for the Democrats this cycle.

Smith: The Devil went down to Georgia

Published Jan. 28 2016

Justice Louis Brandeis's admonition is clear when prosecutors, in their zeal to convict and punish — whether to further their...

Greeson: A week from Iowa, the distractions drown out the candidates

Published Jan. 26 2016

This weekend, between snow excursions and football commercials — does the NFL have a contract with advertisers that Peyton Manning...

Smith: Will Tennessee parents have school choice?

Published Jan. 25 2016

This week has been proclaimed "School Choice Week" in Tennessee by Gov. Bill Haslam.

Cook: Neglect and NoogaPoor

Published Jan. 24 2016

Why did the Unity Group boycott Monday's MLK Day parade, the very parade it has sponsored for more than four...

Moore: The flood of 1917

Published Jan. 24 2016

Before construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority flood control system, the region frequently experienced spring floods. One of the worst...