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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: 'Enormotron' uproar is silly

Published May. 26 2017

Do you know what's more out of place than the new digital billboard — nicknamed "enormotron" by one downtown business...

Hart: Mueller? ... Mueller? ... Mueller?

Published May. 26 2017

So a special counsel has been hired, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to look into something about Trump — I...

Greeson: Graduating from civil liberties to civility

Published May. 25 2017

Do you remember graduating? From high school or college?


Greeson: Celebrate the events, and the efforts that landed them

Published May. 23 2017

Were you downtown Sunday? It was glorious. And inspiring.

Smith: Those whose future is brightest

Published May. 22 2017

Who will be identified as those in the "useless class?" You read that correctly.

Gerber: Putting the public back in public records

Published May. 21 2017

Hamilton County's public school leaders are engaging in a disturbing pattern of behavior that obstructs attempts by the media and...

Local History Column: Blues icon Bessie Smith was the Empress of Soul

Published May. 21 2017

The Blue Goose Hollow Trail Head, which opened in August to extend the Riverwalk 3.5 miles to the base of...

Kennedy's Family Life: Why you should never buy your teen a hummer

Published May. 21 2017

So my 15-year-old son and I are car shopping.

Cook: The Team of the Year lost, but still won

Published May. 21 2017

This spring, when the newly resurrected Howard School baseball team began its 2017 season, some guys had never played before.

Greeson: Bike lanes, presidential odds and a field working miracles

Published May. 20 2017

Earlier this week, eight renegade cyclists — if you want to call them an outlaw biker gang, I suppose that...

Martin: Two-way streets and more parking, please

Published May. 19 2017

My greatest fear driving downtown, next to accidentally running over a bike-riding tourist unfamiliar with cycling laws, is turning the...

Hart: If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again

Published May. 19 2017

Not a bad week for "fake news." There were only two major fake news stories that made the rounds last...

Greeson: Priorities, not politics, should be chief concern

Published May. 18 2017

It looks like everyone wants to have a say in who the next Chattanooga police chief will be.

Smith: The fine line between religion and politics

Published May. 18 2017

Last week, I cruised the Elbe River from Prague, Czech Republic, to Berlin, Germany. The cruise cut a wide swath...

Greeson: A major move for mayor's chief issue

Published May. 16 2017

When Chattanooga police Chief Fred Fletcher announced his retirement last month, it made me sad for our city.

Sharp: Is change on the horizon for PILOT tax break program?

Published May. 15 2017

The Chattanooga City Council and Hamilton County Commission recently heard from the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce about a call...

Smith: 7th grader suspended for 'liking' post about airsoft guns

Published May. 15 2017

If your seventh-grade son brought home a note explaining he'd been suspended for 10 days from school, you'd likely want...

Cook: How much do we love other people in America?

Published May. 14 2017

The most influential contribution we can make to American society isn't strong policy or bulletproof arguments or impeachment procedures.

Chattanooga History Column: Women's Army Corps at Chickamauga

Published May. 14 2017

Since the nation's birth, women have played a role in the military. As the colonies struggled for independence, women were...

Kennedy: Spring cleaning clears the mind

Published May. 14 2017

Interesting fact: One out of four garages in America is so cluttered it won't even fit one car.

Good for You: Credit union raises funds for Believe Campaign

Published May. 14 2017

When Scenic Community Credit Union employees found out about the need for a new Erlanger Children's Hospital outpatient center, they...


Greeson: Painful protest two years later, baby names and a truly heroic run

Published May. 13 2017

We do know this: Social expression on college campuses across this country has become more divisive and dangerous for the...

Martin: Why bother organizing?

Published May. 12 2017

What is the Hamilton County Black Caucus doing?