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Opinion - Columnists

Alexander: Game-changing medicine

Published Dec. 11 2016

Last week Congress and President Barack Obama delivered a Christmas miracle called '21st Century Cures' that will help improve the...

Cook: Courage in time of refugees and fear

Published Dec. 11 2016

In 1950, Dr. Louis Miller, a heart surgeon from New York City who immigrated from Lithuania as a boy and...

Family Life: Let's not say goodbye just yet, OK, Santa?

Published Dec. 11 2016

Dear Santa, Thanks for all you have done in the last 15 years.

Local History Column: Chattanooga and the 'General'

Published Dec. 11 2016

One of the most famous incidents of the Civil War in our area was the Great Locomotive Chase - an...

Pineda-Loher: Diversity in Chattanooga

Published Dec. 11 2016

I am proud to live in Chattanooga. We treat others as we want to be treated. We forgive, even when...

Community supports Mowbray Volunteer Fire Department

Published Dec. 11 2016

A community showed extraordinary support for the men and women of Mowbray Volunteer Fire Department.

Greeson: Game shows, gaming the system and Rhonda's well-played game

Published Dec. 10 2016

It's hard not to be excited that the 'Price is Right' game show is coming to Chattanooga.

Hart: Trumped-up campaign promises; now reality sets in

Published Dec. 9 2016

Donald Trump, who is not even in office yet, is already effecting change by keeping American jobs. Even Ronald Reagan...

Martin: The optimism of the political right

Published Dec. 9 2016

Throughout the Obama years it has been easy to look at the political right and think it's peopled by an...

Greeson: McCallie honors Will Hunt with gift of life

Published Dec. 8 2016

One of the lasting images I have from the tragedy involving the little angels lost on that bus from Woodmore...

Kennedy: Tender letter to a dying husband

Published Dec. 8 2016

Experience is the best teacher, it's said. Yet some experiences come at a cost.

Smith: Global trade meets art of the deal

Published Dec. 5 2016

Many who are informed are quick to know that our nation's federal debt — the amount spent that exceeds the...


Cook: The warnings on the bus

Published Dec. 4 2016

If your child's bus driver was driving recklessly and erratically, what would you do?

Family Life: School bus safety for the 21st century

Published Dec. 4 2016

It has been almost two weeks since a tragic school bus crash here claimed six young lives and sparked a...

Googe: President Truman to Desmond Doss: "A greater honor than being President"

Published Dec. 4 2016

For his actions on the Maeda Escarpment, Doss became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor on...

BlueCross-BlueShield Foundation genorosity adds sixth Fitness Zone

Published Dec. 4 2016

Thanks to the BlueCross-BlueShield Foundation, we recently celebrated the grand opening of our area's sixth Fitness Zone installed at the...

Greeson: A Signal idea that breaks from status quo

Published Dec. 3 2016

For a lot of Signal Mountain residents, the news that the Town Council is considering a committee review of the...

Martin: Conservatives should be wary of hacking

Published Dec. 2 2016

One way to learn a person's political affiliation really quick is to throw the following line at them and wait...

Hart: Cuba and the untaught lesson on the perils of socialism

Published Dec. 2 2016

Fidel Castro, the 90-year-old communist dictator of Cuba, is dead. After his death, Cuban citizens gathered near Cuba's lone TV...

Greeson: Tragedy brings out best - and worst - from a lot of us [video]

Published Dec. 1 2016

We prayed during the fires in Gatlinburg, Tenn., hoping for rain and help for a man-made act of cowardice that...

Kennedy: Pikeville couple reaches rare diamond wedding anniversary

Published Dec. 1 2016

Albert George, 97, credits his wife's mouth-watering homemade biscuits for the couple's long marriage.


Greeson: Holiday wrapping tradition delivers smiles

Published Nov. 29 2016

After a Thanksgiving holiday filled with family and food — and more than enough in each category — Monday's return...

Cook: The Hallelujahs of Woodmore Strong

Published Nov. 27 2016

Some evenings, after getting home from his shift at the foundry, William Clark will sit on his porch in the...