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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: Medical marijuana committee a helpful development

Published Sep. 15 2017

"The Senate, bless their heart, are [sic] just scared to death."

Kennedy: 62-year-old runner is opening eyes to uterine cancer

Published Sep. 14 2017

Five years ago, Colleen Johnson was 100 pounds overweight and battling endometrial cancer.

Greeson: Latest issue magnifies ESPN's double standard

Published Sep. 14 2017

Jemele Hill co-hosts the 6 p.m. SportsCenter on ESPN with Michael Smith.

Alexander: Health care fix for 2018

Published Sep. 13 2017

Last week, Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee's insurance commissioner, Julie McPeak, came to Washington to testify before the Senate health...

Greeson: A day when real conflicts should be recalled

Published Sep. 12 2017

Monday, around lunchtime, I made a point to click on KZ 106.5 FM.

Smith: Time to eat your own cooking

Published Sep. 11 2017

The public has endured a lot of media coverage and political campaigning that revolves around the Affordable Care Act, aka...

Kennedy: American fathers getting older and older

Published Sep. 10 2017

It appears I was on the cusp of a trend by fathering children in my 40s.

Chattanooga History Column: J.B. Collins — Newsman extraordinaire

Published Sep. 10 2017

As he nears his 100th birthday on Sept. 24, James Bennett Collins, known by all as J.B., can look back...

Bowen: The whole kid

Published Sep. 10 2017

Have you seen the spoof on state mottos that made the rounds a couple of years ago?

Cook: $100 million and 450,000,000 box tops

Published Sep. 10 2017

Last week, Hamilton County commissioners voted 8-1 for a property tax plan that promises $100 million for public school infrastructure.

Greeson: A city for bicycling, texting and donating

Published Sep. 9 2017

Friday was a beautiful day.

Loftin: Should we pity or punch Congress?

Published Sep. 9 2017

It's easy to criticize Congress.

Fries: Christians under assault

Published Sep. 9 2017

Ten years ago as many as 1.4 million Christians lived in Iraq.

Martin: On new taxes, questions abound.

Published Sep. 8 2017

It's a good "first step."

Hart: Powerball: The big winner is always the government

Published Sep. 8 2017

The second largest Powerball payout in history, $758 million, was won by a Massachusetts woman. She elected to receive a...

Greeson: Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger gets tax touchdown passed

Published Sep. 7 2017

It will officially be Res. No. 917-12.

Bigham: Focus on students when crafting DACA solution

Published Sep. 7 2017

President Trump made his choice about DACA and put the ball in Congress's court, and there's no changing that. So...

Leonhardt: When the rich said no to getting richer

Published Sep. 6 2017

A half-century ago, a top automobile executive named George Romney — yes, Mitt's father — turned down several big annual...

Smith: Human chains offer links to life, love

Published Sep. 4 2017

We've witnessed individuals smartly assembling themselves into a human chain a couple of times over recent weeks.

Butcher: Regret - the fair but tough teacher

Published Sep. 3 2017

Some call it a midlife crisis; instead, I call it a midlife reflection.

Hatcher: Little fictions and simple facts

Published Sep. 3 2017

It is called the Big Lie: A falsehood, a half-truth, or most dangerous, a simplification, repeated so often that it...

Kennedy: The case for naming your car

Published Sep. 3 2017

Does your car need a name? The short answer is "yes."

Cook: Gen. Stewart and the Good Man argument

Published Sep. 3 2017

The 98-year-old statue of Confederate Gen. Alexander P. Stewart should come down.