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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Madness of March is big business for gamblers

Published Mar. 14 2017

The NCAA basketball tournament is to the most casual gambler what the Super Bowl is to the most laissez-faire football...

Cook: The pope, 'Hamilton' and Howard baseball

Published Mar. 12 2017

Not long ago, I heard of a Chattanooga man who bought season tickets to the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Why?...

Chattanooga History Column: Southern Adventist University

Published Mar. 12 2017

Dedication, sacrifice and vision mark the beginnings of what is now Southern Adventist University. With nearly 3,000 students, this institution,...

Hamilton County volunteers recognized for efforts

Published Mar. 12 2017

Gavin Cooley and Holly Dieken have been chosen winners of Hamilton County's 2016 Governor's Volunteer Stars Awards.

Greeson: Underwhelming city election and praising the backpack-packing crowd

Published Mar. 11 2017

The headline read "Officials cite voter fatigue for low turnout," and maybe that's right.

Martin: Did Manny Rico save Chris Anderson? And other post-election musings.

Published Mar. 10 2017

The moment early vote numbers went public when the polls closed on Tuesday, it was hard not to think Andy...

Hart: Another crazy week for Trump v. Washington

Published Mar. 10 2017

One by one, Trump is working on the campaign promises that got him elected: tightening our borders, working on cutting...

Loftin: Trump tweets roll toward 'pebble effect'

Published Mar. 10 2017

Funny how history repeats itself in unforeseen ways.

Greeson: Snack Pack ministries a true part of a Greater Chattanooga

Published Mar. 9 2017

WTCI, Chattanooga's PBS affiliate that consistently reaches beyond its financial means, debuted a new series online Wednesday.

Kennedy: A Christian view of fashion

Published Mar. 9 2017

When it comes to fashion, consider the question: What should Christians do?

Greeson: Celebrating eight decades of Wally's on McCallie goodness

Published Mar. 7 2017

We spend a lot of time reviewing the ways we have grown as a city.

Smith: Some skills transcend talent

Published Mar. 6 2017

If one works with various aspects of the private and public sector through business, health care, sports and politics, one...


Cook: See Jane run -- why Chattanooga's ballot is incomplete

Published Mar. 5 2017

Twenty years ago, when Chattanooga voters to the polls to elect a mayor and city council, there were 32 names...

Kennedy's Family Life: Some simple pleasures lost to history

Published Mar. 5 2017

There are things I miss about my 20th century childhood.

Local History Column: Chattanooga native's writings aided Civil Rights movement

Published Mar. 5 2017

Ralph Emerson McGill grew up in Chattanooga in the early 1900s and probably did more in his writings at The...

Singleton: Congress should legislate cure for hypocritical 'disease' that infects politicians

Published Mar. 5 2017

As a physician, I proudly recited and adhere to the Oath of Hippocrates, which commands physicians to 'use treatment to...

Greeson: A royal tribute to smarter condoms and terrible typos

Published Mar. 4 2017

And here we go again.

Martin: Beat Berke? Maybe.

Published Mar. 3 2017

Next Tuesday is Election Day in Chattanooga. While I'd be surprised if one or more sitting City Council members don't...

Hart: Time for a balanced approach to climate change hype

Published Mar. 3 2017

Democrats, the self-proclaimed 'party for the middle class,' raise the middle-class cost of living by raising energy prices with their...

Greeson: High Five, county commission, nice fiscal decision

Published Mar. 2 2017

It's fair to wonder if our elected officials ever listen to the public.

Kennedy: Finding your way in America

Published Mar. 2 2017

Jesse Drennen, a former football stand-out at Ringgold High School, was one of those young men you hear about who...

Greeson: Making beds -- and kids -- better at Erlanger

Published Feb. 28 2017

Hospitals can be a scary place — for lots of reasons.

Smith: Funding education failure is indefensible

Published Feb. 27 2017

Last week, Candice McQueen, Tennessee's education commissioner, spoke to state legislators who serve on two education committees. Her presentation was...