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Opinion - Columnists

Hart: Antonin Scalia, A Steadfast Man Willing to Act

Published Jun. 26 2015

A board I serve on in Washington, D.C., was fortunate to meet with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last week....

Kennedy: Chattanooga's secret weapon

Published Jun. 25 2015

I was relaxing at home one night last week, flipping through a copy of Money magazine, when I spotted an...

Ignatius: Why Baker-Hamilton merits a fresh read

Published Jun. 25 2015

WASHINGTON -- "The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating. Sectarian conflict is the principal challenge to stability."

Cook: Meet the local gravedigger who saves lives

Published Jun. 24 2015

Saturday night had just turned into Sunday morning — Father's Day morning — and Tim Abernathy, 47, walked off the...

What others are saying about Confederate flag flap

Published Jun. 24 2015

"In the wake of that terrible tragedy, the flag issue has returned with a new intensity. Some critics view it...

Cook: What Emanuel AME Church can teach us

Published Jun. 23 2015

The black church has been and will remain one of the most powerful institutions in America. No bullet, no manifesto,...

Dionne: Charleston and the politics of evasion

Published Jun. 23 2015

WASHINGTON — We Americans are exceptionally good at evasion when we want to be. Our skills in this sphere are...

Gerson: A campaign of bombast and ridicule

Published Jun. 22 2015

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump already has succeeded by provoking this column. Any form of public communication that puts "Donald Trump"...

Ignatius: Bush and Clinton should embrace their brands

Published Jun. 22 2015

WASHINGTON — The two dynastic candidates told compelling stories recently about why they should be president, but there has been...

Smith: Obamaphone, Obamacare, Obamanet ... now Obamahood

Published Jun. 22 2015

As the "legacy" of Barack Obama continues to be written in the remaining months of his term, America has been...

Kennedy: Times Free Press columnist accepts government bribe

Published Jun. 21 2015

I took my first government handout last week.

Summers: Chattanooga's Kefauver had maverick reputation

Published Jun. 21 2015

Carey Estes Kefauver, well known as a congressman, U.S. senator and presidential candidate, got his start in Chattanooga.

A new strategy for Iraq and Syria

Published Jun. 21 2015

WASHINGTON — It's time for a new strategy in Iraq and Syria. It begins by admitting that the old borders...

Cook: A Happy Grunter's, I mean, Father's Day to you

Published Jun. 21 2015

I am a father, not a caveman.

Greeson: Worst water park names, Riverbend suggestions, no-go for logo

Published Jun. 20 2015

Another Riverbend has come and gone.

Greeson: An Express spring a true Father's Day gift

Published Jun. 19 2015

When a guy reaches a certain age, the best things he can be called are "dad" and "coach."

Who will have more pull, Jeb or Bernie?

Published Jun. 19 2015

Like a battlefield commander, politicians prefer to stake out ground of their own choosing and have the fight come to...

Hart: Obama has built his American dream -- a dependent welfare state

Published Jun. 19 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The "wars" on poverty, drugs and terrorism have failed.

Smith: Creepy political correctness

Published Jun. 18 2015

Jerry Seinfeld, talking candidly about political correctness recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers said, "There's a creepy PC thing...

Owen, Levesque: New law will help students with special needs succeed

Published Jun. 18 2015

One in three Tennessee students with special needs didn't graduate high school last year.

Greeson: Sneaky six commissioners pull six-figure fast one

Published Jun. 18 2015

Call them the Sneaky Six.

Kennedy: Job-finding tips from a pro

Published Jun. 18 2015

Scores of members of the old guard are retiring at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga this summer. The wave...

Ignatius: The point man against cyberattacks

Published Jun. 18 2015

WASHINGTON -- In November 2012, Jeh Johnson, who was then the Pentagon's general counsel, let himself speculate in a speech...