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Opinion - Columnists

Kennedy: Baby steps toward a self-driving car

Published Mar. 8 2018

Sandy Monk, of Chattanooga, is the proud owner of a semi-autonomous car.

Greeson: Time for Tennessee to hedge its bets legally

Published Mar. 6 2018

What happens in Vegas is not the only thing that stays in Vegas.

Smith: Big government let us down in school shooting

Published Mar. 5 2018

The Parkland, Fla., school shooting was another reminder that big government programs are neither efficient nor effective. This fact should...


Kennedy: Boomers never digitized, analyzed and archived

Published Mar. 4 2018

Imagine Woodstock in the age of Instagram.

White: Downtown investment benefits all

Published Mar. 4 2018

More than 30 years ago, our community came together and made a strategic decision to invest in transforming our community's...

Cook: No change on guns without gun owners

Published Mar. 4 2018

As an oftentimes member of the left, I would like to apologize to many gun owners in America for the...

Crowe: My point, exactly...mental health, ethics & ethos

Published Mar. 4 2018

It's incredible fun to rejoin the board of the mental health nonprofit Helen Ross McNabb.

Billy Graham walked the talk he talked and more letters to the editors

Published Mar. 4 2018

In the spring of 1953, Billy Graham came to Chattanooga for one of his revivals. He was here for 26...

Robbins: Tennessee Coal, member of the First Dow Jones Industrial Average

Published Mar. 4 2018

The Sewanee Mining Company began mining coal and hauling it on its Mountain Goat Railway in the 1850s. That company...

Good Deed: Staybridge Suites gives back to the community

Published Mar. 4 2018

Lending a "helping hand" comes in a variety of ways. Donating one's time or items of value is one way...

Greeson: Guns in class, class in youth sports, blaming Trump for all

Published Mar. 3 2018

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said this week that arming teachers would likely be the most inexpensive way to guard...

Hart: Trump is the mule Washington cannot tell what to do

Published Mar. 2 2018

When you grow up in Columbia, Tenn., the "Mule Capital of the World," you end up knowing a lot about...

Levine: Harvard taking the right steps on social clubs

Published Mar. 2 2018

In the dual op-ed commentary in last Sunday's Times Free Press Perspective section, two women, Lisa Wade and Jenna Robinson,...

Greeson: Casey Cagle is everything that is wrong with today's politics

Published Mar. 1 2018

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is everything that is wrong with our elected officials.

McQueen: This county, state partnership is a win for students

Published Mar. 1 2018

The Hamilton County Board of Education recently voted to move forward with a partnership that is a win for both...

Case: Squirrel Master Classic - big fun with small game in Alabama

Published Mar. 1 2018

"That's Rivermutt! He is treed!"

Greeson: Students stepping up should be applauded and aware of consequences

Published Feb. 27 2018

Nothing can bring back the 17 people killed in Parkland, Fla., earlier this month.

Owen: Protect private property rights

Published Feb. 27 2018

Imagine being diagnosed with an inoperable tumor and having to quit your job as a result.

Smith: We can safeguard our schools

Published Feb. 26 2018

How do we protect our most precious assets?

McCormick and Ketron: Seven-day alcohol sales option helps small businesses

Published Feb. 26 2018

There are small businesses in Chattanooga and across Tennessee that are prohibited by state law from opening their doors on...

Kennedy: How parents distract themselves

Published Feb. 25 2018

The Wall Street Journal published a report this week under the headline: "An Escape to the Dentist: Parents Confess Their...

Cook: Mass shootings and the fog of war

Published Feb. 25 2018

Gun control?

Ware: Pay it forward; be a mentor

Published Feb. 25 2018

Through different forms of mentoring, you can influence the world you live in by sharing with others.