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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: If it drives like a cab, it's an Uber

Published Dec. 17 2014

The kids were acting up the other night. You know, pushing the limits. Rude, sneaky, too big for their britches,...

Gerson: For a politics of repair

Published Dec. 17 2014

WASHINGTON -- The just-ending 113th Congress was not, by most measures, productive. But its endgame was at least instructive. ...

Dionne: Obama’s Boehner bailout

Published Dec. 17 2014

WASHINGTON — How often will President Obama come to House Speaker John Boehner’s rescue even when Republican leaders aren’t willing...

Cook: The biggest small thing

Published Dec. 16 2014

There are few things as beautiful and hopeful as a man or woman sitting still in meditation. ...

Sharp: Magic 8 ball TIFs are bad policy

Published Dec. 16 2014

It looks like Santa Claus didn’t get the letter.

Cooper: 'Immersion Project' a bold step

Published Dec. 15 2014

I attended the recent presentation by Chattanooga Police Academy cadets and found it so inspiring and in such contrast to...

Smith: Turtles on Fence Posts

Published Dec. 15 2014

"If you ever see a turtle on a fence post, you know it didn't get there by itself." ...

Elliott: Andersonville claimed several Hamilton County soldiers

Published Dec. 14 2014

During the course of the Civil War, 56,000 men died in confinement as prisoners of war.

Samuelson: Happiness curve rises with age

Published Dec. 14 2014

WASHINGTON — We all want to be happy, don’t we? Well, if you’re dissatisfied, frustrated or downright miserable, cheer up....

Cook: The bonus that was, then wasn't

Published Dec. 14 2014

The executive bonuses came.

Good Deed: Thanks to those who do Singing Christmas Tree

Published Dec. 14 2014

Thank you to the parents, staff and volunteers for the 52nd annual Chattanooga Boys Choir Singing Christmas Tree. ...

Krauthammer: A travesty of a report

Published Dec. 14 2014

WASHINGTON — The report by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding CIA interrogation essentially accuses the agency under George...

Gerson: The arrogance of liberal elites

Published Dec. 13 2014

WASHINGTON — Jonathan Gruber — the source of more smoking guns than the battle of Gettysburg — recently appeared before...

Ignatius: For Gen. Allen, a heavy rucksack

Published Dec. 13 2014

WASHINGTON — Gen. John Allen must sometimes feel that he's navigating a maze as he organizes the coalition to defeat...

Hart: Why governments want Uber off the road

Published Dec. 12 2014

The ridesharing company Uber was recently valued at $40 billion for providing a valuable service to Americans. Now, if only...

Parker: Feminism sees the right

Published Dec. 11 2014

WASHINGTON — It is probably too soon to declare a feminist reformation, but a few signs here and there give...

Kennedy: A 75-cent ride to freedom

Published Dec. 11 2014

Valerie Thompson is a modern-day freedom rider.

Ignatius: An honest public accounting

Published Dec. 11 2014

WASHINGTON — A CIA medical officer who was assigned to monitor the interrogation of an al-Qaeda operative named Abu Zubaida...

Dionne: In politics, does evidence matter?

Published Dec. 9 2014

WASHINGTON -- One of the lovely formulations in John F. Kennedy's inaugural address expressed his hope that "a beachhead of...

Gerson: An act of exceptional recklessness

Published Dec. 9 2014

WASHINGTON -- With the imminent release of the Feinstein report on CIA interrogations of high-value terrorists a decade ago, let's...

Smith: Now, Who's Stupid?

Published Dec. 8 2014

Jonathan Gruber, architect of the Affordable Care Act, was recently featured in several videos offering remarks about an important aspect...

Krauthammer: The real civil war

Published Dec. 8 2014

WASHINGTON - Old habits die hard. The media are so enamored of the continuing (and largely contrived) story about the...

Cook: Let's make policy Like it's 1968

Published Dec. 7 2014

The year was 1968.