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Opinion - Columnists

Roddy: Knothole Gang comes to life in player's old papers

Published Nov. 8 2015

I was born and grew up in Chattanooga, graduated from Central High School class of 1941, void of academic laurels.

Cook: Five flags and Veterans Day

Published Nov. 8 2015

Behind every flag, a story.

Greeson: Beauty of political scandals is in the eye of the beholder

Published Nov. 7 2015

The headline screamed some juicy words.

Martin: Democrats' false sense of strength

Published Nov. 6 2015

Two weeks ago, Tennessee Democrats got together for their annual Jackson Day fundraiser in Nashville. By all accounts it was...

Hart: Debate debacle sparks mutiny among GOP candidates

Published Nov. 6 2015

NBC, still the home of "Lyin' Brian" Williams, did a partisan and pitiful job of hosting last week's GOP debate....

Kennedy: Paying if forward on the web

Published Nov. 5 2015

Amy Nelson's medical charts say one thing, her heart says something else.

Greeson: Bike lane delay a breath of fresh air in city leadership

Published Nov. 5 2015

Earlier this week, Blythe Bailey, the city's transportation director, met with the public at the North Chattanooga Summit.

Greeson: From 8 to 80, Chattanooga will miss Mom's

Published Nov. 3 2015

My 8-year-old son is a bona fide pizza connoisseur. He even has a T-shirt that says "Pizza Every Day," and...

McElroy: If TVA told you, it'd have to kill you

Published Nov. 2 2015

How much are citizens forking out to support the expansion of private businesses?

Robin Smith: Nonprofits, once funded privately, turn to taxpayers for funds

Published Nov. 2 2015

Last Wednesday, the Hamilton County Commission was approached by the nonprofit organization ArtsBuild which was seeking approval for the next...

Kennedy: Why boys need to get high

Published Nov. 1 2015

No, this is not about getting high on drugs.

Summers: More than a century of fun at Warner Park

Published Nov. 1 2015

Warner Park has had a colorful life as Chattanooga's main recreational park for more than a century. It opened in...

David Cook: Give us our daily bread, please

Published Nov. 1 2015

Just finished planting garlic in the front-yard garden. I ordered two kinds from the seed catalog: a creamy softneck variety...

Greeson: Biking expansion, dizzying school decisions, good-bye Tillman

Published Oct. 31 2015

Man, we are a biking mecca.

Martin: Who can beat Hillary?

Published Oct. 30 2015

All right Republicans, it's time.

Hart: Money diverted from relieving human suffering to climate causes

Published Oct. 30 2015

President Obama has developed a perpetual excuse in the post-"blame Bush" era of his presidency.

Greeson: Tobacco tax proposal leaves plenty of smoke

Published Oct. 29 2015

Lee Davis stood before the Hamilton County Commission on Wednesday morning and made a wonderful presentation.

Greeson: Fred Fletcher has earned right to reshape VRI staffing

Published Oct. 27 2015

Earlier this month, more than 90 percent of the Street Crimes Response Team asked to be reassigned.

Opinion: Tennessee corrections chief should resign

Published Oct. 26 2015

The issues involving lack of safety, transparency and poor financial practices call into question the competence of the leadership at...

Smith: Chattanooga Transformation Underway

Published Oct. 26 2015

The stream of positive press that flows from Chattanooga's "renaissance" is welcome and exciting in contrast to decades-ago images of...

Gerber: The semantics and death and changes to The Toll

Published Oct. 25 2015

A homicide is defined as the act of one person killing another, whether it's with a gun, knife, fist or...

Cook: Money in the streets, how to interrupt violence

Published Oct. 25 2015

Remember the crime drama "Catch Me If You Can?" Leonardo DiCaprio played a real-life check forger so adept and expert...

Kennedy: Car-buying advice for families

Published Oct. 25 2015

America is in the middle of an automotive buying boom.