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Opinion - Columnists

Summers and Robbins: Little South Pittsburg and its big silent movie stars

Published Oct. 9 2016

Nov. 21, 2004, was a wet and dreary day in South Pittsburg; only 46 people came out to witness the...

Good Deed: Nursing aid appreciated by accident victim

Published Oct. 9 2016

I attended a GPS vs. Ocoee Middle School softball game at Walker Valley High School. As I was making my...

Greeson: Perplexing points on politics, pigskin and protests

Published Oct. 8 2016

This fall has been dominated by protests, politics and pigskin, sadly, in that order.


Martin: City Hall concern is about more than partisan games

Published Oct. 7 2016

When news broke in late September that Mayor Andy Berke and his senior staff have used the encrypted smartphone messaging...

Hart: Hey, let's elect a dumb president who pays more taxes than owed

Published Oct. 7 2016

News flash: Donald Trump does not try to pay any more federal taxes than he owes.

Greeson: Chattanooga's Violence Reduction Initiative isn't working, despite three years of trying

Published Oct. 6 2016

The Violence Reduction Initiative began in the fall of 2013. The first call-in for gang members was in spring 2014.

Kennedy's Life Stories: Formerly homeless Rossville couple offers thanks for gifts

Published Oct. 6 2016

A formerly homeless Rossville, Ga., couple say they want to thank Times Free Press readers and others who donated money...

Greeson: Birthday becomes a day for saying goodbye

Published Oct. 4 2016

The first image of my 46th birthday was watching the kind gentlemen from the funeral home wheel my mother from...

Smith: Clinton, Berke and unauthorized communication methods

Published Oct. 3 2016

Many who continue to follow the email investigation that shadows Hillary Clinton from her years as secretary of state do...

Cook: Make America Meek Again

Published Oct. 2 2016

Years ago, I stumbled onto centering prayer, then meditation, and both have saved me in the way swimming lessons would...

Family Life: Two boys at opposite ends of a tunnel

Published Oct. 2 2016

One night last week, our 9-year-old son complained that no one in the family would help him study.

Kody Cooper: Trump-Kaine in 2017? It's not as crazy as you might think

Published Oct. 2 2016

To the surprise of many observers, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's surge in key battleground states is holding. The most...


Elliott: Cincinnati Southern renames North Hamilton County

Published Oct. 2 2016

June 7, 1869 was a day of celebration in Chattanooga. Businessmen in Cincinnati, Ohio, concerned that Louisville was overtaking the...

Good for You: Volunteers help Tyner install field lights

Published Oct. 2 2016

Tyner High and Tyner Middle schools want to give a great big shout-out to all of those responsible for helping...

Greeson: Chattanooga named best city for moderates

Published Oct. 1 2016 has crowned Chattanooga as the nation's best place to live for moderates.

Martin: A tale of two block parties

Published Sep. 30 2016

Last Saturday, two very different block parties took place in Chattanooga.

Hart: A basket Of Debatables -- NBC Assists Hillary

Published Sep. 30 2016

The first of the high-stakes debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ended with the big loser being a fair...

Kennedy: First Baptist Church celebrates 150th anniversary

Published Sep. 29 2016

Over time, First Baptist has lost membership, from a peak of about 500 members to about 100 today, members say....

Folkner: The closing of the internet

Published Sep. 28 2016

By the end of this week, the Obama administration will give the keys of the internet to 'the global internet...

Greeson: Loss of Palmer was saying goodbye to sports royalty

Published Sep. 27 2016

I had not been at the newspaper long — it was the summer of 2002 and I started in May...

Kennedy's Family Life: Life or death in the car business

Published Sep. 25 2016

I took the near-empty theater last Sunday as a sign that most people have moved on, which I suppose is...


Cook: Death row communion: remembering Kelly Gissendaner

Published Sep. 25 2016

One year ago this week, prison officials working for the state of Georgia — backed with the blessing of prison...

Aldridge: Lot attendant recalls hottest job in Chattanooga

Published Sep. 25 2016

I'll never forget the lady in the green 1952 Chevrolet. It was a very hot morning in June of 1960....