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Opinion - Columnists

Berke: Veterans need housing support now more than ever

Published Jan. 3 2018

Right before Thanksgiving, I was downtown when I was approached by a man named Chris. He was a veteran who...

Brooks: Trade tiff should not derail Clarksville-LG relationship

Published Jan. 2 2018

The Whirlpool plant in my hometown of Cleveland, Tenn., is the engine of our local economy.

2017: The Year in Editorial Cartoons

Published Dec. 31 2017

The Year in Editorial Cartoons

Smith: It's about resolve, not resolutions

Published Dec. 31 2017

Happy New Year!

Boyd: Get more of what you want: Negotiation primer for women

Published Dec. 31 2017

We all spend most of our day negotiating, whether we realize it or not.

Cook: Don't be so cool in 2018

Published Dec. 31 2017

In 2017, we were cool. Really cool.

Raney: Wauhatchie Pike was moonshine motorway

Published Dec. 31 2017

Prohibition brought on an era of bootlegging, stills and hidden bars. Sand Mountain in particular was a "cradle of moonshine,"...

Hart: My year-end look back at 2017

Published Dec. 29 2017

1. Washington elites went after the president on manufactured Russian collusion charges to damage him. Like I said in June,...

Martin: Fingers crossed for these in 2018

Published Dec. 29 2017

As one year closes and another dawns, it's a popular pastime to compose lists — lists of notable people and...

DeLoach: Keep blessings in mind this Christmas Day

Published Dec. 25 2017

When I think of Christmas, I think first of the birth of Jesus Christ, then immediately my family.

Smith: Jesus or jingle, manger or mall

Published Dec. 25 2017

By now, you've opened a few gifts, sipped your Christmas coffee or cider and are likely planning your day of...

Kennedy: Christmas Eve insomnia cures

Published Dec. 24 2017

I am a Christmas Eve insomniac.

Cook: 'Tis a gift to be simple: the life of Keiko Brewer

Published Dec. 24 2017

Despite what advertisers and big-box stores tell us, Christmas is about small things.

Carroll: Resolve to practice patience, gratitude, stewardship

Published Dec. 24 2017

There's nothing quite like taking an oddball veggie to the cash register. When I recently placed some weird produce before...

Robbins: Oakmont was home of venerable Williams clan

Published Dec. 24 2017

In 1925, my grandparents, Judge and Mrs. Joe V. Williams, built their grand colonial home on a hill above Dallas...

Greeson: 2017 in a word, hope for better for whatever the school board calls itself and more for Green Karate

Published Dec. 23 2017

Unbelievable. Over the top. Incredible. Defying logic.

Hart: My Christmas wish list

Published Dec. 22 2017

1. I hope Judge Roy Moore rides away on his horse, "Sassy." It is Christmas, and he can hang around...

Martin: The danger of 'what-aboutisms'

Published Dec. 22 2017

A friend recently told me over lunch that unless he knew me personally he would have a hard time believing...

Greeson: Christmas wishes for some of our area's leaders, with a request

Published Dec. 21 2017

Not sure how it happened, but somehow several of the letters sent from Hamilton County to the North Pole this...

Kennedy: The never-ending vigil for America's war dead

Published Dec. 21 2017

Tony Mines, a semi-retired Chattanooga art store owner, got an early Christmas gift this year that left him speechless.

Smith: The good news amid good news

Published Dec. 21 2017

What a great year this has been!


Greeson: From old-school ways to Twitter, MoonPie keeps us smiling

Published Dec. 19 2017

The only thing better than a MoonPie, they say, is a MoonPie and an RC Cola.

Smith: Lessons from the Alabama election upset

Published Dec. 18 2017

Democrat Doug Jones' win in Alabama last Tuesday is a significant victory that verifies some basic principles but also warrants...