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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: It's time to vote for school choice

Published Jan. 22 2016

Three times in the past five years, the prospects for school vouchers in Tennessee have died before getting to a...

Greeson: Academy's golden trophies are not about color

Published Jan. 21 2016

There are a lot of black actors who apparently want to boycott the Academy Awards because there were no black...

Greeson: Superintendent Smith, and the rest of us, must do better by our students

Published Jan. 19 2016

None of us want to be judged by our worst moment. Not a person, not an organization, not a school...

McCallie: One simple thing could help repair race relations in Chattanooga

Published Jan. 18 2016

The future of race relations in Chattanooga can be predicated on two questions.

Smith: What has become of the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Published Jan. 18 2016

On April 4, 1968, a hate-filled man assassinated a leader for all times who spoke with inspiration within the framework...

Cook: Crimes of silence in Ooltewah

Published Jan. 17 2016

For a moment, let's imagine the pool cue didn't rupture the teen's colon, didn't tear into his bladder. Let's imagine...

Freeman: Mural is home turf of city councilman

Published Jan. 17 2016

When the idea first emerged to wrap a concrete building on M.L. King Boulevard with a mural, Chattanooga City Councilman...

Mayor Andy Berke: Chattanooga's story boldly told

Published Jan. 17 2016

A sitting City Councilman, delivering newspapers as a young boy. A Howard High School student, tuba in hand. A young...

Raney: Chattanooga's 'wickedest woman' buried at Forest Hills

Published Jan. 17 2016

In 1893, Alice Cooper, a known prostitute, madam of a bawdy house on Florence Street and enticer of young girls...

Austin: MLK Mural celebrates culture, community

Published Jan. 17 2016

Over recent decades, an estimated 900 urban streets in cities across the nation were rechristened to honor Dr. Martin Luther...

Kennedy: What's in your toolkit? How about Shower Wow?

Published Jan. 17 2016

My 9-year-old son decided his mother would enjoy a disco-inspired shower head for Christmas.

Greeson: Those at fault at Ooltewah should face scary times

Published Jan. 16 2016

The headline stated, "Life about to get scary for adults in Ooltewah case."

Martin: Hillary's Powerball confession

Published Jan. 15 2016

As Powerball-mania gripped the minds of most Americans recently, it became (on certain days) difficult to make any convenience store...

Hart: North Korea's Kims: Like father, like Un

Published Jan. 15 2016

With all the conflicts in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria last week, evil dictator-in-training Kim Jong-un was feeling a little...

Kennedy: Chattanooga's false graveyard and the slot machine of stories

Published Jan. 14 2016

Ernest Jackson is like a human slot machine. Shake his hand and stories fall out.

Greeson: Hamilton school board needs to rebuild trust after Ooltewah

Published Jan. 14 2016

How to handle an incident as horrific as the Ooltewah nightmare is not in a rule book.

Three proven tips to win the Powerball

Published Jan. 13 2016

If you are looking for an edge in the Powerball drawing, here are three proven tips...

Greeson: You are twice as likely to be killed by a vending machine than you are to win the next Powerball

Published Jan. 12 2016

Do you have Powerball fever?

Robin Smith: What Hamilton County Schools got wrong about Ooltewah

Published Jan. 11 2016

People are pretty good at discerning hypocrisy and inconsistency, especially in elected officials, which cultivates their distrust and cynicism. The...

Kennedy: Have faith in pen-and-paper parenting

Published Jan. 10 2016

My taciturn father taught me an important lesson: If you want your communication with your children to be clear, put...

Cook: Dominance, power and sports culture in Ooltewah

Published Jan. 10 2016

Stop calling it hazing.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Column: Tax reform critical to U.S. growth

Published Jan. 10 2016

While the national employment rate has dipped to around 5 percent, the current economic growth rate has averaged a meager...

Summers: History of Cummings Highway

Published Jan. 10 2016

Cummings Highway at the base of Lookout Mountain now functions primarily as an escape route from the congestion on I-24....