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Opinion - Columnists

Kennedy's Family Life Column: Finally getting with the program

Published Feb. 12 2017

We were one of the last households in our town to get high-speed internet.

TechTown Foundation hosts 100 girls from area for STEAMgirls' Movie Night

Published Feb. 12 2017

TechTown Foundation hosted almost 100 girls in grades 6 through 12 from 28 schools for a STEAMgirls' Movie Night Out...

Greeson: Wanting fair fees, and not being caught with our pants down

Published Feb. 11 2017

So Tennessee state Sen. Todd Gardenhire is pitching a bill that would relieve the Hamilton County school system from paying...


Martin: Business as social influencers is preferable

Published Feb. 10 2017

Businesses are unashamedly engaging as social activists and influencers these days, and I'm OK with it.

Hart: If the left keeps crying 'wolf,' protests won't work

Published Feb. 10 2017

Lefties have one go-to reaction to anything that does not fit their narrative: protest. They know if George Soros or...

Greeson: Social angst becoming a laughing matter

Published Feb. 9 2017

It's official. Being offended now needs to be an Olympic sport.

Kennedy: NASA pioneers get their due

Published Feb. 9 2017

If I had an Oscar vote, my 'Best Movie' pick for 2016 would go to 'Hidden Figures,' a film about...

Loftin: When will Trump govern?

Published Feb. 9 2017

Donald Trump's presidency is only about three weeks old but its seat-of-the-pants style suggests that a new president's shift from...

Greeson: Super Bowl a super reason for our next protest

Published Feb. 7 2017

So Falcons fans, when are we going to protest?

Hoff: Keep protections in Affordable Care Act

Published Feb. 7 2017

More than 10 years ago, I began to dream of opening my own grant-writing company.

Smith: 'Wealth and profit should not be accepted as dirty words'

Published Feb. 6 2017

Trillionaire. It's not even a word in spell check yet! The world's richest man, nonetheless, is on pace to become...

Cook: The field of American dreams

Published Feb. 5 2017

It was last minute. On a school night. And not a single North Shore parking space to be found. Seriously....

Family Life: To read or not to read

Published Feb. 5 2017

Lying in bed, my 10-year-old son was all showered and jammied-up. It was about 8 p.m. on a Sunday night....

Chattanooga History Column: Thomas Sim's epic struggle for freedom

Published Feb. 5 2017

Historian Robert V. Remini wrote that the Compromise of 1850 saved America from war for more than 10 years. However,...

Fisher: DA's shutdown of public records, information on Gatlinburg fire goes too far

Published Feb. 5 2017

On Dec. 15, the district attorney for Sevier County issued a remarkable letter.

Good for You: School patrol officer continues to give back to her community

Published Feb. 5 2017

Mrs. Alma Jean Carter has been employed by the Chattanooga Police Department school patrol division for more than 40 years....

Greeson: A mayor race that sadly seems very presidential

Published Feb. 4 2017

So, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke is apparently raising money across the state and may be angling for a federal government...

Greeson: Falcons have Super chance for super fan Shadrick

Published Feb. 3 2017

Super Bowl Sunday, in a lot of ways, is the pinnacle of American excess.

Martin: Leftist meltdown misplaced

Published Feb. 3 2017

Watching the progression of how the left deals with Donald Trump has been something else.

Hart: Obama 'saved the U.S. economy.' That's untrue

Published Feb. 3 2017

In search of any plausible, positive legacy item, even if they have to manufacture it, Democrats have advanced the false...

Kennedy: A lift from a good Samaritan

Published Feb. 2 2017

Connie Noland, a grandmother from Ringgold, Ga., says she can't shake the memory of a chance encounter in Chattanooga on...


Lundy: Meanwhile, the 'deplorables' go to work

Published Feb. 2 2017

All of those who can't enjoy a moment in history want to put Trump in a box. Even Bill O'Reilly...

Greeson: Hundreds take Hamilton County's offer for child-support amnesty

Published Jan. 31 2017

Last week, an idea that bounced around among a few of the robe-wearing legal eagles in our county showed the...