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Opinion - Columnists

Berke: There's no such thing as easy money

Published Feb. 15 2015

Take a drive down Brainerd Road or Highway 58 and you'll see the bright signs lined up, one after another....

Irvine: Joseph Cadek brings music to Chattanooga

Published Feb. 15 2015

When Joseph Ottokar Cadek, a brilliant young violinist, boarded a ship for America in 1892, he began an adventure that...

Cook: The life and dreams of Sultan Raheem

Published Feb. 15 2015

I first met Sultan Raheem in his small apartment near M.L. King Boulevard.

Kennedy: Let there be duct tape in heaven

Published Feb. 15 2015

Sometimes I think the difference between Young Me and Old Me boils down to patience. ...

Krauthammer: Obamaworld: Crusaders and appeasers

Published Feb. 15 2015

WASHINGTON -- His secretary of defense says "the world is exploding all over."

Hill: The sins of Haslam and the gang of seven

Published Feb. 15 2015

Last week, Insure Tennessee, Gov. Haslam's plan to expand Medicaid, died in committee when seven of 11 state senators voted...

Gerson: Step up war against ISIS, not Islam rhetoric

Published Feb. 14 2015

Days after the video appeared of a Jordanian pilot horribly burned to death by an Islamic State death squad, President...

Cook: Race-baiting and other sensations

Published Feb. 13 2015

Not long ago, I wrote a few columns on the history of lynching and the Walnut Street Bridge.

Hart: Brian Williams taking fire over his chopper whopper

Published Feb. 13 2015

Brian Williams, the face of the NBC News franchise, is off the air for six months while a senior NBC...

Kennedy: Sting of Vietnam War still fresh for widow

Published Feb. 12 2015

Fifty years ago this week, Elizabeth Kelley had a 17-month-old baby girl on her hip and a husband overseas. ...

Parker: Why did Brian Williams do it?

Published Feb. 12 2015

These are tough times for NBC's Brian Williams -- and tougher times for journalism.

Ignatius: On Iran, wait and see

Published Feb. 12 2015

MUNICH -- Sitting next to Iran's foreign minister on Sunday as he said that another extension of the nuclear talks...

Cook: Bob Corker and the fight to end slavery

Published Feb. 11 2015

Barely a month into his new role as chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Bob Corker already...

Kurtz: TVA can protect public health with energy plan

Published Feb. 11 2015

Right now, the Tennessee Valley Authority is drafting a new long-term plan -- its Integrated Resource Plan -- that will...

Mark Green: Solutions after Insure Tennessee

Published Feb. 11 2015

Gov. Bill Haslam's Insure Tennessee admirably provided a spotlight on the need to help the working poor access health care...

Cook: The hero of this isn't Freeman Hrabowski

Published Feb. 10 2015

What a man, this Freeman Hrabowski III.

Johns: Alzheimer's could bankrupt Medicare

Published Feb. 10 2015

This is the price tag: $20.8 trillion. Because there is currently no way to stop or slow Alzheimer's, that's what...

Dionne: Obama's breakfast prayer

Published Feb. 10 2015

WASHINGTON -- Maybe we should just call off the National Prayer Breakfast and stop asking presidents to offer their thoughts...

Raymond: History Center will be worth the wait

Published Feb. 9 2015

The Chattanooga History Center has made the news of late.

Smith: Super Bowl: Arrest Day

Published Feb. 9 2015

Most will remember Super Bowl XLIX ending with a call, many say the "worst call in football history," as the...

Local, state, national efforts seek Vietnam Faces of Valor

Published Feb. 8 2015

Fifty years ago today, the United States Air Force made its first strike against North Vietnam in what would become...

Cook: Q&A with Michael Gerson on global poverty

Published Feb. 8 2015

Q: What is the good news coming out of Africa?

Cook: Jesus provided $200 million for health care

Published Feb. 8 2015

When the Koch brothers reach heaven, I wonder what God will say to them.