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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Hamilton school board needs to rebuild trust after Ooltewah

Published Jan. 14 2016

How to handle an incident as horrific as the Ooltewah nightmare is not in a rule book.

Three proven tips to win the Powerball

Published Jan. 13 2016

If you are looking for an edge in the Powerball drawing, here are three proven tips...

Greeson: You are twice as likely to be killed by a vending machine than you are to win the next Powerball

Published Jan. 12 2016

Do you have Powerball fever?

Robin Smith: What Hamilton County Schools got wrong about Ooltewah

Published Jan. 11 2016

People are pretty good at discerning hypocrisy and inconsistency, especially in elected officials, which cultivates their distrust and cynicism. The...

Kennedy: Have faith in pen-and-paper parenting

Published Jan. 10 2016

My taciturn father taught me an important lesson: If you want your communication with your children to be clear, put...

Cook: Dominance, power and sports culture in Ooltewah

Published Jan. 10 2016

Stop calling it hazing.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Column: Tax reform critical to U.S. growth

Published Jan. 10 2016

While the national employment rate has dipped to around 5 percent, the current economic growth rate has averaged a meager...

Summers: History of Cummings Highway

Published Jan. 10 2016

Cummings Highway at the base of Lookout Mountain now functions primarily as an escape route from the congestion on I-24....

Greeson: Ooltewah case deserves more than four minutes from school officials

Published Jan. 9 2016

Like many, I was less than impressed that the Hamilton County Board of Education and schools Superintendent Rick Smith allowed...

Martin: Oregon and the problem with misdiagnosed "terrorism"

Published Jan. 8 2016

You're probably now familiar with the name Ammon Bundy, the "militia" leader whose team of "patriots" has holed up for...

Hart: The uncle your parents warned you about

Published Jan. 8 2016

It is time I stop railing at politicians and start making fun of my family again. The focus groups who...

Kennedy: Finding truth in a fortune cookie

Published Jan. 7 2016

One of the joys of aging in place as a journalist is seeing stories unfold across generations.

Greeson: School leaders, it's time to lead after Ooltewah mess

Published Jan. 7 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education met Wednesday night trying to find answers in an unfathomable scenario.

Greeson: Outrage at Ooltewah now calls for action

Published Jan. 5 2016

The outrage may never subside. Nor should it.

Nerbun: Sports culture needs more character focus

Published Jan. 5 2016

In the wake of the reported aggravated rape incident involving Ooltewah High School's basketball team, one cannot help but recall...

Smith: 'Preparing the kid for the path'

Published Jan. 4 2016

The capture and legal dealings of the convicted "affluenza" teen who killed four people in a horrific drunk-driving case offers...

Cook: 2016, the year of living unafraid

Published Jan. 3 2016

Is this what the '60s felt like?

Kennedy: Boy toys and the suburban arms race

Published Jan. 3 2016

OK, it's time for the kids to go back to school.

Hartmann: Times Free Press president is thankful for community's support

Published Jan. 3 2016

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I began my role here in Chattanooga as...

Elliott: A remarkable shot by Rebels under seige

Published Jan. 3 2016

With the Southern Confederacy reeling from multiple military disasters in summer of 1863, President Jefferson Davis set aside Aug. 21,...

Martin: All quiet on the third district front

Published Jan. 1 2016

Chuck Fleischmann must've been on Santa's nice list this year. After three bruising GOP primary battles for Tennessee's 3rd District...

Hart: A year of watching Trump, Hillary, ISIS

Published Jan. 1 2016

Here's my annual look back at the year just past:

Mark Kennedy's Life Stories: Ship's bell finds a home, a purpose

Published Dec. 31 2015

One hundred years ago, the USS Chattanooga was a proud ship. It was as long as a football field and...