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Opinion - Columnists

Krauthammer: Free Willy!

Published May. 10 2015

WASHINGTON -- We often wonder how people of the past, including the most revered and refined, could have universally engaged...

Dear Abby: Teen wishes she met boyfriend, that she could find happiness, after having more experiences

Published May. 9 2015

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating "Brandon" for three years. I'm 19, going to a four-year college and I'm planning...

Politically correcting 'Price is Right' and Erlanger TV

Published May. 9 2015

We now have the test case that we as a society are too politically correct, sparing feelings at all costs...

Dear Abby: Daughter's gift vacation offer leads to sour feelings between would-be recipients

Published May. 8 2015

DEAR ABBY: I represented my daughter "Stacy" and her husband as their real estate agent. When any of my children...

Dionne: A less conservative America

Published May. 8 2015

WASHINGTON -- If Republicans are baffled by Hillary Clinton's persistent lead in the polls despite months of bad publicity, they...

Cook: Under trees we did not plant: the lessons of Pete Cooper

Published May. 8 2015

Back in the late '80s, Pete Cooper was on his way to the top. He was a senior vice president...

Hart: Jenner's a Republican!

Published May. 8 2015

The Bruce Jenner interview was the No. 1-watched show on TV that week, with 17 million viewers.

Gerson: The intricate knot of urban poverty

Published May. 8 2015

WASHINGTON -- Police and prisons are the successful answer to a rather narrow question: Can overwhelming force and routine incarceration...

Greeson: Knowing, thinking two weeks before tax increase talks

Published May. 7 2015

Two weeks from today, the Hamilton County Commission will get its eyes on the proposed schools budget. ...

Dear Abby: Cold, distant grandmother dying of cancer makes granddaughter wonder if she should try again to connect

Published May. 7 2015

DEAR ABBY: My grandmother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has elected not to treat it. Doctors give her...

Parker: Matters of perception

Published May. 7 2015

WASHINGTON -- Comments about recent events in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray provide a glimpse at perhaps one...

Kennedy: Before boxing was on the ropes

Published May. 7 2015

All the buzz surrounding last weekend's Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight brings to mind an interesting fact: In the middle years...

Ignatius: Bin Laden's last plans

Published May. 7 2015

WASHINGTON -- In the months before his death in May 2011, Osama bin Laden was discussing new gambits -- from...

Cook: Nothing says summertime like free diabetes

Published May. 6 2015

Hey, kids in Hixson, hope you're thirsty, because the folks at Kangaroo Express gas stations have a special gift for...

Dear Abby: Take a break from boyfriend until you're less emotional

Published May. 6 2015

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend of 10 years, "Scott," and I separated last year. I was pregnant and hormonal at the...

Copeland: Students find success at CGLA

Published May. 6 2015

Engineers are all about results, measurements and continuous improvement. One such Hamilton County school using that design model for academic...

Cook: If our city is a body, Ochs Center is the brain

Published May. 5 2015

Whew. We are not losing our mind.

Dear Abby: We're not attending our daughter's open house because she lives with her boyfriend. Are we wrong?

Published May. 5 2015

DEAR ABBY: Our amazing daughters are in their late 20s. Both of them are independent, intelligent and loving. The four...

Dear Abby: Prince Charming abandons his magic words after getting her love

Published May. 4 2015

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I both have professional careers and are independent. We have been in a committed relationship...

Greeson: Let justice prevail on both sides in Baltimore

Published May. 4 2015

You go, Marilyn Mosby. You stand front and center and call it like you see it. ...

Smith: Saluting a Few Mothers of 2015

Published May. 4 2015

In a few days, we'll honor our mothers. Mother's Day, according to the Hallmark Corp., follows Christmas as "the second...

Gerber: Papers collaborate on 'Outside Influence' report

Published May. 3 2015

On today's front page you'll find a story about the growing influence of out-of-state organizations that spend millions of dollars...

Kennedy: Finding answers in kids' many questions

Published May. 3 2015

You can tell a lot about your kids by paying attention to their questions.