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Opinion - Columnists

Gerber: The semantics and death and changes to The Toll

Published Oct. 25 2015

A homicide is defined as the act of one person killing another, whether it's with a gun, knife, fist or...

Cook: Money in the streets, how to interrupt violence

Published Oct. 25 2015

Remember the crime drama "Catch Me If You Can?" Leonardo DiCaprio played a real-life check forger so adept and expert...

Kennedy: Car-buying advice for families

Published Oct. 25 2015

America is in the middle of an automotive buying boom.

Hodges: Coleman's Scouts and a Cousin's Revenge

Published Oct. 25 2015

The brutal nature of Tennessee's Civil War was about to become evident as Dee Jobe heard the cracking footsteps on...

Greeson: Simulators, Siegel and school scores

Published Oct. 24 2015

News broke Thursday evening that a man allegedly tried to kill a Chattanooga police officer, first swerving his car at...

Martin: Cut the GOP 'Happy Hour' debates

Published Oct. 23 2015

It's time to cut the GOP 'Happy Hour' debates. They serve no useful purpose anymore.

Hart: On Benghazi, Hillary still in accuse-the-accuser mode

Published Oct. 23 2015

Republicans and Democrats deny accusations of partisanship in the congressional Benghazi investigation, while both parties jockey to position themselves to...

Greeson: Latest Aquarium success again proves Jack right

Published Oct. 22 2015

Somewhere up there, in between golf rounds and bull sessions with angels, Jack Lupton deserves a pat on the back.

Greeson: Local man strives to give students hope, a destiny

Published Oct. 20 2015

Gary Highfield is a natural salesman.

Gerber: The Toll looks at emotional, societal cost of homicides

Published Oct. 18 2015

The toddler who died from a drug overdose after a caretaker put a pain patch on his back.

Cook: The lost boys of Chattanooga

Published Oct. 18 2015

If gang violence in Chattanooga began in the late 1980s or early '90s, then we are now seeing the second...

Kennedy: Football's strong, strange attraction

Published Oct. 18 2015

I have never taken a snap from center or worn a set of shoulder pads. Yet football is an important...

Summers, Robbins: Drue Smith was an unforgettable pioneer in journalism

Published Oct. 18 2015

One of the many mysteries surrounding the long, illustrious and unorthodox career of Drue Smith in Tennessee journalism and politics...

Greeson: Good discretion would be funding sheriff's simulator now

Published Oct. 17 2015

From the moment the Sneaky Six -- the six Hamilton County commissioners who bonded together to re-insert their discretionary funds...

Martin: Iraq bad, Libya good?

Published Oct. 16 2015

At long last, the 2016 Democratic presidential hopefuls debated one another.

Hart: Blame libertarians for teens having less sex

Published Oct. 16 2015

The federal Centers for Disease Control has reported a sharp drop in the number of teenagers having sex.

Kennedy: VW's school of hard NOx

Published Oct. 15 2015

These days, the wrath of the world has descended on Volkswagen for cheating on emissions tests. The negative headlines are...

Greeson: Hillary stands tall among Democratic dwarves

Published Oct. 15 2015

Standing on a stage in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton, the safest bet to be a candidate in our next presidential...

Smith: Lessons from a newborn

Published Oct. 15 2015

This summer seemed to present our nation with insurmountable problems.

Greeson: Not all equality is equal

Published Oct. 13 2015

Not all equality is equal.

Smith: Rejecting Seniority in the Presidential Primary

Published Oct. 12 2015

Much has been written about the "establishment" revolt within the GOP, with the highest poll numbers currently held by Donald...

Cook: 25 years, 41 lessons, one city

Published Oct. 11 2015

Every three months for the last 25 years, Pete Cooper, president of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, has written...

Winer: Rosenwald Schools Benefit Hamilton County

Published Oct. 11 2015

Julius Rosenwald, businessman and philanthropist, is not well remembered today, but in the early 20th century his Rosenwald Fund started...