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Opinion - Columnists

Smith: The temper of our summer

Published Jul. 16 2015

In October 1962, our country approached the brink of nuclear war after the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles in Cuba...

Cook: Suggestions for reading 'Go Set a Watchman'

Published Jul. 15 2015

A suggestion for reading Harper Lee's new "Go Set a Watchman."

Gerson: Obama plays the lottery in the Middle East

Published Jul. 15 2015

WASHINGTON— As the world and the U.S. Congress examine the Iran deal's fine print, the strategic large print is clear...

Ignatius: Obama's well-crafted deal with Iran

Published Jul. 15 2015

WASHINGTON — As the Iran nuclear talks neared the endgame, some observers worried that President Obama and Secretary of State...

Cook: The fear of a changing America

Published Jul. 14 2015

Morris Dees grew up the son of white Alabama cotton farmers. His father was hated by the local Klan because...

Dionne: Hillary Clinton's economic bet

Published Jul. 14 2015

WASHINGTON -- Will the 2016 presidential campaign continue to be held hostage to Trump-mania and stories about a rope separating...

Smith: Who's Riding in the Political Clown Car These Days?

Published Jul. 13 2015

Want to know why an unelectable candidate like Donald Trump is gaining such notoriety when he likely only wanted to...

Ignatius: The Islamic State's orgy of brutality

Published Jul. 12 2015

WASHINGTON — Reporting about the Islamic State inevitably means watching their videos, but that's not something I would wish on...

Summers: Soap Box Derby is Chattanooga's nonmotorized NASCAR

Published Jul. 12 2015

The history of the National Soap Box Derby has a strong Chattanooga connection.

Krauthammer: Pluto and us

Published Jul. 12 2015

WASHINGTON — We need a pick-me-up. Amid the vandalizing of Palmyra, the imminent extinction of the northern white rhino, the...

Cook: The world according to Reuben Summerlin

Published Jul. 12 2015

The last time I saw Reuben Summerlin, he may have been wearing a skirt.

Gerson: Defrauding the nation's poor

Published Jul. 11 2015

WASHINGTON — In that portion of the presidential field that does not view self-government as a stage for self-promotion, prejudice...

Greeson: Trump's contribution, foul-mouthed Minions and Saturday's stars

Published Jul. 11 2015

Donald Trump's entry into the Republican scramble for the party's presidential nomination has been a lot of things.

Schulson: How Colorado lowered teen births, abortions

Published Jul. 11 2015

Between 2009 and 2013, the birth rate among teenagers in Colorado dropped by 40 percent. The teenage abortion rate dropped...

Hart: Obama has U.S. on Greece trajectory

Published Jul. 10 2015

Like our country, Greeks have long slid down the slippery slope of socialism.

Martin: Tennessee's AG right to seek religious freedom protections

Published Jul. 10 2015

Just before Independence Day, Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery joined a group of his peers across the country asking Congress...

Dionne: Will Washington blow up again?

Published Jul. 10 2015

WASHINGTON -- When it comes to politics, attention is now being lavished on the 2016 presidential campaign.

Cook: Would you believe Chattanooga doesn't have a Parks and Recreation Department?

Published Jul. 10 2015

In September, Outside magazine will publish its front-page story about Chattanooga winning, for the second time, the Best Town Ever...

Ignatius: Beware the Greeks bearing drachmas

Published Jul. 9 2015

WASHINGTON -- The Greek financial nightmare is a reminder of why countries benefit from having their own currencies.

Kennedy: The iron man of Sudoku

Published Jul. 9 2015

Gene Bennett, a 68-year-old former Pepsi truck driver, is a creature of habit. Every morning, Bennett pours himself a cup...

Greeson: Put up your Dukes and move to real issues

Published Jul. 9 2015

When did we as a country get so distracted?

Cook: The second surrender of Dixie

Published Jul. 8 2015

Across the South, the Confederate flag keeps coming down.

Gerson: Trump and the GOP's dividing lines

Published Jul. 8 2015

WASHINGTON -- Attempting to analyze political statements by Donald Trump is often a high dive into a shallow pool. But...