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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: Let's make policy Like it's 1968

Published Dec. 7 2014

The year was 1968.

Kennedy: And now, some good news for a change

Published Dec. 7 2014

I was standing in a line of shoppers outside the Target store on Highway 153 at 5:45 p.m. on Thanksgiving...

Thompson: Grenville M. Dodge: A name to remember

Published Dec. 7 2014

Ignatius: Paranoia as a weapon

Published Dec. 6 2014

WASHINGTON - The worm of paranoia begins to eat into even the hardest adversary. An example is a Twitter post...

All dogs go to Metropolitan Ministries

Published Dec. 5 2014

Awww, my little snookie-wookie.

Samuelson: Understanding the oil crash

Published Dec. 5 2014

WASHINGTON -- The great oil bust of 2014 is something to behold.

Kennedy: Healing life's many wounds

Published Dec. 4 2014

I spotted Basil B. Clark at the HoHo Expo one Sunday last month at the Chattanooga Convention Center. He was...

Parker: Ferguson and the media circus

Published Dec. 4 2014

WASHINGTON - As the curtain closes on the latest episode of "Ferguson," the media series, it is fair to wonder...

Cook: The Key to versatility and love

Published Dec. 3 2014

In 1982, Glynn Key was a senior at Girls Preparatory School when her classmates voted her Most Versatile.

Ignatius: Outlines for a strategy

Published Dec. 3 2014

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration's slow campaign against the Islamic State takes a small step forward this week as a...

Cook: The family that travels together

Published Dec. 2 2014

When I grow up, I want to be the Carisch family.

Dionne: 'The imperial Congress'

Published Dec. 2 2014

WASHINGTON -- President Obama issued a veto threat last week against a corporate tax-cutting orgy that promised the world to...

Gerson: In Ferguson, where next?

Published Dec. 2 2014

My home town of St. Louis has given up its sad secrets. Journalists - like tourists taking in the sights...

Smith: Let's Get America Out of the Ditch

Published Dec. 1 2014

While many work tirelessly for effective public policy and institutions that cultivate an environment of lawfulness and public virtue, the...

Gerber: Newspaper's role is to shine a light

Published Nov. 30 2014


Cook: Resting in that Gentle Heart

Published Nov. 30 2014

What: Kittisaro and Thanissara will read and discuss "Listening to the Heart"

Kennedy: Our favorite ideas to get the kids out of the house today

Published Nov. 30 2014

Day No. 5 of the Thanksgiving break from school is always a bear.

Summers: Chattanooga's law school thrived until 1960

Published Nov. 30 2014

Chattanooga is the only large Tennessee metropolitan area that does not have a law school. But that was not the...

Ignatius: At an impasse with Iran

Published Nov. 30 2014

WASHINGTON - The Iran nuclear talks defy easy comparison: But think of a labor negotiation where it's too costly for...

Hart: So much to be thankful for

Published Nov. 28 2014

It's Thanksgiving again, when folks go home to bear the brunt of their parents' judgment. This year, perhaps all you...

Parker: The Cosby Show

Published Nov. 28 2014

WASHINGTON - By now, most Americans probably have formed an opinion about what comedian Bill Cosby did or didn't do...

Smith: Constitutional Crisis Defined

Published Nov. 28 2014

Our Founding Fathers understood that people did not come from the same character mold. While some were honest and dependable,...

Kennedy: Black Friday shopping 101

Published Nov. 27 2014

Ruth Kittle is as mad as heck, and she's not going to take it anymore.