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Opinion - Columnists

Boyd and Gleason: Time for truth in Medicare accounting

Published Mar. 14 2015

If Congress doesn't act by the end of this month, there will be a major health care crisis. Topping the...

Hart: Free Internet too much for government to resist

Published Mar. 13 2015

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If...

Cook: Hold my beer and pass this law

Published Mar. 13 2015

The timing couldn't be better; next month, the National Rifle Association holds its annual convention in Nashville.

Greeson: Would you want to be president?

Published Mar. 12 2015

Growing up, did you ever dream of being president of the United States?

Ignatius: Letter to Iran is dangerous, irresponsible

Published Mar. 12 2015

Even by congressional Republican standards, the naysaying letter to Iran sent Monday by 47 GOP senators was grossly irresponsible.

Kennedy: Newcomers form bonds of friendship

Published Mar. 12 2015

The Chattanooga Newcomers Club is like a barbershop: Walk-ins are welcome.

Cook: The very un-creative Hamilton County standoff

Published Mar. 11 2015

It would be easy to roast Hamilton County for refusing to fund early childhood education in Alton Park.

Grissom: What do vouchers mean to Tennessee taxpayers?

Published Mar. 11 2015

A school voucher is a publicly funded credit or certificate whereby a student may be enrolled in a private school...

Cook: The greatest show on earth is never a circus

Published Mar. 10 2015

The last time I saw a circus elephant was a few years ago; it was a joyless moment, almost exploitative,...

Dionne: After Selma -- again

Published Mar. 10 2015

WASHINGTON -- Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

Smith: Pro-life Extends Beyond The Womb

Published Mar. 9 2015

The term "pro-life" has become synonymous with the efforts to oppose abortion.

Greeson: Just for today, be more like Luther

Published Mar. 9 2015

How do you spend your Mondays?

Cook: Why not a Lady Mocs crew team?

Published Mar. 8 2015

To talk about University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Title IX troubles is to sooner or later realize this: ...

Fisher: Bill would close access to public records

Published Mar. 8 2015

The fastest way to shut down access to government records is to charge fees people can't afford to pay.

Kennedy: Parents more relaxed with youngest kids

Published Mar. 8 2015

People who study birth order agree on some things.

Krauthammer: Netanyahu's Churchillian warning

Published Mar. 8 2015

WASHINGTON -- Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress was notable in two respects. Queen Esther got her first standing O in...

Robbins: Marker commemorates Beck family legacy

Published Mar. 8 2015

The Prudhomme Fort Chapter of Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century commemorated David Beck, prominent in the founding of Chattanooga, on Friday....

North Chatt development counter to 'green space' and other letters to the editors

Published Mar. 8 2015

A recent article on "Thrive 2015" states, "Chattanoogans want more green spaces, natural treasures." I wonder how many are aware...

Dionne: The Bibi-Boehner coalition

Published Mar. 7 2015

WASHINGTON -- It was disconcerting to watch Congress cheer wildly as a foreign leader, the prime minister of one of...

Gerson: Negotiating from weakness

Published Mar. 7 2015

WASHINGTON -- Over the years, President Obama has been criticized and praised -- but mainly praised -- for lacking a...

Cook: 4 ways UTC can save men's track and field

Published Mar. 6 2015

Earlier this week, professor emeritus Dr. Leroy Fanning met with University of Tennessee at Chattanooga officials with a plan to...

Hart: Foundation funds Hillary's ambition, Bill's fun

Published Mar. 6 2015

For years, the foregone conclusion within the chattering political class has been that Hillary Clinton will be crowned the Democratic...

Ignatius: Targeting top terrorists is not enough

Published Mar. 6 2015

WASHINGTON -- Gen. John Allen, the retired Marine who is coordinating the campaign against the Islamic State, gave an upbeat...