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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: De-annexation summer school

Published Jun. 24 2016

Summer study — where no bill sponsor wants their proposed legislation to end up. That, however, is exactly where state...

Hart: Taking away Americans' guns won't win the 'War on Terror'

Published Jun. 24 2016

The Orlando gay nightclub shooter was on the FBI watch list. He was turned in to the FBI again by...

Kennedy: Flashes of insight in a cloudy mind

Published Jun. 23 2016

Gary Lawson, 68, a retired federal law enforcement officer, sometimes believes his battle with Alzheimer's has a silver lining.


Greeson: Republican National Committee telemarketer seems telepathic about summer of GOP confusion

Published Jun. 23 2016

The phone rang Wednesday afternoon; the number was unfamiliar. I answered it, hoping for the best but expecting a telemarketer....

Greeson: Doctor's reflection on the unthinkable in Orlando

Published Jun. 21 2016

Like most fathers and sons, Will Havron spent Sunday thinking about his dad and his role as a father.

Smith: Leaders will reject Obamacare

Published Jun. 20 2016

This declaration is obviously the statement used by those who continue to demand that Tennessee expand its TennCare rolls under...

Cook: The Second Amendment is killing us

Published Jun. 19 2016

The Second Amendment is killing us.

Family Life: Touched by beautiful hands for 20 years

Published Jun. 19 2016

Once at an office party, I overheard a woman tell my wife, "Oh my gosh, you have the most beautiful...

Robbins: Dr. Jonathan Bachman was a revered city father

Published Jun. 19 2016

Jonathan Waverly Bachman fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He then came to the First Presbyterian Church in...

Anderson: We need leaders who will challenge hateful rhetoric

Published Jun. 18 2016

Last Sunday, 49 innocent people were brutally murdered.

Greeson: Fighting terror with a nine-figure Twitter plan

Published Jun. 18 2016

Not sure what to make of this, but a new Department of Homeland Security report is focusing on which terms...

Martin: Chris Anderson, delete your account

Published Jun. 17 2016

Delete your account. Isn't that what the kids (and oddly enough, Hillary Clinton) are saying these days?

Hart: Higher Education Scam: The Clintons trump Trump

Published Jun. 17 2016

Because it is largely government-funded, higher education has become an overpriced and failing proposition, full of left-leaning political cronies. And...

Greeson: South Pittsburg garden haters should be ashamed

Published Jun. 16 2016

On Sunday, this paper's Yolanda Putman told us about the housing authority in South Pittsburg informing its residents that gardens...

Kennedy: Friends for life stick together

Published Jun. 16 2016

Eighty-seven-year-old Lester Wilker and his home-based nurse, Virginia Bennett, 75, have lived under the same roof for about 18 years.

Smith: Junk science doesn't fly

Published Jun. 16 2016

At one time in our history, a liberal was committed to preserving the God-given individual rights of citizens. In that...

Greeson: An open letter to the fine folks of Orlando

Published Jun. 14 2016

The good people of Orlando —

Loftin: GOP should take off Trump blinders

Published Jun. 14 2016

Six weeks before their convention, congressional Republicans are tying themselves in rhetorical knots over Donald Trump. They have condemned Trump's...

Smith: Robbing our culture of true friendship

Published Jun. 13 2016

Facebook has successfully redefined the term friend. Most often used as a noun before the explosion of social media, we...

Cook: Donald Trump and the burning coal of politics

Published Jun. 12 2016

What concerns me lately about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — besides his eat-the-world ego, consistent cruelty and overall dictatorial...

Kennedy: Why kids play travel sports

Published Jun. 12 2016

Chattanooga is a magnet for these youth sports tournaments. A quick check of the calendar of the Chattanooga Sports Committee...

Murray: Second guessing the Confederate failure on Missionary Ridge

Published Jun. 12 2016

The quick collapse of the Confederate center in the Battle of Missionary Ridge on Nov. 25, 1863, surprised both sides....

Greeson: Trump, Hillary and bike lanes, oh my

Published Jun. 11 2016

The experts are weighing whether or not to add a bike lane on Frazier Avenue.