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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: Voting Day is every day

Published Nov. 7 2016

For many in Chattanooga, it hurts in the worst place.

Cook: With malice toward none

Published Nov. 6 2016

God bless you, Karl Becker.

Kennedy's Family Life: A day's work starts before getting to work

Published Nov. 6 2016

Sometimes I wonder what weekday mornings would be like without kids.


Summers: 'Doc' Anderson -- Rossville's psychic

Published Nov. 6 2016

Psychic, seer, ESP practitioner, clairvoyant astrologer, fake and quack are all terms used to describe the fascinating R.C. Anderson, a...

Good for You: Tucker Foundation and Camp Tikkun Olam gift the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society

Published Nov. 6 2016

The Tucker Foundation in conjunction with Camp Tikkun Olam (CTO) presented a check for $2,000 to the Chattanooga Humane Educational...

Harris: Building upon Reagan's Wilderness Legacy

Published Nov. 6 2016

When President Ronald Reagan signed the Tennessee Wilderness Act into law 32 years ago last week, the Act created the...

Lundy: Watergate provides a perspective on Clintonworld

Published Nov. 5 2016

This is an election primer for anyone born after 1955, and that is most of you.

Greeson: A long-awaited celebration and staring at the end of a painful election

Published Nov. 5 2016

Friday in Chicago, more than a million people lined streets with signs and songs to celebrate the Chicago Cubs winning...

Martin: Weston Wamp's right. Chattanooga regressed with Airbnb ruling.

Published Nov. 4 2016

Earlier this week, former congressional candidate Weston Wamp took aim at Chattanooga's recent Airbnb ruling in a blog post.

Hart: Weiner inserts himself again

Published Nov. 4 2016

Until Friday, Hillary Clinton was measuring the Ovarian Office for curtains. Then a bombshell was delivered by FBI Director James...

Greeson: In a mockery of an election, Tennessee students pick Trump in mock election

Published Nov. 3 2016

Does the truth come from the mouths of babes?

Kennedy: GPS senior who landed perfect score talks about acing ACT

Published Nov. 3 2016

Leah Baxter, a 17-year-old senior at Girls Preparatory School, is one of about 2,200 American students this year to make...


Loftin: History speaks to Trump's trumpet

Published Nov. 2 2016

In his effort to give his presidential campaign the strength it needs, Donald Trump told The Associated Press recently that...

Greeson: Survey puts our city's leadership in the spotlight

Published Nov. 1 2016

As so many of us were getting ready for Halloween festivities, the City of Chattanooga released the results of its...

Smith: The importance of grit

Published Oct. 31 2016

Where are we as a culture praising those who stick with it, even through failure, versus trophies for all for...

Cook: The littlest spaceman: a story of family [photos]

Published Oct. 30 2016

It was just after Valentine's Day. Kat, 34, and Krista, 29, had tried for years to get pregnant. Back in...

Gaston: Opening the Cracker Line

Published Oct. 30 2016

On Sept. 20, 1863, Union forces were defeated at the Battle of Chickamauga and retreated north to Chattanooga. For more...

Aunt Lee-Lee came to town— and stayed

Published Oct. 30 2016

For almost 40 years, visiting my family meant packing an overnight bag.

Kids Today-Scholars Tomorrow giving back

Published Oct. 30 2016

Kids Today-Scholars Tomorrow, World's Church of the Living God, encourages youth to become involved in their community. Valuable information is...

Greeson: Next round of Clinton's email scandal par for the course

Published Oct. 29 2016

Which is a bigger surprise: Hillary being investigated for her emails or Trump doing Trump things?

Martin: Will Lookouts play Hardball with taxpayers?

Published Oct. 28 2016

If you read last Thursday's sports page, then you're well aware the Chattanooga Lookouts' new owner, Atlanta-based Hardball Capital, wants...

Hart: Virginia is for bribers

Published Oct. 28 2016

Sharp-elbowed Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the closest Clinton family confidant. He has been on the board of the Clinton...

Greeson: Blind eyes to locker room hatred almost as bad

Published Oct. 27 2016

The local storm created by the Ooltewah High School rape last December was big. We remember it, and hopefully, our...