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Opinion - Columnists

Folkner: The closing of the internet

Published Sep. 28 2016

By the end of this week, the Obama administration will give the keys of the internet to 'the global internet...

Greeson: Loss of Palmer was saying goodbye to sports royalty

Published Sep. 27 2016

I had not been at the newspaper long — it was the summer of 2002 and I started in May...

Kennedy's Family Life: Life or death in the car business

Published Sep. 25 2016

I took the near-empty theater last Sunday as a sign that most people have moved on, which I suppose is...


Cook: Death row communion: remembering Kelly Gissendaner

Published Sep. 25 2016

One year ago this week, prison officials working for the state of Georgia — backed with the blessing of prison...

Aldridge: Lot attendant recalls hottest job in Chattanooga

Published Sep. 25 2016

I'll never forget the lady in the green 1952 Chevrolet. It was a very hot morning in June of 1960....

Watson: Education mini-summit aims to move Hamilton County education forward

Published Sep. 24 2016

This week the local state legislative delegation hosted a mini-summit to bring together key stakeholders in the public education system...

Greeson: District Attorney's report highlights terrible leadership in Hamilton County schools

Published Sep. 24 2016

A scathing 23-page report from the Hamilton County District Attorney's office details the mismanagement, misdeeds and, in some scenarios, the...

Jones: Care for those who care for others

Published Sep. 24 2016

In May, the U.S. Department of Labor released a new law that is going to increase the operating costs of...

Martin: MLK's bike lane legacy problems

Published Sep. 23 2016

No doubt you've heard about the Martin Luther King Boulevard "road diet" battle that's steadily gained momentum over the past...

Hart: Hey Obama, when is my health care cost going down by $2,500?

Published Sep. 23 2016

I'm not sure when it happened, but now politicians just lie to us without consequences.

Smith: Why we should respect the National Anthem

Published Sep. 22 2016

During my freshman year at the Air Force Academy, I had to memorize a number of thought-provoking quotations to recite...

9/11 memories still fresh after 15 years

Published Sep. 22 2016

It took Bill Hewgley 15 years to talk about 9/11.

Greeson: Local leaders must do more than answer phones to support witnesses

Published Sep. 22 2016

We'll start this morning tipping the visor to WRCB, our paper's news partner.

Greeson: Shortages of oil, attention span and patience all collide

Published Sep. 20 2016

Did you ask someone this weekend if they had gas?

Smith: A salute to responsible adults

Published Sep. 19 2016

Too much time, energy and money are spent dealing with those who can't seem to function as adults in the...

Cook: Brainerd High is America

Published Sep. 18 2016

Protest has always been part of who we are. Dumping tea. Greeting tax collectors with tar and feathers. Declarations of...

Kennedy's Family Life: Inside tips for figuring out boys

Published Sep. 18 2016

I often wonder what it's like to have girl children. As much as I love my two sons, I feel...

Moore: Chattanooga's Forest Hills is final resting place for known, unknown

Published Sep. 18 2016

In the years following the Civil War, Chattanooga experienced rapid industrialization and growth. Both Confederate and Union veterans, some who...

Greeson: Kindness always a reason to Smiley

Published Sep. 17 2016

Reid Smiley flew to Minneapolis to watch a baseball game with his son Luke earlier this month.

Hart: Gary Johnson's Moment: What's Aleppo?

Published Sep. 16 2016

Knowing about this obscure city in Syria is apparently the litmus test to be president, according to the Washington, D.C.,...

Kennedy: Triplets create an instant empty nest

Published Sep. 15 2016

In a typical family with three kids, emptying the nest takes a few years. But for Michael and Susie Woodward...

Greeson: Which county commissioners will cash the checks?

Published Sep. 15 2016

Locally, some members of the Hamilton County Commission are trying to weasel their way through the back door for a...

Greeson: Can head of U.S. Department of Education lead a school system in need of help?

Published Sep. 13 2016

The U.S. Department of Education chief will be here later today. That's cool.