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Opinion - Columnists

Breeland: The history of the Bessie Smith Strut

Published Jun. 14 2015

Organizers of the first Riverbend festival knew they were taking a chance creating a separate jazz and blues event away...

Krauthammer: The Racing Form, second edition

Published Jun. 14 2015

WASHINGTON — The Republican nominating race is a mess: a strong field, but with 10 declared candidates and a half-dozen...

Cook: Missed opportunities in the Best Outdoor City

Published Jun. 14 2015

We are America's Best Outdoor Town Ever.

Greeson: Lies, baseball and beer, selfie-inflicted earthquake and scary poop

Published Jun. 13 2015

Have you heard about Rachel Dolezal? She's the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Wash., and she's apparently in hot...

Ignatius: Dueling manifestos for Iraq

Published Jun. 13 2015

The Obama administration and the Islamic State both issued new manifestos for the battle in Iraq this week. Guess which...

Gerson: The myths of man

Published Jun. 13 2015

WASHINGTON — About 2 million years ago, a genetic mutation resulted in the human species — social, restless, but consigned...

Cook: Folding chair to the heart: inside live pro wrestling

Published Jun. 12 2015

Hockey, schmockey. And LeBron can go LeBye. Pro football? How deflating. NASCAR? Gentleman, start your naps.

Martin: Thanks for having me back, Free Press

Published Jun. 12 2015

Nearly two years ago, the Free Press published the first column I ever wrote. For that, I am extremely thankful....

Dionne: Valuing the family

Published Jun. 12 2015

WASHINGTON — Between now and the 2016 election, we need to have a searching national debate over family values.

Handicapping the Expansive GOP Field

Published Jun. 12 2015

It's that time again. Every four years, the GOP interviews presidential hopefuls to determine who will be its nominee, who...

Greeson: GOP candidate pool too crowded

Published Jun. 11 2015

Rick Santorum was in Chattanooga on Wednesday.

Parker: Pool party mayhem

Published Jun. 11 2015

WASHINGTON — Video imagery doesn't get much worse than a white police officer throwing an African-American girl in a bikini...

Magic: The Gathering game has fanatical followers

Published Jun. 11 2015

What if I told you there's a card game so addictive that it's played by 20 million people around the...

Cook: 13 solutions to the problem that is public schools

Published Jun. 10 2015

Tuesday, I published a first-person account of what it's like inside one local teacher's public school classroom. In short: profoundly...

Gerson: Recklessness of Rand Paul's rhetoric is eroding his appeal

Published Jun. 10 2015

Rand Paul's presidential campaign, by many recent accounts, is sputtering. The candidate, according to The Atlantic's Molly Ball, is "flailing."...

Ingram, Thomas: Sen. Corker champions America's leadership on international food aid

Published Jun. 9 2015

As the U.S. Senate has been busy working on legislation on Iran's nuclear program and global trade, there are other...

Cook: Teacher honestly tells how things are getting worse

Published Jun. 9 2015

In the last several weeks, much has been written about our public schools.

Greeson: Roberts says turmoil par for the political course

Published Jun. 8 2015

For the last six weeks, our county has wrestled with budgetary priorities, primarily about whether public schools would get a...

Smith: In Context -- National Security Failure

Published Jun. 8 2015

It's easier to govern and campaign when your policies are based not on principles, but on appeasing groups of people....

Dionne: The politics of you

Published Jun. 8 2015

WASHINGTON -- Whenever some new allegation threatened Bill Clinton's presidential candidacy in 1992, he had a go-to response throughout the...

Gerber: Fangs bared in Best Town smackdown

Published Jun. 7 2015

So things got kinda ugly in the Chattanooga vs. Boone and the Chattanooga vs. Port Angeles contest. ...

Kennedy: Diving in: Unread emails

Published Jun. 7 2015

My two sons are alarmed by a little red flag at the bottom of my iPhone that reads: 82,168. ...

Baumgardner: Protecting children from sexual abuse

Published Jun. 7 2015

What percentage of children who are victims of sexual abuse know their abuser?