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Opinion - Columnists

Loftin: It's too bad Marsha Blackburn doesn't understand freedom of speech

Published Feb. 1 2018

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who wants to succeed Bob Corker in the Senate, released a radio ad Friday criticizing professional...

Greeson: Time to remove haze from fight against hazing

Published Jan. 30 2018

Four years ago this month, Dennis Goodwin started a side enterprise with the most noble of goals and the single...

Smith: Is the Tide rolling over our progress?

Published Jan. 29 2018

Eating Tide detergent pods is a new trend among teens and young adults. Yep. The video evidence of this idiotic...

Kennedy: The charms of bedtime reading

Published Jan. 28 2018

As your children get older, you begin to hold tight to small rituals.

Hill: Retire with sanity and grace

Published Jan. 28 2018

You've been a successful businesswoman, whether you worked for yourself or someone else for many years, and now you want...

Cook: The hospital psalms of Gwen Green

Published Jan. 28 2018

Twenty days ago, Gwen Green watched as Erlanger hospital nurses pushed her husband, Paul, into one operating room, and her...

Summers, Robbins: Charles Bartlett was a Pulitzer Prize winner, Kennedy confidant

Published Jan. 28 2018

Chattanooga has a rich history of providing Pulitzer Prize winners. Charles Bartlett, a political reporter with Chattanooga ties and close...

Greeson: Football, food fights, kneeling and needing an accurate homeless count

Published Jan. 27 2018

Gang, there's so much to get to today that we are making a four-paragraph-or-less pledge for our Saturday installment of...

Hart: Addressing the educrats' college monopoly is next on Trump's agenda

Published Jan. 26 2018

Because it is largely government-funded, higher education has become an overpriced failure full of left-leaning political cronies.

Kennedy: Art all-stars to be focus of Southside event

Published Jan. 25 2018

"Back by popular demand" may be an overused phrase, but in some cases it applies.

Greeson: NFL continues to fumble national anthem issues

Published Jan. 25 2018

There is no way to downplay the ripples from a story that circulated earlier this week.

Greeson: TVA trio among those on helping mission to Puerto Rico

Published Jan. 23 2018

Saturday afternoon Shane Beasley was helping coach a youth basketball game of fourth- and fifth-graders.

Smith: Demand accurate information from the media

Published Jan. 22 2018

I am not a journalist. I'm blessed to be able to write a weekly column offering viewpoints shaped by my...

Daniels: Newspapers make Public Notice work for Tennessee

Published Jan. 22 2018

Each year a few elected officials will sponsor a law or an ordinance to change the way the voters who...

Kennedy: What will you do if missiles fly?

Published Jan. 21 2018

It has been eight days since a false alarm warning of incoming missiles shook Hawaii.

Cook: Things are not as we think they are

Published Jan. 21 2018

The Sunday after President Donald Trump reportedly called Haiti and nations in African "s***hole countries," the Rev. John Talbird stood...

Cooper: Time for a new vision - or not?

Published Jan. 21 2018

"Make your city good for those who live here and others will come." — James Rouse

Shavin: The time to be happy is now, and Snoopy says here's how

Published Jan. 21 2018

This column was adapted from a Unity of Chattanooga talk.

Raney: 'We have seen it'

Published Jan. 21 2018

"We Have Seen It" was the caption for the Dec. 2, 1872, Chattanooga Daily Herald article on the Greatest Show...

Philyaw, Bergmann: Childhood traumas require whole community response

Published Jan. 20 2018

"ACEs" are adverse childhood experiences that cause such deep trauma to a child's brain that he or she will exhibit...

Greeson: Booming snow days for some, charitable causes, potholes and stars

Published Jan. 20 2018

We have a handful of certainties every winter when the temperature dips and the flakes fall.

Hart: A week in the life of a 'very stable genius'

Published Jan. 19 2018

People can often "misunderestimate" just how hard it is to be a "very stable genius" all the time. So it...

Greeson: Stop flip-flopping and take steps to fix this, U.S. Gymnastics

Published Jan. 18 2018

The lack of outrage about the Larry Nassar story should trouble all of us.