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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: Trumptasia, 2016

Published Mar. 18 2016

It's official, the 2016 Republican presidential primary is not reality. It can't be. Can it?

Hart: America's two-party system is cracking up

Published Mar. 18 2016

As cracks in the Democratic and Republican ranks expand exponentially, we now effectively have at least a four-party system.

Kennedy: Remembering Nancy Reagan

Published Mar. 17 2016

When 10-year-old Makenna Alverson chose to be Nancy Reagan in her school's wax museum-style history project, the former first lady...


Greeson: Nightmare for Ooltewah victims continues with wrong ruling

Published Mar. 17 2016

The rape case from the Ooltewah High School boys' basketball team's trip last December has had tsunami-sized ripple effects.

Greeson: Smith's departure puts onus on school board to fix this

Published Mar. 15 2016

Rick Smith resigned Monday.

Smith: The working class election

Published Mar. 14 2016

Have you ever had to choose between paying an electric bill or having enough food for the week? Have you...

Cook: The one-in-a-million love story

Published Mar. 13 2016

On a pleasant fall afternoon in 2011, Charles Adamson, a local builder, dropped by his ex-wife's Cleveland, Tenn., home to...

Fisher: 'Spotlight' shows truth cannot emerge without open access to public records

Published Mar. 13 2016

There's a great scene about public records in the movie "Spotlight," which is based on the true story of The...

Murray: Myths of Coca-Cola in Chattanooga

Published Mar. 13 2016

There tends to be some imprecise knowledge about Coca-Cola bottling in Chattanooga. Many think that John Thomas Lupton brought Coca-Coca...

Megathlin: Small investment, major payoff

Published Mar. 13 2016

You will never guess what happened last Sunday. The story started 25 years ago when I was director of the...

Greeson: HCDE moving forward and a preemptive strike against discretionary funds

Published Mar. 12 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education met on Thursday night and chatted.

Martin: The collapse of the Republican three-legged stool

Published Mar. 11 2016

In case you aren't aware, the Republican Party is a bit wobbly.

Hart: The risks of raising a risk-averse generation

Published Mar. 11 2016

Recently released statistics show that the percentage of adults under age 30 who own a business is the lowest in...

Kennedy's Life Stories: What's college really worth?

Published Mar. 10 2016

About a week ago, Hausted started a social media countdown. Every day between now and his college graduation, Hausted plans...

Greeson: School board members let us down; Smith needs to go

Published Mar. 10 2016

Monday night the school board failed us.

Loftin: GOP will survive only with rigorous self-analysis

Published Mar. 10 2016

Historians will be writing for years about the Republicans' current effort to nominate an electable presidential candidate. The effort is...

Greeson: School board buries heads in sand of insanity

Published Mar. 8 2016

They gathered at the Hamilton County school board meeting Monday night, looking for the next step.

Smith: TEA paycheck deduction needs to end

Published Mar. 7 2016

How many of you give money regularly to a charity, a favorite cause or a member organization?

Gerber: Our city's poverty and why it affects us all

Published Mar. 6 2016

In 2015, the Chattanooga Times Free Press poured an unprecedented amount of time and energy into researching the roots of...

Cook: Rowdy activist loved by Chattanooga's poor moves away

Published Mar. 6 2016

Last week, Chris Brooks, a local activist loved by the poor and despised by the rich, left Chattanooga for good,...

Aldridge: Chattanooga's neighborhood grocery stores

Published Mar. 6 2016

Before supermarkets came to Chattanooga, many neighborhoods were well served by small, locally-owned grocery stores.


Greeson: Peyton Ogle swings through his fight with cancer

Published Mar. 5 2016

The 10-year-old Signal Mountain bundle of energy embraces every new day, and the second Leap Day of his young life...

Martin: History Center financial disclosures would boost public trust

Published Mar. 4 2016

Almost any other year, the Chattanooga History Center's financial struggles would draw much more of a spotlight than they have...