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Opinion - Columnists

Kennedy: When your doctor tells you to 'take a hike'

Published Oct. 27 2016

The idea is simple, really.

Smith: God bless Tennessee

Published Oct. 27 2016

This week, I lowered the United States flag that I have faithfully flown at my home since I retired from...

Greeson: Take a bow Mr. Henry, you are a superstar

Published Oct. 25 2016

Normally, on Saturdays, we conclude our ramblings in this space with a weekly star.


Smith: Foreign interference in election is a problem

Published Oct. 24 2016

It's obvious through the activities of Russia in recent days, whether about this election, the dominance of military presence in...

Gerber: More talk about Hamilton County education (and hopefully some action too) [video]

Published Oct. 23 2016

I learned something in study hall this week: It's possible to have a conversation about a touchy subject in a...

Cook: The most broken system in Tennessee

Published Oct. 23 2016

Need a reason to be against the death penalty?

Kennedy's Family Life: Girl bias growing among parents

Published Oct. 23 2016

I recently read a thoughtful opinion piece in the New York Times that was headlined, The Fear of Having a...

Robbins: European trip in 1900 enlightens Sophia Scholze Long

Published Oct. 23 2016

Last week's Local History column detailed the efforts of my great aunt Sophia Scholze Long to preserve Moccasin Bend and...

Martin: A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson

Published Oct. 21 2016

There's been a lot of hubbub surrounding this election. I feel safe in assuming that regardless of your stance, we...

Hart: So much smoke in this year's race, fire inevitable

Published Oct. 21 2016

Apparent Democratic operatives firebombed a North Carolina Republican headquarters. Just when you thought this presidential race could not any more...

Greeson: Early voting a late reminder of our great democracy

Published Oct. 20 2016

They arrived early Wednesday.

Kennedy: Tradition of the 'T' at Neyland Stadium

Published Oct. 20 2016

Last year, UT celebrated 50 years of its iconic pre-game tradition, which involves the football team and others running onto...


Greeson: From escaped murderers to paint machines, we need local answers

Published Oct. 18 2016

What do you call a question that looms somewhere between literal and rhetorical?

Smith: Values voters want policies, not perfection

Published Oct. 17 2016

Why do a large number of Christian conservatives, specifically evangelical folks of faith, stick with Donald Trump through his vulgarities,...

Gerber: Separating fact from fiction critical for students, teachers

Published Oct. 16 2016

Technology allows us to communicate and exchange information at whiplash speeds. But too often, that information isn't credible. It might...

Cook: The annual Christian Bryant column

Published Oct. 16 2016

Each year, around this time, I try to write a column about Christian Bryant.

Goad: Tennessee is providing clearer blueprint for teacher preparation

Published Oct. 16 2016

We have an opportunity, a unique opportunity — in fact the opportunity — to educate the next generation of teachers...

Moore: Sophia Scholze Long spoke out when others were silent

Published Oct. 16 2016

Sophia Scholze Long campaigned to preserve the beauty and history of Chattanooga long before such ideas were fashionable.

Greeson: Protests likely to get more play now that Kaepernick is playing

Published Oct. 15 2016

Losers of four in a row, the San Francisco 49ers have officially turned over the quarterback reins to Colin Kaepernick.

Martin: Trump apologists defend the indefensible

Published Oct. 14 2016

Admitting it himself, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has repeatedly engaged in sexual assault as defined by the Department...

Hart: Our Choice: Creep or Crook

Published Oct. 14 2016

This race has deteriorated into an episode of The Howard Stern Show. Trump gets caught talking vulgarly about what he...

Greeson: Be it pedals or pedestals, city hall is not listening

Published Oct. 13 2016

The city has decided it will forgo common sense about the realities of rush-hour traffic patterns to pursue bike lanes...

Greeson: Debating two awful choices makes for an embarrassing presidential process [video]

Published Oct. 11 2016

Well, that was awkward. And awful.