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Opinion - Columnists

Hart: Just another week in the life of our 'very stable genius'

Published May. 11 2018

Donald Trump's favorable poll numbers went up last week. Contrary to what you hear from the mainstream media, his numbers...

Kennedy: Piano holds the 'keys' to love

Published May. 10 2018

Oscar Kosarin, a Broadway conductor and music teacher, loved his Steinway baby grand piano so much that in private moments...

Greeson: How do you write an obituary for your hero?

Published May. 10 2018

I make my living with words. Words written here in the Times Free Press in the morning, or words spoken...


Greeson: Embracing good news as Chattanooga law enforcement shoots down shootings

Published May. 8 2018

And now for some good news.

Maddox and McCright: Solutions to homelessness require cooperation

Published May. 8 2018

We've heard the comments and we've read the op-eds. When will City Hall fix Chattanooga's homelessness problem?

Smith: Yes, it matters who governs

Published May. 7 2018

How much power do we want our government to have and how much influence do we want to give politicians,...

Cook: Seven questions for the Homelessness Council

Published May. 6 2018

Tuesday afternoon, the city's newly formed Interagency Council on Homelessness meets for the first time.

Gaston: Chattanooga's best-kept secret

Published May. 6 2018

Aside from a proud tradition of bootlegging on Walden's Ridge and the recent appearance of distilleries and breweries in Chattanooga,...

Good Deed: Chattanooga Area Food Bank receives Walmart Foundation grant

Published May. 6 2018

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank was awarded a $51,700 grant from the Walmart Foundation to help fight hunger in its...

HCDE: Prioritize fiscal needs, wants and more letters to the editors

Published May. 6 2018

The proposed Howard baseball renovation is a primer on why Hamilton County residents don't trust HCDE with their taxes.

Greeson: Kanye the shepherd, dressing down a dress, thanks to Greg Beck, and a correction, sort of

Published May. 5 2018

We've got issues.

Hart: The Starbuck stops here

Published May. 4 2018

Liberal rip-off business Starbucks, which made its money opening stores in only affluent neighborhoods (aka redlining), all but cried recently...

Greeson: Friday's Armed Forces event gives a parade truly worth celebrating

Published May. 3 2018

"I know Chattanooga is a very patriotic place."

Greeson: After a quarter-century, here's hoping the World Wide Web connects to its roots

Published May. 1 2018

Monday was the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web becoming open to the public. It's hard to believe that...

Smith: Double standard on rights

Published Apr. 30 2018

It's usually a matter of time, but reality typically catches up to reveal the truth.

Cook: Ten words for the new Southside development

Published Apr. 29 2018

As with any major project, we should ask: How much of this new push for development on the Southside and...

Elliott: Cabell Breckinridge loses his horse

Published Apr. 29 2018

One of many instances of our Civil War depicting the struggle of brother against brother is commemorated at the Kentucky...

Good Deed: Volunteer is a true animal lover

Published Apr. 29 2018

Thank you to volunteer and true animal lover, Mike Driggans.

Get registered and go vote and more letters to the editors

Published Apr. 29 2018

Don't sit around while corporations and big money determine your future. If you're feeling excluded, vote.

Greeson: Voting is heroic; Waffle House grillers packing heat; $1.2 million in fajitas

Published Apr. 28 2018

The latest wack job with a semi-automatic landed at a Tennessee Waffle House.

Hart: Waffle House is a great American institution even if it's getting bad press of late

Published Apr. 27 2018

The great Southern tradition, Waffle House, has had its share of controversy lately. The well-run restaurants that are open 24/7/365...


Kennedy: Is cursive handwriting a lost cause?

Published Apr. 26 2018

I stopped writing in cursive about the same time I quit wearing white socks and penny loafers, which is to...

Greeson: Hixson High School artists getting their kicks

Published Apr. 26 2018

For Katie Claiborne, what was a missed opportunity has become the ride of a lifetime.