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Opinion - Columnists

Kennedy: Why kids play travel sports

Published Jun. 12 2016

Chattanooga is a magnet for these youth sports tournaments. A quick check of the calendar of the Chattanooga Sports Committee...

Murray: Second guessing the Confederate failure on Missionary Ridge

Published Jun. 12 2016

The quick collapse of the Confederate center in the Battle of Missionary Ridge on Nov. 25, 1863, surprised both sides....

Greeson: Trump, Hillary and bike lanes, oh my

Published Jun. 11 2016

The experts are weighing whether or not to add a bike lane on Frazier Avenue.


Martin: End discretionary spending once and for all

Published Jun. 10 2016

It must be June. I mean, when else do we talk about discretionary spending in Hamilton County? The topic has...

Hart: Why Democrats fail on the economy

Published Jun. 10 2016

The primaries, where Democrats debate over who loves African-Americans the most and Republicans debate who loves Jesus more, are over....

Greeson: Protecting lives - all lives - a matter for all of us

Published Jun. 9 2016

I'm all for Gerald McCormick's recent idea.

Kennedy: When hope goes up in smoke

Published Jun. 9 2016

Justin Carroll and Tammy Harris are homeless but not helpless.

Greeson: D-Day would be a worthy national holiday

Published Jun. 7 2016

How was your Monday?

Cook: Bianca Horton and the valley of the shadow of death

Published Jun. 5 2016

Friday afternoon, in the same church where 11 months ago hundreds, if not a thousand-strong crowd, gathered to eulogize the...

Family Life: Magic memories of summer swimming

Published Jun. 5 2016

When I was a kid, our "swimming pool" was an oscillating lawn sprinkler.

Baker Gaston: Nancy Kefauver, ambassador for the arts

Published Jun. 5 2016

When a broadly smiling Nancy Kefauver appeared on the June 30, 1952, cover of Life magazine, with the headline 'Political...

Greeson: Leftover corndogs, answering some email and Saturday's stars

Published Jun. 4 2016

Email is amazing.

Hart: Summarizing a very busy time in the news

Published Jun. 3 2016

There are so many things going on. Since I am on vacation, I'll just summarize:

Martin: Promoting principals to CEOs

Published Jun. 3 2016

Earlier this week, the Hamilton County Board of Education approved a balanced budget, which includes a 2 percent pay increase...

Kennedy: 60 years on the job a milestone

Published Jun. 2 2016

The average American worker has been at his or her job for 4.6 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of...

Greeson: Harambe's death was tragic - and the right decision

Published Jun. 2 2016

Ron Magill has become somewhat of a national zoo celebrity.

Kennedy: Whatever happened to piggy banks?

Published May. 29 2016

A headline in the May 20 Times Free Press caught my eye. It read: "Two-thirds of Americans would struggle to...

Cook: Violence and healing in Chattanooga

Published May. 29 2016

This Memorial Day, as we remember victims of war, we should also remember victims of our own internal, civil war.

Opinion: It's time for principals to take the lead

Published May. 29 2016

Help wanted: a grueling senior management role charged with turning around a struggling organization with little authority over financial resources,...

Greeson: Limiting competition is a failure, more silly college protests, and why you should care about the mayor's current pickle

Published May. 28 2016

This Sunday, our paper will trot out its annual valedictorian honor roll in the Life section.

Martin: Protecting Tennessee's great enrichment

Published May. 27 2016

I can't recall a 2016 essay I've enjoyed more than Deirdre McCloskey's "How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich,"...

Terry Cook: Enjoy Tennessee's parks and keep them safe

Published May. 27 2016

Camping is a great family activity. It's a bonding experience and an adventure that your kids will always remember. I...

Kennedy's Life Stories: Love of tennis leads to 35 years of friendship for this group of Chattanooga women

Published May. 26 2016

Back in the early 1980s, they were a group of young Chattanooga mothers bound by their love for tennis.