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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: In aftermath of 9/11, UTC professor teaches love

Published Sep. 11 2016

For the last 10 years or so, students have reunited in early September over a meal. Sometimes it's just two...

Summers: Judge Sue K. Hicks -- 'A Boy Named Sue'

Published Sep. 11 2016

Rhea County became famous in 1925 when three regulars at the F.E. Robinson Drug Store — the local manager of...

Greeson: School boards, crotch shots, bike lanes and fighting to remember

Published Sep. 10 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education this week discussed the interview process to select a search firm to assist in...

Martin: Hamilton County's discretionary funds junkies

Published Sep. 9 2016

No one said giving up discretionary funds would be easy for some Hamilton County commissioners.

Hart: Kraper-nick: Stupidity armed with an ego

Published Sep. 9 2016

He can say stupid and hypocritical things; it's every American's right to be an idiot. And it's my right to...

Kennedy: Cloverleaf Barber Shop turns 50

Published Sep. 8 2016

The Cloverleaf Barber Shop on Hixson Pike is celebrating 50 years of operation.

Greeson: An announcement about keeping a job rather than doing the job

Published Sep. 8 2016

Midmorning Tuesday, the word around the newsroom was Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke was planning an announcement that afternoon.

Smith: Lessons in the headlines

Published Sep. 5 2016

Just last week, the public saw two stories that had individuals confronted with family members who chose not to respect...

Cook: Why I ran the Cameron Bean Memorial 5k

Published Sep. 4 2016

Cameron Bean lives. How else can you explain what happened last Saturday, when a small town of runners woke up...

Family Life: A message to soccer dads

Published Sep. 4 2016

Sometime in 2016, I will witness my 1,000th youth soccer game. I figured it out on the back of a...

Summers: Burritt College -- Pioneer of the Cumberlands

Published Sep. 4 2016

In 1848 the Church of Christ established a high school and college on the Cumberland Plateau above Spencer, Tenn.

Greeson: We're in a place where 'unisex' is offensive

Published Sep. 3 2016

It's not bad enough that the faux protests engineered by a hunger-striking grad student with millionaire parents last year at...


Mozingo: Chattanooga baseball legend should be honored with a U.S. stamp

Published Sep. 3 2016

Baseball, America's beloved pastime, has a long and proud history in Chattanooga.

Casey: Women's suffrage monument unveiled in Tennessee

Published Sep. 3 2016

Tennessee was the last state of the then-48 states that could possibly ratify the 19th Amendment which granted all American...

Martin: Larry Grohn not to be taken lightly

Published Sep. 2 2016

No, this is not an endorsement. I don't get to do that on this page, anyway.

Hart: A severed Weiner

Published Sep. 2 2016

Just like her boss and mentor, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin-Weiner struck a political power couple deal with her ex-congressman husband,...

Greeson: Civil rights champ sees poverty more pressing than racism

Published Sep. 1 2016

It feels as if every social issue turns us back to race.

Greeson: Flag takes center stage in weekend kerfuffles

Published Aug. 30 2016

We as a nation love our mothers, our country and our football. That order may be juggled for some of...

Smith: Truth Eclipses Sensationalism

Published Aug. 29 2016

Today, folks fuss about the media and sometimes strain to separate the believable from the inconceivable and truth from fiction....

Cook: The glass ceiling is a flat screen TV

Published Aug. 28 2016

The Rio Olympics may have been the finest hour in American women's sporting history. The U.S. women won 27 gold...

Kennedy's Family Life: The boy who never forgets

Published Aug. 28 2016

There were two boys with the same obscure first name born on a late October day in 2006 at Parkridge...

Raney: Chattanooga's nicknames trace city's evolution

Published Aug. 28 2016

Promoting Chattanooga has been part of its culture for decades.

Greeson: College decisions that should make you wonder

Published Aug. 27 2016

OK, you know how we bemoan the "safe space" culture prevalent on college campuses and the knee-jerk internet morality mob...