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Opinion - Columnists

Moore: Talented architect's life cut short by tragedy

Published Mar. 18 2018

Thirty-nine-year-old Samuel Patton was one of the most successful young Chattanoogans during the booming 1890s, when he died in a...

Hart: Tariffs cost Americans money and they seldom work

Published Mar. 16 2018

Every bad political idea starts with a false premise. The Affordable Care Act lie that we had an awful health...

Kennedy: Katrina survivors return to Mississippi

Published Mar. 15 2018

A Brainerd couple whose Gulf Coast home was inundated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is returning there after more than...

Greeson: Hall of Fame bus driver Alvin Lee is a bright yellow shining star

Published Mar. 15 2018

We should all thank Alvin Lee.

Daniels: Informed voters are key to democracy

Published Mar. 15 2018

We engage with our government, our democracy, in many ways, but elections are the events that allow citizens to directly...

Smith: The gun control debate - ready, fire, aim

Published Mar. 15 2018

In the emotional cauldron simmering before the French Revolution, word spread among poor Parisians that Queen Marie Antoinette, wife of...

Greeson: Value your daily conversation in a digital age

Published Mar. 13 2018

What is the most important conversation we have each day?

Hamilton County students: Why we're walking out

Published Mar. 13 2018

Students across the nation, including many in Hamilton and surrounding counties, are participating in a walkout on Wednesday that is...

Smith: Misuse of freedom undercuts us all

Published Mar. 12 2018

Freedom. Can we adequately understand its value and appreciate its definition as applied to our lives individually, as a community,...

Cooper: Moving toward a civil society

Published Mar. 12 2018

The late Rushworth Kidder wrote a book titled "How Good People Make Tough Choices." In that book about ethical decision-making,...

Kennedy: Dog wrestling and other family quirks

Published Mar. 11 2018

Every family has its rituals, little activities that comprise the DNA of daily life. Some are borne of necessity, and...

Cook: Howard School baseball saves lives

Published Mar. 11 2018

They could build a trillion-dollar-Jumbotron-retractable-dome stadium, but the best, most stirring baseball story on South Broad Street isn't the possible...


Rydell: Chattanooga's place in soccer history

Published Mar. 11 2018

The year 1912 places Chattanooga in the soccer history books as the site of the first inter-city match in the...

Our legislators have no clothes and more letters to the editors

Published Mar. 11 2018

History will show that in the face of mounting deaths from semi-automatics, Tennessee's state and national legislators did nothing.

Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram partners with Loftis Middle School

Published Mar. 11 2018

Last month Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram partnered with Loftis Middle School to raise $600 during the Chrysler Cars 4...

Guns in schools? Seek school staff, student perspectives

Published Mar. 10 2018

The inspiring response from youth, staff, and families in our schools after the Parkland, Fla., shooting reminds us that effective...

Greeson: Same silliness about teachers with guns, that wiley Watson and retrying on recycling

Published Mar. 10 2018

I am exhausted by the misguided logic of arming teachers to protect our students.

Hart: Self-control before gun control [video]

Published Mar. 9 2018

With the help of a sensationalizing media and of the entertainment business, which makes the violent video games and movies...

Kennedy: Baby steps toward a self-driving car

Published Mar. 8 2018

Sandy Monk, of Chattanooga, is the proud owner of a semi-autonomous car.

Greeson: Time for Tennessee to hedge its bets legally

Published Mar. 6 2018

What happens in Vegas is not the only thing that stays in Vegas.

Smith: Big government let us down in school shooting

Published Mar. 5 2018

The Parkland, Fla., school shooting was another reminder that big government programs are neither efficient nor effective. This fact should...


Kennedy: Boomers never digitized, analyzed and archived

Published Mar. 4 2018

Imagine Woodstock in the age of Instagram.

White: Downtown investment benefits all

Published Mar. 4 2018

More than 30 years ago, our community came together and made a strategic decision to invest in transforming our community's...