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Opinion - Columnists

Hart: FIFA and liberals' love of corruption international governing bodies

Published Dec. 25 2015

FIFA, world soccer's governing body, is corrupt — even by world governing bodies' standards. Its president, Sepp Blatter, was banned...

Kennedy's Life Stories: A grassroots memorial for veterans

Published Dec. 24 2015

James Henager, a 65-year-old Vietnam War-era veteran, has an audacious dream.

Greeson: A Christmas wish list in a year of Chattanooga Strong

Published Dec. 24 2015

Yes, we are a day away, this being the eve of Christmas, but we want to share the joy of...

Greeson: Clinton's lie with no one watching still makes some noise

Published Dec. 22 2015

We should all understand why the Democrat debates are on Saturday night.

Help the Times Free Press pick 2015's top stories

Published Dec. 20 2015

We need your help, readers.

Cook: The hero's journey from Tatooine to Tennessee

Published Dec. 20 2015

By my count, the new "Star Wars: A Force Awakens" is playing on 13 screens in five local theaters today...

Chilton: Economic inequality greatest challenge to overcome

Published Dec. 20 2015

Chattanooga 2.0 is a compelling analysis of the human capital challenges facing the city and the region. It is brutally...

Summers: Chattanooga's contributors to stock car racing history

Published Dec. 20 2015

With the passing of Harold E. Fryar Jr. on Nov. 16, 2015, Chattanooga lost another figure from the popular weekend...

Good Deed: A proper JROTC 'thank you' for etiquette class

Published Dec. 20 2015

Each year, the students in the Red Bank High School JROTC Leadership Academy take part in an etiquette seminar.

Greeson: Governmental foolishness leaves lasting marks everywhere

Published Dec. 17 2015

Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin proposed a bill this week that would revoke scholarships of athletes at state schools if...

Smith: Gun control and a sense of decency

Published Dec. 17 2015

My grandfather's nearly 100-year-old shotgun rests quietly above my fireplace. It was a proud day many years ago when I...

Greeson: Time for more info -- and Purple Hearts -- on Chattanooga attack

Published Dec. 15 2015

Wednesday will be five months since Chattanooga became a dot on the ever-growing map of the spreading terrorism in this...

Kennedy: The No. 1 secret of successful parenting

Published Dec. 13 2015

It has taken me 14 long years, but I think I have discovered the secret to parenting: improvisation.

Summers: Grace Moore, Tennessee's Nightingale, among notables in Chattanooga's Forest Hills Cemetery

Published Dec. 13 2015

Among the notables in Forest Hills Cemetery is one of the nation's most popular singers and actresses of her time....

Cook: Help homeless and others this holiday season

Published Dec. 13 2015

Construction begins soon to rebuild and widen the 2.3-mile stretch of U.S. 27 through downtown, from the Olgiati Bridge to...

Consumer Watch: Best days for holiday shopping

Published Dec. 13 2015

One of my Go-To-Gals for story ideas is Kyle James, founder and owner of Through much internal independent research,...

Greeson: Bemoaning UT's office of diversity and the silliness of grants

Published Dec. 12 2015

Here's hoping the state follows through and cleans house at the diversity office at the University of Tennessee.

Levine: Magnet schools shine a spotlight that reaches all the kids in the district

Published Dec. 11 2015

When John first came to my school, he was a sixth- grader who missed 68 days of school in the...

Hart: Taking away Americans' guns and freedoms won't win the 'war on terror'

Published Dec. 11 2015

When terrorist shooters killed 14 innocent people and injured 21 others in San Bernardino, President Obama's first instinct, as always,...

Greeson: Rest easy, Dalton (even with Trump being Trump)

Published Dec. 10 2015

Dalton Roberts did more for Chattanooga than all but a very few. His accomplishments have ripple effects still felt today.

Kennedy: Attorney looks to Bible for parenting tips

Published Dec. 10 2015

Nothing jump-starts some people's religious faith like the birth of a child. Even for those who don't embrace formal religion,...

Cook: ISIS and the rest of us

Published Dec. 6 2015

Forty-five minutes into their presentation on Islam, the Quran and terrorism, Bassam Issa, a local Muslim leader, and Boyd Patterson,...

Kennedy: The fact that a 57-year-old man bought '25' for $10 at Walmart might be bad news for Adele

Published Dec. 6 2015

Sadness is the back door to our hearts that we forget to lock. OMG. I just wrote that sentence with...