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Opinion - Columnists

Hart: Pope opens up on marriage, divorce

Published Apr. 15 2016

After directing the focus of the Catholic Church away from gay marriage, and saying even atheists who do good deeds...

Kennedy: When your home really is your castle

Published Apr. 14 2016

It's a classic fixer-upper — native stone siding, ample acreage, an unfinished dungeon.

Greeson: How strong are we, Chattanooga?

Published Apr. 14 2016

We are Chattanooga Strong.


Greeson: Social media makes image interpretation interesting

Published Apr. 12 2016

We are connected as a society as never before, from breaking news to sports, culture and the Kardashians.

Smith: Gap ad kerfuffle shows vacuity of left

Published Apr. 11 2016

The photo captures four girls aged 8 to 12. Two are striking acrobatic poses to bookend the two in the...

Kennedy: Ten Chattanooga destinations kids can't resist

Published Apr. 10 2016

Chattanooga is an ideal place for a stay-cation.

Cook: Jed Mescon and the discipline of kindness

Published Apr. 10 2016

In times like these, it is important to recognize and praise those who resist such distortion, and instead encourage our...

The history of one of Chattanooga's oldest businesses

Published Apr. 10 2016

If you wished to buy a diamond for your sweetheart in 1913, one store in town stood out — Edwards...

Greeson: Tennessee hates gambling except state-sponsored gambling

Published Apr. 9 2016

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III ruled fantasy sports is gambling and is illegal in the state.

Martin: Pass the 'Right to Earn a Living' bill

Published Apr. 8 2016

It's called the 'Right to Earn a Living' bill. The goal of the proposed legislation is very straightforward. It seeks...

Hart: Trump's rough week of his own making

Published Apr. 8 2016

For us op-ed humorists, this election cycle has been more fun than bathing a monkey. It has been a rough-and-tumble...

Kennedy: Chattanooga's 'forgotten trial of the century'

Published Apr. 7 2016

What started with a few scribbled pages of notes has grown into untold stacks of old newspapers, bound copies of...

Greeson: UTC whiners next in line to walk the chalk

Published Apr. 7 2016

The terrifying phenomenon that nearly forced up to 50 Emory students into crisis therapy has spread.

Greeson: UTC grad films documentary about his daugher's quest to find her Cuban roots

Published Apr. 5 2016

Most of America — myself included — probably shared a similar reaction to our country's effort to reconnect to Cuba...

Smith: Judge people by what they do

Published Apr. 4 2016

There's a lot of truth to the repeated line in the 1994 Academy Award-winning movie "Forrest Gump" that was offered...

Summers: Chattanooga's roller derby skaters

Published Apr. 3 2016

When Chicago sports promoter Leo Seltzer invented the banked oval track sport of Roller Derby in 1930, he created a...

Hagan: The secret to student success

Published Apr. 3 2016

Every person is unique; no two individuals are identical. This is the foundation of what makes education a living, growing,...

Good Deed: Jason's Deli Restaurant provides food for Chattanooga State

Published Apr. 3 2016

The Chattanooga State Foundation has had a very successful year of giving among the employees on campus. Their generous financial...

Greeson: April Fool's Day comes before UT's Sex Week and other foolishness

Published Apr. 2 2016

Friday was April Fool's Day. I'm not a fan.

Martin: Searching out answers to 'simple' questions

Published Apr. 1 2016

Simple questions rarely have simple answers. Just ask the crew over at the Metro Ideas Project, Chattanooga's newest think tank.

Hart: Chalk up another example of college student wimpiness

Published Apr. 1 2016

An Emory University degree just went down in value — again.

Greeson: Deal makes the right deal for Georgia economy

Published Mar. 31 2016

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed House Bill 757 on Monday. You may have heard about it. It was in most...

Loftin: Religious exemption bill had no problem to address

Published Mar. 30 2016

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's welcome veto on Monday of the legislature's religious exemption bill should put to rest the concerns...