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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Here's an all-too-familiar civics lesson for all us -- test optional

Published Aug. 16 2016

We have become a cynical society.

Cook: Traumatic stress is changing the brains of children in Chattanooga

Published Aug. 14 2016

I keep thinking of that 5-year-old, the one who dialed 911 after witnessing his mother and father shot to death...

Griscom: The 25th annual meeting of the Tennessee Press Association

Published Aug. 14 2016

On June 4, 1895, the Tennessee Press Association executive committee chose Chattanooga for its 25th annual meeting.

Kennedy's Family Life: Olympics put TV back in the picture

Published Aug. 14 2016

Sometimes I feel sorry for our lonely, little big-screen TVs.

Edwards: Heritage Center not a site to glorify military

Published Aug. 14 2016

As an American, a veteran, a board member of the Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center and a...

Greeson: Magic -- and grammar rules -- missing from Brainerd rebranding

Published Aug. 13 2016

Before we begin, allow us this public service announcement: Any endeavor that could add value and liveliness to an area,...

Hart: Trump-anomics

Published Aug. 12 2016

Donald Trump, who can easily get distracted by picking Twitter fights with Rosie O'Donnell, got back on course Monday and...

Kennedy's Life Stories: How black press put principles over profits

Published Aug. 11 2016

If necessity is the mother of invention, Brian Carroll's mastery of baseball history is proof.

Greeson: Back to school means we need to get back to what's important

Published Aug. 11 2016

Back to school.

Bailey: Fake public participation is no way to honor Coolidge

Published Aug. 10 2016

Living in Chattanooga since 1991, I've joined in a lot of public participation and community visioning meetings, from ReVision 2000...

Greeson: An anniversary, a heart and an obit all married in meaning

Published Aug. 9 2016

According to census stats, right at 60 percent of marriages in our country today have reached 10 years. But the...

Smith: The basic difference

Published Aug. 8 2016

There was a time when political parties spoke about issues and philosophies that served as the foundation for their policies...

Cook: Warfare, lynching and the Medal of Honor museum

Published Aug. 7 2016

If a new Medal of Honor museum is built, it should be done hesitatingly, mournfully and without celebration.

Hodges: Coolidge refused to surrender, challenged Nazis to 'come and get' him

Published Aug. 7 2016

The clanking and grinding from the treads of two Nazi tanks stopped and brought a brief silence to what had...

Kennedy's Family Life: Headless cobras can bite and more facts I learned from my boys

Published Aug. 6 2016

Did you know that when she was 7 years old, pop star Selena Gomez was a cast member on the...

Greeson: Sadly, moral indignation did not lead to civil obligation

Published Aug. 6 2016

We all were outraged last December when the news circulated about the victimized then-freshman basketball player at Ooltewah High School.

Hart: Which candidate will Libertarians help -- or hurt?

Published Aug. 5 2016

This is an odd election year, one where voters fear Hillary Clinton is lying about what she will do and...

Martin: Victims Assistance fee a bad move

Published Aug. 5 2016

This column is a week late.

Greeson: Hoping that Olympics stories are achievement, not anarchy

Published Aug. 4 2016

It's all too easy to forget as we approach the strife-filled Olympics this week what excellence and awe-inspiring accomplishments can...

Kennedy's Life Stories: Website feminizes car-buying experience

Published Aug. 4 2016

Some women think car dealerships are essentially man caves.

Greeson: Thursday's election more important than presidential race for Hamilton County voters

Published Aug. 2 2016

There's a pretty large election looming. You probably have heard about it. It's made most of the papers and been...


Cook: Revenge, where is thy sting?

Published Jul. 31 2016

Last week I was walking through the backyard, looked up and noticed a stream of bees entering and exiting near...

Kennedy's Family Life: Summer with bored kids is a circus of our own makings

Published Jul. 31 2016

When I was a kid, summer boredom wasn't a thing.