Keely: What a 'Chattanooga Movie' might look like

Keely: What a 'Chattanooga Movie' might look like

April 29th, 2013 by Harrison Keely in Opinion Columns

With Chattanooga in the movies so much these days, the Scenic City could very well transform into Chattawood, complete with hulking block letters across Lookout Mountain.

You've seen Chattanooga in 'Water For Elephants,' glimpsed what little skyline we have in 'Identity Thief,' and most recently spotted the city in the Jackie Robinson film '42.' Plus, this summer, we'll see a faux Chattanooga in Iron Man 3.

But so far, Chattanooga's barely been mentioned on screen. So what if there were movies about the city itself?

What would a Chattanooga-movie look like?

I took the liberty (a.k.a. had a boring Saturday) of whipping up some silly trailers in Apple's simplistic iMovie software. Here's a peek at THE CHATTANOOGA MOVIE in several genres:

If Chattanooga was a spy film, who would play the lead? With new mayor Andy Berke swept into office, it's obvious most Chattanoogans love him...

And in a romcom trailer, it's an unlikely romance between man and city...

Chattanooga's received so many accolades over the years (see the full list here) that it's easy to envision the city as an award-winning documentary:

And finally, with so much to do here - from Rock City to the Tennessee Aquarium - Chattanooga makes a perfect adventure film: