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Opinion - Free Press Commentary

Krauthammer: What happened to the honeymoon?

Published Jan. 15 2017

The shortest honeymoon on record is officially over. Normally, newly elected presidents enjoy a wave of goodwill that allows them...

Brooks: Do markets work in health care?

Published Jan. 14 2017

Believe it or not, we're not really going to have to spend the next four years wading through wonky drudgery...

Krauthammer: Cold War relic, present day threat

Published Jan. 8 2017

WASHINGTON — You can kick the can down the road, but when Kim Jong Un announces, as he did last...


Hart: Let's Make Capitalism Cool Again

Published Jan. 6 2017

Inside Barack Obama's rhetoric of 'income inequality' and 'attack the rich,' used mainly to sway envy-driven, simple minds, was always...

Krauthammer: Obama's final, most shameful, legacy moment

Published Jan. 1 2017

The audience overwhelmingly Jewish, passionately pro-Israel and supremely gullible applauded wildly.

Krauthammer: Aleppo and the American decline

Published Dec. 25 2016

The fall of Aleppo just weeks before Barack Obama leaves office is a fitting stamp on his Middle East policy...

Smith: Cybersecurity vital but wrong Clinton strategy

Published Dec. 19 2016

Today, 538 electors will gather to uphold their role in our constitutional republic to officially cast ballots determining the United...

Krauthammer: The Trump Cabinet: Bonfire of the agencies

Published Dec. 18 2016

Democrats spent the first two decades of the post-Cold War era rather relaxed about Russian provocations and revanchism. President Obama...

Krauthammer: Tweets and theater entertain, but Congress is the main event

Published Dec. 10 2016

'I alone can fix it,' Trump ringingly declared in his convention speech. Indeed, alone he can do Carrier and SoftBank...

Leonhardt: Team Trump's new pledge on tax cuts

Published Dec. 7 2016

CNBC isn't a place people usually go to speak truth to wealth. It's the unofficial television network of Wall Street...

Douthat: Can the Democrats move right?

Published Dec. 3 2016

Since Election Day the great intra-Democratic debate over What Went Wrong has been dominated by two visions of how liberalism...

Brooks: New life in the center

Published Nov. 30 2016

Over the past few decades, party loyalty has been the defining feature of national politics.

Smith: Be like Pat

Published Nov. 28 2016

Beloved University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball coach Pat Summitt has been credited with words she was supposed to have...

Krauthammer: For Democrats, the road back

Published Nov. 27 2016

One of the more salutary outcomes of the recent election is that Democrats are finally beginning to question the wisdom...

Kirkpatrick: Thanksgiving 2016: What the world needs now

Published Nov. 24 2016

Chattanooga area author, historian and journalist Jim Frierson recently interviewed author Melanie Kirkpatrick about the American Thanksgiving tradition.

Douthat: He made America feel great again

Published Nov. 15 2016

While I cannot verify its provenance, the following appears to be my Sunday column from Nov. 8, 2020, which slipped...

Krauthammer: How the new Republican majority can succeed

Published Nov. 11 2016

Donald Trump won fair and square and, as Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, is owed an open mind...

Smith: This year, all voters want the swamp drained

Published Nov. 7 2016

In recent weeks, the Donald Trump-Mike Pence GOP presidential ticket has been echoing an oft-repeated declaration, "We're going to drain...

Krauthammer: Final days, awful choice

Published Nov. 6 2016

Rule of thumb for a presidential campaign where the two candidates have the highest unfavorable ratings in the history of...

Krauthammer: Is Obama preparing a parting shot at Israel?

Published Oct. 30 2016

Last week, the U.N.'s premier cultural agency, UNESCO, approved a resolution viciously condemning Israel for various alleged trespasses and violations...

Krauthammer: My vote, explained

Published Oct. 23 2016

The case against Hillary Clinton could have been written before the recent WikiLeaks and FBI disclosures. But these documents do...


Krauthammer: It's not the 'locker room' talk; it's the 'Lock her up' talk

Published Oct. 16 2016

The second presidential debate — bloody, muddy and raucous — was just enough to save Donald Trump's campaign from extinction,...

Krauthammer: The stillborn legacy of Barack Obama

Published Oct. 9 2016

Only amid the most bizarre, most tawdry, most addictive election campaign in memory could the real story of 2016 be...