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Opinion - Free Press Commentary

Douthat: A war Trump won

Published Dec. 19 2017

There is nothing more characteristic of the Trump era, with its fire hose of misinformation, scandal and hyperbole, than that...

Douthat: The baker and the empire

Published Dec. 13 2017

There are fine constitutional lawyers who can argue back and forth about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case the Supreme Court heard...

Stephens: Jerusalem denial complex

Published Dec. 12 2017

If nothing else, Donald Trump's decision last Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital shows how disenthralled his administration is...

Brooks: America is the redeemer nation

Published Nov. 27 2017

We once had a unifying national story, an Exodus story. Americans are the people who escaped oppression, crossed a wilderness...

Douthat: What if Ken Starr was right?

Published Nov. 21 2017

In the long-standing liberal narrative about Bill Clinton and his scandals, the one pushed by Clinton courtiers and ratified in...

Smith: Americans love a winner

Published Nov. 19 2017

Gen. George Patton was unsurpassed in delivering motivating speeches to his troops.

Will: Repeal and replace the tax code

Published Nov. 11 2017

The Republicans' tax bill would somewhat improve the existing revenue system that once caused Mitch Daniels (former head of the...

Martin: Building community via rap battles

Published Nov. 10 2017

If you read this column regularly, you're likely aware I'm a big believer in the power of civil society, which...

Stephens: Communism through rose-colored glasses

Published Oct. 31 2017

"In the spring of 1932 desperate officials, anxious for their jobs and even their lives, aware that a new famine...

Martin: The missing "why" in politics

Published Oct. 27 2017

"And by the way, he gave the 'I Have a Dream' speech, not the 'I Have a Plan' speech."

Smith: Defining the "right way"

Published Oct. 26 2017

Once again, our community is shaken by barbaric sexual acts of young men on a high school sports team.

Stephens: America's best university president

Published Oct. 25 2017

Several years ago Robert Zimmer was asked by an audience in China why the University of Chicago was associated with...

Will: In blocking abortion legislation, Democrats will display their cultural extremism

Published Oct. 22 2017

What would America's abortion policy be if the number of months in the gestation of a human infant were a...

Douthat: The pigs of liberalism

Published Oct. 10 2017

If you are surprised by the news that Harvey Weinstein of Miramax fame, a man well-known for profane tirades and...

Stephens: Don't ban the bomb

Published Oct. 10 2017

"War," Georges Clemenceau supposedly said, "is too serious a matter to be left to military men." Maybe it's time for...

Cooper: Park may not be place for bust

Published Oct. 8 2017

The 6-2 vote last week by the Hamilton County Commission not to move the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn bust of...

Samuelson: Why the 'swamp' survives

Published Oct. 8 2017

President Trump isn't draining the swamp. He recently unveiled his long-awaited "tax reform" package, and although many crucial details were...

Gerson: Grief is the price of love

Published Oct. 4 2017

One thing we learn from tragedy: that there is always more to come.

Douthat: Speaking ill of Hugh Hefner

Published Oct. 3 2017

Hugh Hefner, gone to his reward at the age of 91, was a pornographer and chauvinist who got rich on...

Douthat: Looking beyond health insurance reform

Published Sep. 26 2017

Before John McCain put yet another Republican health care plan on life support Friday, I was going to do with...

Brooks: The coming war on business

Published Sep. 23 2017

The only time I saw Sam Francis face-to-face — in The Washington Times cafeteria sometime in the late 1980s or...

Brooks: The economy isn't broken

Published Sep. 19 2017

Middle-class wage stagnation is the biggest economic fact driving American politics.

Rampell: Sanderscare is all cheap politics and magic math

Published Sep. 16 2017

WASHINGTON — For years Democrats have hammered Republicans for spouting empty slogans and magic math.