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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Cures Act a strong dose of hope

Published Dec. 9 2016

In a day when approval of Congress barely exceeds 10 percent of poll respondents and few believe the body ever...

Cooper: 'Experience' charge making Democrats look desperate

Published Dec. 7 2016

The left's desperation to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump before he takes office would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Cooper: Sheriff Watson, show your paperwork

Published Dec. 6 2016

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson's actions in selling used cars seem to run counter to state law. We say "seem"...


Cooper: Can Trump slow health costs?

Published Dec. 6 2016

What health care coverage will look like under President Donald J. Trump can only be speculated. We can be sure...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A truly 'Beastie' creation

Published Dec. 5 2016

From the stranger-than-fiction file is the report of a Beastie Boys member creating a vegan shoe which will profit the...

Cooper: Daring to dream of better

Published Dec. 4 2016

Donald Trump was elected president less than a month ago, and voters and supporters want to believe a similar morning...

Cooper: Refugees -- this is why

Published Dec. 3 2016

A secret deal was made earlier this year to settle nearly 2,500 refugees from mostly Middle East countries in the...

Cooper: Accountability at odds in Woodmore crash

Published Dec. 2 2016

Better accountability may not have changed the outcome in the Nov. 21 bus crash that killed six Woodmore Elementary School...

Cooper: Signal Mountain step a message for Hamilton County?

Published Dec. 2 2016

A brutal, 12-month period for Hamilton County Schools that began with the pool-cue rape of an Ooltewah High School basketball...

Cooper: Vying for 'most important position in the county'

Published Nov. 30 2016

With five of nine Hamilton County commissioners and two of eight seated members of the Hamilton County Board of Education...

Cooper: Great Smoky Mountain fires 'unlike anything most have ever seen'

Published Nov. 30 2016

Hurricane-force winds drove embers from one fire in the Great Smoky Mountains into hundreds of separate fires Monday, turning the...

Cooper: Is Corker still in mix for secretary of state?

Published Nov. 29 2016

We hope President-elect Donald Trump's meeting with Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., signals the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee...


Cooper: Standard-Coosa lofts plan is promising

Published Nov. 29 2016

While we have urged the city to use caution in doling out tax breaks for housing developments, we like one...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Obama gets in a few jabs

Published Nov. 28 2016

With each new interview on the presidential election, President Barack Obama seems to grind his foot on the campaign of...

Cooper: Election gloating

Published Nov. 27 2016

Less than a month ago, much of the traditional and new media were writing gleefully about the likely demise of...

Cooper: Trump and The Olive Branch

Published Nov. 25 2016

Nearly 30 years after President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed, Ford...

Cooper: Preventable crash; caring community

Published Nov. 23 2016

If speed, as has been alleged, is at the root of Monday's horrific bus crash that claimed the lives of...

Cooper: Endearing the public to Trump [videos]

Published Nov. 22 2016

President Barack Obama and a cast member of the acclaimed Broadway production "Hamilton," perhaps unwittingly, are among those doing their...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Criminal penalties for road blockers

Published Nov. 21 2016

An Iowa Republican state legislator has introduced a bill that would levy fines on state universities that fund counseling services...

Cooper: Tennessee Promise second-year data likely to be impressive

Published Nov. 20 2016

What percentage of students returning for their second year at Tennessee community colleges through the Tennessee Promise program would make...

Cooper: Replacing Obamacare? It's complicated

Published Nov. 19 2016

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., told the Chattanooga Rotary Club last week he expects Obamacare to be repealed next year,...


Cooper: School board pick should be public

Published Nov. 18 2016

Where Hamilton County Commission business is concerned, we believe the more transparent the better.

Cooper: Corker a better fit at State

Published Nov. 18 2016

President-elect Donald Trump hasn't asked us, and he won't, but we much prefer the choice of U.S. Sen. Bob Corker,...