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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Erlanger-UT agreement is needed

Published Feb. 20 2018

We can't see Kevin Spiegel's bottom line, and he's not showing it, but it seems inconceivable that an equitable way...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: The eye of the beholder

Published Feb. 19 2018

Former President Barack Obama's official portrait for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery was unveiled last week. Since then, the portrait...

Cooper: Are the kids all right?

Published Feb. 18 2018

Just when you thought you were beginning to understand millennials, along comes Generation Z.

Cooper: Why be afraid of work?

Published Feb. 17 2018

What have Democrats got against work?

Cooper: GOP, keep immigration an issue

Published Feb. 17 2018

If, as has been suggested, Thursday's Senate votes were the most likely opportunity this year for the Senate to pass...

Cooper: All-or-nothing rhetoric won't do

Published Feb. 16 2018

Where there is an intersection between a person with a potential mental illness and an automatic weapon, bad things happen....

Cooper: The humanity at Economy Inn

Published Feb. 16 2018

No one who had occasion to get near the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road would be surprised the extended-stay hotel...

Cooper: TVA a conversation starter?

Published Feb. 14 2018

The suggestion of selling the Tennessee Valley Authority or any of its assets makes about as much sense to most...

Cooper: And the swamp expands

Published Feb. 13 2018

Our Congress took the easy way out Friday. Spending even more money to continue government operations, money it didn't actually...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Parade of hypocrisy

Published Feb. 12 2018

President Donald Trump has taken a good bit of grief for suggesting what the country needs is a military parade.

Cooper: Due diligence needed on emissions testing bill

Published Feb. 11 2018

It's difficult to get around the stark truth of vehicle emissions testing. For whatever difference it has made in the...

Cooper: School calendar fireworks

Published Feb. 10 2018

Tim Hensley, communications officer for the Hamilton County Schools district, ran into a buzz-saw Thursday when he presented the Hamilton...

Cooper: Jack McConnell was Renaissance man

Published Feb. 10 2018

A great man with ties to Chattanooga died with little fanfare in South Carolina earlier this week.

Cooper: An informed school board

Published Feb. 9 2018

It has the appearance of impropriety, and that's the last thing the Hamilton County Board of Education needs.

Cooper: Seizing the opportunity

Published Feb. 7 2018

Anyone who went to public schools, had a child in public schools or knows a public schools teacher — and...

Cooper: Trump deserves economic credit

Published Feb. 6 2018

Let's see if we have this straight. Until there was positive economic news to report, the poor economy during the...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: God, patriotism are divisive

Published Feb. 5 2018

References to "God" and patriotism during President Donald Trump's State of the Union address last week were divisive, Sen. Cory...

Cooper: Big business to try on health care

Published Feb. 4 2018

What was most remarkable about last week's announcement that three United States business giants would form an independent health care...

Cooper: Memo details anti-Trump collusion

Published Feb. 3 2018

The irony couldn't be more brutal.

Cooper: Home schooling-abuse ties reckless

Published Feb. 2 2018

It shouldn't take you very long to connect the dots.

Cooper: Building on a successful Gov. Haslam

Published Jan. 31 2018

Nine years ago this month, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam stood up in Pete's Cafe in downtown Knoxville and told the...

Cooper: Moving Chattanooga families to self-sufficiency

Published Jan. 30 2018

Chattanooga families that want to get on their feet should be breaking down the door to the city's new Office...

Cooper: Managing downtown Chattanooga parking

Published Jan. 30 2018

If asked, nearly every Chattanoogan would have a parking woes story.