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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

The Least Of These

Published Dec. 25 2014

No one deserves to bury two children, but that was Margaret Cone's lot in life. ...

Broad brush; acts of war

Published Dec. 23 2014

Whenever there is a random mass shooting, liberal pundits, broadcasters and politicians search desperately in an effort to tie the...

Eye on the left: Partisan molder of minds

Published Dec. 22 2014

Think your college students won't get a little indoctrination in their publicly funded university?

2016: Parties Should Start Fresh

Published Dec. 21 2014

Jeb Bush arguably would have been the better Bush to elect in 2000, and Hillary Clinton arguably would have been...

... And Another Thing: Thankfully, city no longer rolls up sidewalks at night

Published Dec. 20 2014

River City Co. President and Chief Executive Officer Kim White said 2015 would be the "year of the crane" in...

Normalization: Not much in it for long-suffering Cubans

Published Dec. 19 2014

President Barack Obama's decision to normalize United States ties with communist Cuba carries with it great opportunity for American businesses...

Insure Tennessee could be far-reaching

Published Dec. 17 2014

After two years, we'll know if Gov. Bill Haslam's Insure Tennessee pilot plan is truly a new way forward in...

Racial profiling bill not needed

Published Dec. 16 2014

If asked in a poll, most Americans — especially in these recent racially charged months — would probably say they...

Eye On The Left: DOJ Tied To IRS Scandal

Published Dec. 15 2014

Some of the once missing emails from former Internal Revenue Service administrator Lois Lerner now appear to show that the...

The Loss Of Fairness

Published Dec. 14 2014

Is this what life in America will be like going forward?

Climate Hyprocrisy On Display

Published Dec. 13 2014

The hypocrisy of the environmental religion has never been more on display than at — imagine this — the United...

And another thing: Tunnels, Bonuses And Tests

Published Dec. 12 2014

Speaking up for your community and its residents is the right thing to do — except when it isn't.

What's gained from report release?

Published Dec. 10 2014

Releasing a partisan review of the torture of prisoners held by the Central Intelligence Agency more than a decade ago...

Erlanger should solidify financials before giving bonuses

Published Dec. 9 2014

Erlanger bonuses anger Tennessee lawmakers, local officials

Eye On The Left: Cost Of Summer Excursions

Published Dec. 8 2014

Eating on just $75 a day

Remembering a quiet Sunday

Published Dec. 7 2014

It was the Greatest Generation's 9/11.

Civil War Still Resonates

Published Dec. 6 2014

The unknown Civil War soldier buried with full military honors in the Confederate Cemetery on Third Street on April 21,...

... And Another Thing: Fleischmann and the fee

Published Dec. 5 2014

Passing bills left and right in Congress is not necessarily a good thing, and inaction in Congress is not necessarily...

... And Another Thing: 'Profiling' the conversation

Published Dec. 3 2014

President Barack Obama has asked his outgoing attorney general to convene a series of meetings around the country with law...

Cantanzaro exit is fresh start for CSCC

Published Dec. 2 2014

Chattanooga State President Jim Catanzaro 's resignation ends months of turmoil

Eye On The Left: Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

Published Dec. 1 2014

Nice work if you can get it

Are You A Free-Range Parent?

Published Nov. 30 2014

Have you ever let your children go outside without having them in sight? If so, you may be a free-range...

Giving Thanks Every Day

Published Nov. 27 2014

Those pilgrims were a little late to the party, says Chattanooga minister Herbert Hewliss Brown.