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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Testing again a test for state

Published Apr. 21 2018

It may be the 2018 version of a student calling in a bomb threat to a school.

Cooper: Smokers, not state, should decide

Published Apr. 20 2018

We'd just as soon no one smoked tobacco products anywhere, but we don't believe that ban should be foisted upon...

Cooper: Early voting numbers are down, so vote!

Published Apr. 20 2018

If the last seven days of early voting for the May 1 Hamilton County primary election duplicate the first seven...


Cooper: School safety and shared burdens

Published Apr. 18 2018

No Hamilton County Schools parent wants to imagine their child could suffer the fate that 17 students did on Feb....

Cooper: Feds help Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport go solar

Published Apr. 18 2018

The build-out of the third phase of its solar farm is expected to allow the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport to become...

Cooper: Updating authorization of force

Published Apr. 17 2018

A new proposal introduced Monday by U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., would better codify...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Slovenia not happy with Kimmel

Published Apr. 16 2018

Until Donald Trump was elected president, first ladies and children of presidents were generally off-limits for criticism by the media....

Cooper: Use election dollars wisely

Published Apr. 15 2018

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger has the deepest pockets among candidates seeking election or re-election in Hamilton County in the...

Cooper: Rep. Carter on winning streak

Published Apr. 14 2018

State Rep. Mike Carter, R-Ooltewah, is on a winning streak this spring.

Cooper: Something's afoot in District 8

Published Apr. 13 2018

No matter the resolution of a charge of extortion against Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd, one would have to conclude...

Cooper: Still whipping Obamacare horse

Published Apr. 11 2018

The political left may be ready to produce its version of the old National Rifle Association bumper sticker:

Cooper: Should Tennessee Legislature wait on feds?

Published Apr. 10 2018

As the Tennessee General Assembly picks up the pace to make its final sprint for its 2017-2018 session, bills are...

Cooper's Eye On The Left: Who's next on the hit list?

Published Apr. 9 2018

First they came after Confederates, then slave owners.

Cooper: Policing panhandling properly

Published Apr. 8 2018

Chattanooga City Council members spent significant time and words in recent weeks on creating new rules regulating panhandling citywide, but...

Cooper: Free Press endorses Hedrick, Gravitt, Brown

Published Apr. 7 2018

The main difference between the two candidates running for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge in the May 1 Republican primary...

Cooper: Free Press endorsements in Hamilton County Commission races

Published Apr. 6 2018

In the May 1 Hamilton County primary elections, Republicans will have as few as two contested races in which to...

Cooper: We're not who we used to be because of King's legacy

Published Apr. 4 2018

The console television in the living room of my neighbor's house was on as he and I breezed through on...

Cooper: Homeless corridor needs study

Published Apr. 3 2018

Several blocks east of City Hall on East 11th Street, a homeless camp has been growing for months on contaminated...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: 'March' not quite as advertised

Published Apr. 2 2018

To listen to the national media, one might have thought the March 24 "March for Our Lives," purported to be...

Cooper: Wrong solution to guns

Published Apr. 1 2018

If gun control advocates thought they were making headway in the wake of February's Florida high school shooting, their cause...

Cooper: Putting together a gang roundup

Published Mar. 31 2018

The pieces were in place several months ago for local law enforcement agencies to bring a large, collaborative hammer down...

Cooper: Is forum turnout a sign of voter interest?

Published Mar. 28 2018

Early voting for the May 1 Hamilton County primary election begins two weeks from today.

Cooper: Don't invite Walnut Street Bridge trouble

Published Mar. 27 2018

A resident of a Texas city nearly 800 miles west of Chattanooga has begun an online petition to change the...