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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: A mural for Woodmore students?

Published Jul. 25 2017

For those who remember Chattanooga from the not-so-distant past when its only public art was Civil War cannons, monuments and...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Devaluing our values

Published Jul. 24 2017

Public museums and memorials serve our nation's "foundational commitments to white heterosexual male supremacy," two Texas A&M University professors say...

Cooper: Could Trump be Republican Jimmy Carter?

Published Jul. 23 2017

Donald Trump has been president of the United States for six months, and several conservative pundits are already suggesting he...


Cooper: Sheriff Watson and the truth

Published Jul. 22 2017

Although being a sheriff of a county the size of Bradley County appears to be a full-time job, we wouldn't...

Cooper: City comes to Northpoint Boulevard's rescue

Published Jul. 22 2017

On an international or national scale, it doesn't rank with radical terrorism, health care reform or illegal immigration, but the...

Cooper: Keep eyes on Hamilton County finances

Published Jul. 21 2017

We hope the Hamilton County Commission's Wednesday reversal of a previous vote to establish new oversight rules on certain nonprofit...

Cooper: Having skin in the game

Published Jul. 21 2017

The term 'skin in the game' has been variously thrown around recently concerning the state's proposed intervention into five low-performing...

Cooper: Making school judgments harder

Published Jul. 19 2017

United States District Judge Curtis Collier made an objective ruling Monday that the Hamilton County Department of Education had violated...

Cooper: Bipartisan health bill a thought?

Published Jul. 19 2017

It was hardly risky for President Barack Obama and Democrats to create the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without Republicans in...

OPINION: What Demetrus Coonrod owes constituents

Published Jul. 18 2017

Although Chattanooga City Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod did the same thing many frustrated citizens — perhaps even City Council representatives —...

Cooper: Neighbors helping neighbors

Published Jul. 18 2017

It happens every year at this time.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A score to settle

Published Jul. 17 2017

To adapt the adapted William Congreve line, the Democratic Party hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Cooper: Are many Christians post-Christian?

Published Jul. 16 2017

Last month, the Barna Group ranked Chattanooga No. 1 on its list of Most Churched cities and for the fourth...

Cooper: Returning Miller Park to a 'beauty spot'

Published Jul. 15 2017

Miller Park was the spark for Chattanooga in the 1970s that the Tennessee Aquarium was for the city in the...

Cooper: The importance of Chattanooga 2.0

Published Jul. 15 2017

Chattanooga 2.0 officials trotted out a slew of numbers Thursday to show the impact the movement has made in attempting...

Cooper: The irony of moving a peacemaker

Published Jul. 14 2017

The nascent effort toward removing a bust of Confederate Lt. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart from the grounds of the Hamilton...

Cooper: ArtsBuild stimulating more imaginations

Published Jul. 12 2017

With all types of art not a given in every Hamilton County public school, area residents are fortunate to have...

Cooper: UnifiEd claims to have plan to help students succeed

Published Jul. 11 2017

UnifiEd, a local nonprofit education advocacy organization, says it has a plan for addressing inequities in Hamilton County Schools and...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: To save animals, prevent humans

Published Jul. 10 2017

How much do you love animals? If you really love animals, a Center for Biological Diversity project suggests, eliminating the...

Cooper: Returning to welfare-work mandates

Published Jul. 9 2017

Few people would argue with the federal government assisting the elderly and children who cannot help themselves. But those who...

Cooper: Recycled tires and religious liberty

Published Jul. 8 2017

James G. Blaine never saw a recycled tire, much less an automobile, but it was his failed constitutional amendment nearly...

Cooper: Congress shouldn't be role model for Signal school district committee

Published Jul. 7 2017

If the committee investigating the viability of launching a separate school system on Signal Mountain could tolerate one piece of...

Cooper: Conflicted about the U.S.? Get a new perspective

Published Jul. 4 2017

For those who say it's "just another day" or that they "feel very conflicted" or that "there's not a lot...