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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

How Was It Back In 2014?

Published Nov. 23 2014

Chattanooga was but a spry septuagenarian when one of its most recent storytellers first encountered it.

... And Another Thing: Security For Schools

Published Nov. 22 2014

Smile, you're on HCDE camera!

Politics By Cynicism

Published Nov. 21 2014

Regrettably, President Barack Obama took executive action Thursday to grant legal status to about 5 million illegal immigrants, thumbing his...

Coker modern GOP pioneer

Published Nov. 18 2014

Harold Coker was as much at home taking apart a car as he was putting together a deal for the...

Eye On The Left: Enough Blame To Go Around

Published Nov. 17 2014

Scapegoat searching

When Everything's Not Enough

Published Nov. 16 2014

The United States Supreme Court is now being asked by the minorities it sought to protect with the creation of...

Goodbye, legacy?

Published Nov. 15 2014

If President Barack Obama has any hopes of crafting a legacy as an effective president, apart from his race- and...

... And Another Thing: New Way Forward For VW?

Published Nov. 13 2014

Shared future?

ACA author caught in truth

Published Nov. 12 2014

If we told the truth, a consultant to President Obama says in so many words, we could never have passed...

Taking vets for granted

Published Nov. 11 2014

In case anyone needs to know, Sears is marking Veterans Day with "three-day hot buys."

Eye On The Left: Duncan Dreaming Of Universal Preschool

Published Nov. 10 2014

'Social'-izing the children

Helping Green The Basin

Published Nov. 9 2014

Ducktown, Tenn., is attempting to become the greenest small town in America, and a project led by a University of...

Gerson: Obama's 'gifts' to the nation

Published Nov. 8 2014

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama is a gifted politician. But a president is judged by the gifts he leaves behind. Following...

A Third Way For Partnerships?

Published Nov. 8 2014

Lots of readers commented on coverage of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision. Here is a small sample:

... And Another Thing: The Cost Of Votes

Published Nov. 7 2014

Good to be the incumbent

Here's Your 'Nothing'

Published Nov. 6 2014

Tuesday's national election, in which Republicans captured the United States Senate and increased their margin in the U.S. House, was...

Yes on 1 voters remembered 2000

Published Nov. 5 2014

• New era for abortion in Tennessee; voters open door for more regulation

If there's a GOP Senate ...

Published Nov. 4 2014

In contested races in today's election, the Chattanooga Free Press recommends:

Eye On The Left: Millennials Shifting Right?

Published Nov. 3 2014

Young voters changing minds

Vote! Even Midterms Matter

Published Nov. 2 2014

See a list of candidates, proposed amendments and sample ballots at

Vote 'yes' on one to protect women

Published Nov. 1 2014

Tennessee is one of the best-managed states in the nation. Our budget is balanced every year, we have cut taxes...

Debate Probably Changed Little

Published Oct. 29 2014

If anyone had their minds changed from Monday night's 3rd District congressional debate between Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and...

Tillis' Path Toward Senate Went Through City

Published Oct. 28 2014

One of the candidates hoping to give the Republican Party a majority of seats in the United States Senate next...