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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Real Indian faces Elizabeth Warren

Published May. 21 2018

The city of Cambridge, Mass., has dropped its order for independent Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai to remove banners on his...

Cooper: Want your state to count?

Published May. 20 2018

A national movement is afoot to render null the Founding Fathers' concept of the Electoral College in electing presidents.

Cooper: DACA votes could resurface

Published May. 19 2018

An obscure congressional rule soon could force the residency issue of younger illegal immigrants — those in the Deferred Action...


Cooper: When words get twisted

Published May. 18 2018

Tennessee Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee will need to be wary over the next few days and weeks because he's...

Cooper: Court lets the betting begin

Published May. 16 2018

The Atlanta Braves were a 1.5-run favorite to win Tuesday night's baseball game with the Chicago Cubs.

Cooper: Discretionary funds - again?

Published May. 15 2018

It's pretty simple, really. Either Hamilton County commissioners should have a discretionary fund or they shouldn't.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Woody's not the weird one

Published May. 14 2018

Two former Hanover College students have gone their separate ways since the 1980s, one to a lifestyle of admitted "extreme...

Cooper: More lessons in fall election?

Published May. 13 2018

The political left, as incredible as it may seem with midterm elections less than six months away, still has not...

Cooper: UnifiEd, board not in tune

Published May. 12 2018

A Friday news release from two sitting Hamilton County Board of Education members has shattered the assumption among many in...

Cooper: 'Thank a Democrat' for high premiums

Published May. 11 2018

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., held a figurative mirror in front of congressional Democrats earlier this week. If they had any...

Cooper: Iran nuclear deal exit not 'end of the world'

Published May. 9 2018

On the whole, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told Times Free Press editors and reporters last week, he'd just as soon...

Cooper: Johnson has Hamilton County schools poised to rise

Published May. 8 2018

Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson will present a proposed $385 million schools budget for the 2018-2019 year today.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: What's good for the goose ...

Published May. 7 2018

Women who read The Atlantic must be a little confused about all that #MeToo stuff.

Cooper: Parkway's war memorials to move?

Published May. 6 2018

If the city of Chattanooga has its way, the military-related memorials on Patten Parkway will be moved off the parkway.

Cooper: GOP clash mindful of '74 Dems

Published May. 5 2018

With three months to go before Tennessee's Republican primary for governor, none of the big four candidates seems ready to...

Cooper: Hamilton County Commission could have four women

Published May. 4 2018

For the first time in 16 years, at least two women will be elected to the Hamilton County Commission.

Cooper: Of monuments and lawmakers

Published May. 2 2018

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is in the pondering stage on two bills we wish weren't before him.

Cooper: National media's slip is showing

Published May. 1 2018

It may not have been intended, but nothing recently has more exposed the national media as a tool of left-wing...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Kanye out, Cardi B in

Published Apr. 30 2018

With rapper Kanye West's recent semi-bromance with President Trump, Democrats have found their own rapper.

Cooper: GOP shouldn't run on Clinton

Published Apr. 29 2018

Hillary Clinton may be the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Party, but we hope hers won't be...

Cooper: Endorsements

Published Apr. 29 2018

In contested races in Tuesday's Hamilton County primary election, the Chattanooga Free Press editorial page recommends these candidates:


Cooper: Kim, Kanye and what's possible

Published Apr. 28 2018

The chance of a beloved black rapper cooing kind things about President Donald Trump is about as likely as North...

Cooper: Seeking the rule of law

Published Apr. 27 2018

One day maybe we'll be able to look back at the late 2010s and chuckle about the time when some...