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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Environment steers government nutrition report

Published Feb. 25 2015

Meat producers are seeing red over a new federal report drafted by Obama administration-selected nutrition experts that suggests Americans adopt...

Restraint needed in Exagger-Gate

Published Feb. 25 2015

Why do they do it?

Time to stop trafficking (video)

Published Feb. 24 2015

Imagine your 13-year-old daughter being forced to have sex with grown men in a country far from home instead of...

... And Another Thing: How 'Bout A State Rash?

Published Feb. 23 2015

The Bible is the world's best-selling book and contains all of the necessary information one needs for personal salvation, but...

The comfort of home at the end of life

Published Feb. 22 2015

Sherry Campbell began to see the situation, the hospice patient with no outside visitors, more and more frequently.

Eye On The Left: Don't Tell Anyone What I Said

Published Feb. 21 2015

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg never would utter such a thing in public, and his representatives reportedly attempted...

Action, not summits, needed

Published Feb. 20 2015

While President Obama was calmly suggesting on Wednesday that jobs are the answer for the terrorists who would decapitate and...

A different way to insure Tennessee

Published Feb. 18 2015

If Tennessee state Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, feels like he has a target on his back, it's no wonder. ...

The fall of superintendent Johnny McDaniel

Published Feb. 17 2015

Bradley County's Johnny McDaniel was the 2013 Tennessee Superintendent of the Year and may be backed by teachers, parents and...

Commissioner pay needs public airing

Published Feb. 17 2015

If Delores the administrative assistant loses her father, a letter in the Hamilton County Commission's private chambers asking if commissioners...

Fine Line Of Payday Lending

Published Feb. 16 2015

Without a doubt, payday lenders have stories they'd be glad to tell you that would warm your heart. ...

Fleischmann: Gas Tax Not Likely; No Boots On Ground Against ISIS

Published Feb. 15 2015

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann recently began his third term representing Tennessee's 3rd District in the United States House of Representatives.

Eye On the Left: The Extremes Of Extremism

Published Feb. 14 2015

The Southern Poverty Law Center has proven once again why it belongs on its own "extremist watch list" as much...

Obama War Doesn't Fit In Tidy Box

Published Feb. 13 2015

President Obama buried the lead in his request to Congress for war powers Wednesday, but he was nevertheless right for...

Serious work ahead for Bob Corker

Published Feb. 11 2015

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, the former businessman and mayor of Chattanooga who has a reputation for speaking his mind and...

Budget 'enviable,' not perfect

Published Feb. 11 2015

Chances are Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam knew he had the money to put where his mouth was in the State...

Future of Memorial, Tivoli: A new lease on life?

Published Feb. 10 2015

If the city of Chattanooga went strictly by the bottom line, it would probably close the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial...

Eye on the left: Content drives movie earnings

Published Feb. 9 2015

Don't expect it to change any minds in Hollywood, but Christian watchdog Movieguide's analysis of 2014 films showed that movies...

What Responsibility Do Students Bear In College Achievement Gap?

Published Feb. 8 2015

A study released last week said the gap between the richest and poorest students earning a bachelor's degree by age...

Fix teacher evaluations

Published Feb. 7 2015

Should the evaluation of some Tennessee public school teachers be judged substantially on the standardized test scores of students in...

Encourage all businesses

Published Feb. 7 2015

The Andy Berke mayoral administration sent out a news release earlier this week, patting itself on the back for a...

Where's the love?

Published Feb. 7 2015

Even if the Republican U.S. Congress was interested in President Obama's one-time, 14-percent tax proposal on nearly $2 trillion of...

Smelled Like Obamacare

Published Feb. 6 2015

Let's face it. Tennesseans don't like Obamacare.