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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Broadening the Civil War picture

Published Aug. 27 2017

With all the hullabaloo about tearing down, moving or covering statues that might in any way refer to figures in...

Cooper: Fixing Walker's 'inheritance'

Published Aug. 26 2017

Chances are, Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield is still listening. If anyone has a better solution for the North Georgia...

Cooper: Parks plan kicked down road

Published Aug. 26 2017

Considering his outsourcing proposal for Tennessee state parks, Gov. Bill Haslam may be feeling that a good deed never goes...

Cooper: What did the states know?

Published Aug. 25 2017

Although the United States is becoming an increasingly secular country, authors used the words "God," "Supreme Being," "Supreme Ruler" or...

Cooper: Is your news spin or truth?

Published Aug. 23 2017

Many Americans continue to have difficulty separating truth from fiction when it comes to the daily news.

Cooper: Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery gesture unnecessary, empty

Published Aug. 22 2017

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke apparently thought his fellow city chief executive had the right idea Friday when he issued a...

Cooper: Sore Gore a boor on lore

Published Aug. 21 2017

When climate activist Al Gore is confronted on his global warming claims, he melts like the icebergs he says are...

Cooper: Is there an end to sanitizing?

Published Aug. 20 2017

When is it enough?

Cooper: Prodding a president

Published Aug. 19 2017

Remarks by Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., about President Donald Trump at the Rotary Club of Chattanooga Thursday may get him...

Cooper: Zone name unimportant; students are

Published Aug. 19 2017

For the Hamilton County Schools students who are affected, it doesn't matter whether a group of schools is called an...

Cooper: A mixed-use city gateway

Published Aug. 18 2017

As drivers round Lookout Mountain on Interstate 24 and approach Chattanooga, they are greeted on their left by the majestic...

Cooper: Congressional clock is ticking

Published Aug. 16 2017

Like Jerry Reed's truck driver character Cledus in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit," Congress has "got a long...

Cooper: It's not about Trump, but ...

Published Aug. 15 2017

It's not about Donald Trump.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: North Korea? Just give in

Published Aug. 14 2017

How do former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice and grumbletarian Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., believe the U.S. should handle...

Cooper: 1911 parks vision took a while

Published Aug. 13 2017

"The establishment of a system of parks and pleasure grounds for a rapidly growing city is one of the most...

Cooper: Postponing the 2020 election

Published Aug. 12 2017

"A Third Term for President Obama? It Could Happen"

Cooper: Bryan Johnson should move boldly

Published Aug. 11 2017

Hamilton County Schools opened Thursday with expectations for a better future the highest they've been in years.

Cooper: Media wrong on no Trump achievements after 7 months in office

Published Aug. 9 2017

The intended message is clear. President Donald Trump has nothing to show for seven months in office.

Cooper: Another 'no' for UAW

Published Aug. 8 2017

What part of "no" do automobile unions in the South not understand?

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Is Pelosi poison for Democrats in 2018?

Published Aug. 7 2017

It's a small sample size, granted, but the Washington Free Beacon has bad news for U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy...

Cooper: When governor's race was a sprint

Published Aug. 6 2017

With Republican U.S. Rep. Diane Black's entry into the race for Tennessee governor in 2018 last week, the field is...

Cooper: David Roddy understands the challenges

Published Aug. 5 2017

The man selected three years ago to be next in command to former Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher will succeed...

Cooper: Hooray for Lamar Alexander's bridge

Published Aug. 5 2017

Vice President Mike Pence reminded a Nashville audience Thursday night that voters put President Donald Trump and him into office...