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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Seizing the opportunity

Published Feb. 7 2018

Anyone who went to public schools, had a child in public schools or knows a public schools teacher — and...

Cooper: Trump deserves economic credit

Published Feb. 6 2018

Let's see if we have this straight. Until there was positive economic news to report, the poor economy during the...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: God, patriotism are divisive

Published Feb. 5 2018

References to "God" and patriotism during President Donald Trump's State of the Union address last week were divisive, Sen. Cory...

Cooper: Big business to try on health care

Published Feb. 4 2018

What was most remarkable about last week's announcement that three United States business giants would form an independent health care...

Cooper: Memo details anti-Trump collusion

Published Feb. 3 2018

The irony couldn't be more brutal.

Cooper: Home schooling-abuse ties reckless

Published Feb. 2 2018

It shouldn't take you very long to connect the dots.

Cooper: Building on a successful Gov. Haslam

Published Jan. 31 2018

Nine years ago this month, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam stood up in Pete's Cafe in downtown Knoxville and told the...

Cooper: Moving Chattanooga families to self-sufficiency

Published Jan. 30 2018

Chattanooga families that want to get on their feet should be breaking down the door to the city's new Office...

Cooper: Managing downtown Chattanooga parking

Published Jan. 30 2018

If asked, nearly every Chattanoogan would have a parking woes story.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Tennys, anyone?

Published Jan. 29 2018

Professional tennis player Tennys Sandgren, a native of Gallatin, Tenn., couldn't enjoy his first trip to the Australian Open quarterfinals...

Cooper: Politics and the Super Bowl

Published Jan. 28 2018

It's a week before Super Bowl Sunday, and the pro football fever that usually stirs even the casual fan across...

Cooper: Questioning council eyes VRI

Published Jan. 27 2018

If Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke wasn't aware before, he learned this week the city council he is working with in...


Cooper: Living with money in Realville

Published Jan. 26 2018

If just one Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences student learned a financial management lesson Wednesday, the annual "Reality...

Cooper: Shining the light of literacy

Published Jan. 26 2018

The literacy light is focused so brightly on students in Hamilton County's Opportunity Zone schools, one might think they're under...

Cooper: Not your father's shutdown

Published Jan. 24 2018

Many Americans have a measure of sympathy for the group of illegal immigrants known as "Dreamers," who were brought into...

Cooper: Cherokee lands act is closer to passage

Published Jan. 23 2018

Although much of the land on which the Cherokee tribal headquarters once existed in Monroe County, Tenn., is now underwater...

Cooper: Plan, develop Riverton carefully

Published Jan. 23 2018

Developers have the opportunity to do something really special with the largest undeveloped riverfront property in Chattanooga. We hope, in...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Flight of fantasy

Published Jan. 22 2018

Democratic Party leaders wish she would just fade away, but fringe leftists continue to bring up the name of Hillary...

Cooper: Trump's fitness elicits empathy

Published Jan. 21 2018

The same national media that couldn't see past their personal biases to gauge the strength of presidential candidate Donald Trump...

Cooper: Cannabis oily situation for states

Published Jan. 20 2018

Cue the Cheech and Chong videos and the Bob Marley music. Cannabis is all the talk in Tennessee and Georgia...

Cooper: Woody Allen's clay feet

Published Jan. 19 2018

For those who form their opinion on politics from luminaries of the entertainment industry, for those who get their cue...

Cooper: The DACA chicken game

Published Jan. 17 2018

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has turned into a political game of chicken.

Cooper: A new wave of intolerance

Published Jan. 16 2018

We often have bemoaned the increasing lack of tolerance on today's college campuses and the desire to smother opinions that...