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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Conflicted about the U.S.? Get a new perspective

Published Jul. 4 2017

For those who say it's "just another day" or that they "feel very conflicted" or that "there's not a lot...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: The Democrats' new math

Published Jul. 3 2017

0 times 25 is still 0

Cooper: Family still trumps 'Village'

Published Jul. 2 2017

Hillary Clinton's ghostwritten 1996 book "It Takes a Village" was the then-first lady's paean to the social engineering method of...

Cooper: TVA tree compromise in offing

Published Jul. 1 2017

A compromise, it appears, is finally brewing in a court battle between tree-loving citizens — that's most of us, even...

Cooper: If you must tweet, Mr. President ...

Published Jul. 1 2017

As proponents of many of the concepts President Donald Trump says he supports, such as a leaner government, less regulation...

Cooper: Judges need to take the hint

Published Jun. 30 2017

For the time being, it appears the United States Supreme Court is going to have to be the final arbiter...

Cooper: Obama's failed Russian 'launch'

Published Jun. 28 2017

If it had been a feature film, the Obama administration's response to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election might...

Cooper: Democrats and gerrymandering

Published Jun. 27 2017

If you're wondering why you're hearing so much about gerrymandering these days — the Times Free Press published a two-part...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: When Democrats dissemble

Published Jun. 26 2017

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., didn't get a fond farewell when she left as head of the Democratic National...

Cooper: Trump referendum? We'll decide

Published Jun. 25 2017

The Republican Party retained a congressional seat in a runoff election in Georgia last week. You may have read about...

Cooper: Sampling health care biscuit dough

Published Jun. 24 2017

Determining the fitness of the Senate Republicans' version of a new health care bill is somewhat like sampling the dough...

Cooper: Hamilton County clock is ticking for 2018

Published Jun. 23 2017

Many in the crowd of 150 people walked away from the Hamilton County Commission meeting Wednesday unhappy the county's fiscal...


Cooper: Gears of justice grind slowly

Published Jun. 21 2017

Tried in the court of public opinion, Benjamin Brewer already has been found guilty of killing six and injuring others...

Cooper: Free speech means what it means

Published Jun. 21 2017

A new Tennessee law has been called "the most comprehensive state legislation protecting free speech on college campuses that we've...

Cooper: Are class rankings a life preview?

Published Jun. 20 2017

Another effort to shield American youth from the real world is alive and growing.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: New York Times still trying to blame Sarah Palin

Published Jun. 19 2017

Six years ago, left-wing media quickly leaped to the conclusion that comments by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had somehow...

Cooper: The challenge for Bryan Johnson

Published Jun. 17 2017

The hiring of Dr. Bryan Johnson to be the superintendent of Hamilton County Schools won't turn around one test score....

Cooper: Something for Russia, Iran, Trump

Published Jun. 16 2017

United States senators sent Russia a message Wednesday with a nearly unanimous, bipartisan vote on a set of sanctions as...

Cooper: Watching Hamilton County Commission dollars

Published Jun. 16 2017

It's no secret Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd has not seen eye to eye with the operation of the Chattanooga...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Kerry's climate comparison

Published Jun. 12 2017

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, the man who negotiated the United States into the flawed Paris climate agreement, apparently...

Cooper: Preserving the Civil War

Published Jun. 11 2017

Attendees of the Civil War Trust's annual conference — which was held in Chattanooga last week and ends today —...


OPINION: Are our schools happy with status quo?

Published Jun. 10 2017

It's come down to this. Next Thursday, Hamilton County Board of Education members are expected to give an up-or-down vote...

Cooper: Budget heroes in short supply

Published Jun. 9 2017

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger sounds as if he is, to use the title of a 1984 Bonnie Tyler song,...