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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Lamar Alexander's education bill would return more decisions to states

Published Jan. 16 2015

Draft legislation proposed by U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., could solve the Common Core problem once and for all. ...

Inequality 'new normal' only for those satisfied with it

Published Jan. 14 2015

Ken Chilton didn't make up the numbers, take them from Fox News or cite them out of context. They're online...

Super majority must wrestle with supercharged issues

Published Jan. 13 2015

Grab the arm, adjust the eyepiece and check the objective lenses. This year's 109th Tennessee General Assembly may come more...

Eye on the left: Harvard meets reality

Published Jan. 12 2015

Harvard University professors are finally learning what much of the rest of the public already learned about the policies perpetrated...

Go carefully on Insure Tennessee

Published Jan. 11 2015

Chattanooga area legislators said they've heard tell of a health plan in which it was proclaimed "we have to pass...

Two years of free college! But somebody has to pay

Published Jan. 10 2015

What a magnanimous guy!

President could get ideas, advice while in the state

Published Jan. 9 2015

Give President Obama this.

... And Another Thing: New life for the Bessie

Published Jan. 7 2015

The Bessie Smith Cultural Center has another opportunity to begin again. The African-American museum and event hall, financially troubled since...

Civics test a no-brainer

Published Jan. 6 2015

State Rep. Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, thinks folks ought to be able to pass a basic civics test before they graduate...

Eye on the left: A lock on the crazies

Published Jan. 5 2015

That GQ, a left-leaning magazine, would have 17 Republicans on its year-end list of America's 20 craziest politicians speaks only...

Grant's Broad Brush

Published Jan. 4 2015

It was in the first few days of the new year, 152 years ago, when President Abraham Lincoln heard the...

Happy Unpredictable New Year

Published Jan. 3 2015

The problem with predictions is they're so unpredictable.

U.S. combat in Afghanistan ends, but world's no safer

Published Dec. 30 2014

It's a shame basketball wasn't the only thing involved.

Eye on the left: Rewriting the commandments

Published Dec. 29 2014

But there's no Moses

Top 10 news Stories Won't soon Fade Away

Published Dec. 28 2014

Annual top 10 story lists often skew to events that happen close to the date when the list is compiled,...

The Least Of These

Published Dec. 25 2014

No one deserves to bury two children, but that was Margaret Cone's lot in life. ...

Broad brush; acts of war

Published Dec. 23 2014

Whenever there is a random mass shooting, liberal pundits, broadcasters and politicians search desperately in an effort to tie the...

Eye on the left: Partisan molder of minds

Published Dec. 22 2014

Think your college students won't get a little indoctrination in their publicly funded university?

2016: Parties Should Start Fresh

Published Dec. 21 2014

Jeb Bush arguably would have been the better Bush to elect in 2000, and Hillary Clinton arguably would have been...

... And Another Thing: Thankfully, city no longer rolls up sidewalks at night

Published Dec. 20 2014

River City Co. President and Chief Executive Officer Kim White said 2015 would be the "year of the crane" in...

Normalization: Not much in it for long-suffering Cubans

Published Dec. 19 2014

President Barack Obama's decision to normalize United States ties with communist Cuba carries with it great opportunity for American businesses...

Insure Tennessee could be far-reaching

Published Dec. 17 2014

After two years, we'll know if Gov. Bill Haslam's Insure Tennessee pilot plan is truly a new way forward in...

Racial profiling bill not needed

Published Dec. 16 2014

If asked in a poll, most Americans — especially in these recent racially charged months — would probably say they...