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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: More parking thought needed

Published Jun. 12 2016

North Shore resident Robert Drake unintentionally may have spoken for thousands of Chattanoogans last week about a variety of issues...

Cooper: Eric Berry's wise advice

Published Jun. 11 2016

It wasn't exactly a graduation speech, but the advice Kansas City Chiefs All Pro defensive back Eric Berry gave to...

Cooper: Plenty for UTC; little for wallet

Published Jun. 11 2016

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga appeared to hit the jackpot Thursday in state funding by the State Building Commission...


Cooper: Why not pilot student-based budgeting?

Published Jun. 10 2016

It's not exactly a throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks strategy, but public schools across the country are always searching for the next best thing...

Cooper: Uneasy lies Clinton's crown

Published Jun. 8 2016

Even the application of her crown lacked luster.

Cooper: Reducing 'free lunch' schools

Published Jun. 7 2016

It's a crazy notion, granted, but U.S. House Republicans want all children who qualify for free school lunches -- and...

Cooper: Ali's greatness is relative

Published Jun. 7 2016

More than 40 years after the last American military helicopter left Vietnam, many veterans and patriots have a hard time...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Not with my daughters

Published Jun. 6 2016

The American Civil Liberties Union has jumped feet first in the transgender bathroom controversy, not surprisingly supporting the Obama administration's...

Cooper: Politicians or not, follow the money

Published Jun. 5 2016

Oh for the good ol' days when only the politicians could be bought.

Cooper: Wearing orange tough in Tennessee

Published Jun. 4 2016

University of Tennessee at Knoxville football fans who weren't paying quite enough attention in the last few days may have...

Cooper: Local teachers have fared well

Published Jun. 3 2016

While some Chattanoogans still await their first raise since the Great Recession, Hamilton County teachers have enjoyed combined salary increases...

Cooper: Another blow For veterans

Published Jun. 3 2016

The Obama administration delivered another punch in the gut to the nation's veterans earlier this week when its Justice Department...

Cooper: Few shoot; problems multiply

Published Jun. 1 2016

For the average Chattanoogan, the chance of being shot or killed in the city is practically nil.

Cooper: Walker County needs shared government

Published Jun. 1 2016

Regardless of where Walker County residents stand on the 15-year tenure of sole Commissioner Bebe Heiskell, they voted overwhelmingly in...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Reading the riot act to Reid

Published May. 31 2016

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., had had it with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., last week and told him off...

Cooper: For Zion and all who served, thanks

Published May. 30 2016

Of the seven Medal of Honor recipients buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery, one was honored for actions in a...

Cooper: We're slow learners about hard times

Published May. 29 2016

An Associated Press report last week said an astonishing two-thirds of Americans would have trouble paying one unexpected bill of...

Cooper: U.S. could learn a bit from Tennessee

Published May. 28 2016

If a state has a growing economy, improving fund balance and declining debt, it stands to reason more people are...

Cooper: Room for several Fields of Dreams?

Published May. 28 2016

What a delight it will be when children with physical and mental disabilities soon have their own Miracle Field at...

Cooper: Thanking ones who stand in the gap

Published May. 28 2016

We take them for granted daily, and when a dog is rescued from a storm drain, when a street thug...

Cooper: Truth a stranger for Clinton

Published May. 27 2016

It's getting harder to hide Hillary Clinton's dishonesty and duplicity under a blizzard of denials, blame-sharing and minimizing.


Cooper: It's not easy being in the middle

Published May. 25 2016

When you take certain positions, you leave yourself vulnerable to attacks by both sides.

Cooper: Signed bills will be seen again

Published May. 24 2016

It's safe to say Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam had concerns about each of the three new laws that took effect...