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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Clinton still assigning blame

Published Apr. 10 2017

Former President Bill Clinton said FBI Director James Comey's was at fault for his wife's presidential election loss, then later...

Chattanooga Free Press endorsements for city council runoff elections

Published Apr. 9 2017

Chattanooga voters in Districts 7 and 9 will return to the polls Tuesday for a runoff election that will decide...

OPINION: What will be Trump doctrine

Published Apr. 8 2017

Less than a year ago, writing in Politico, Derek Chollet, President Barack Obama's former assistant secretary of defense for international...

Cooper: History's civil rights network

Published Apr. 7 2017

Chattanoogans interested in history and heritage are fortunate to be relatively close to the sites of significant events in the...

Cooper: The Supreme Court and how we got here

Published Apr. 5 2017

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was smugly looking ahead to the presidency of Hillary Clinton last October and the...

Cooper: Who's deciding District 9 race?

Published Apr. 4 2017

An average of fewer than 50 people per day have shown up to vote early for the upcoming Chattanooga City...

Cooper: Finding sense on seat belts

Published Apr. 4 2017

Seat belt sensibility finally is emerging in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A D.C. odor about him

Published Apr. 3 2017

Democrats are pinning their hopes on gaining a U.S. House seat in an April 18 special election in Georgia's 6th...

Cooper: Fire finally lit on schools plans

Published Apr. 2 2017

The joint meeting of the Hamilton County Commission and Hamilton County Board of Education on March 14 was short on...

Cooper: Pass student tuition bill this year

Published Apr. 1 2017

The soundness of allowing the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Tennessee public colleges and universities is...

Cooper: UTC's regional tuition gambit

Published Apr. 1 2017

Until 2007, some residents of Missionary Ridge and some residents inches outside of East Brainerd had to pay out-of-state tuition...

Cooper: Tennessee Senators offer a bridge

Published Mar. 31 2017

Too many politicians throw up their hands, blame the other guy or say the system's broken when an issue seems...


Cooper: Think before reacting

Published Mar. 31 2017

Protesting and complaining without knowledge of an issue has become all the rage.

Cooper: Commemoration is a 'thank you' to Vietnam War veterans

Published Mar. 29 2017

It was neither the 50th anniversary of the start nor the end of the Vietnam War, but the sight of...

Cooper: Firing of WUTC reporter chilling

Published Mar. 28 2017

Regardless of one's feeling about a failed Tennessee General Assembly bill that would force transgender students to use the restroom...

Cooper: Walker County may vote on its future

Published Mar. 28 2017

Walker County voters are just a couple of short steps away from getting to vote on their form of government.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A lifetime of being a Clinton

Published Mar. 27 2017

Honoring Chelsea Clinton with a Lifetime Impact award would be akin to giving President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize...

Cooper: Why not pilot school choice?

Published Mar. 26 2017

It's morally indefensible for public education advocates to force students to attend poorly performing schools year after year in hopes...

Cooper: A bipartisan(!) bill on Iran

Published Mar. 25 2017

While the Washington, D.C., media was focusing on the status of the tottering Republican health care proposal Thursday, a group...

Cooper: Sanity on climate change?

Published Mar. 25 2017

Perhaps, at least for four years, we'll have some sanity — or at least rationality — on climate change.

Cooper: Anthony Byrd's costly flight of fancy

Published Mar. 24 2017

We endorsed Anthony Byrd in his recent winning bid for the District 8 seat on the Chattanooga City Council, and...

Cooper: Haslam's 'really big deal'

Published Mar. 24 2017

Whether it took several significant changes by the state Senate earlier this month or the blessing of an anti-tax organization...

Cooper: A little more conversation

Published Mar. 22 2017

What part of communication do folks not get?