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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Paint in narrower strokes, sheriff

Published Sep. 2 2015

When Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond suggests other Tennessee sheriffs keep an eye on Islamic activity, most sheriffs — and...

Cooper: Political correctness: it's xem or us

Published Sep. 2 2015

The title of the late jurist Robert Bork's 1996 book "Slouching Towards Gomorrah" never seemed more apropos than with the...

Who will take responsibility for crumbling East Ridge stadium?

Published Sep. 1 2015

The holes in East Ridge High School's Raymond James Stadium didn't appear overnight, so somebody somewhere should explain why the...

Eye on the left: Dems say Bush 'Got It Right' On Katrina

Published Aug. 31 2015

Liberal Democratic operative Donna Brazile and liberal journalist Walter Isaacson admitted last week what many conservatives have known all along...

Free Press Opinion: Ashley Madison May Be Drop In Bucket Of Cyberterrorism

Published Aug. 30 2015

Let's face it. If United States government websites with the most sensitive of information are easily hacked, all of our...

Transportation fixes vital

Published Aug. 29 2015

Rush hour, the 5 p.m. time when most commuters leave their jobs for home, is now rush hours in Chattanooga.

Cooper: ACT test woes are part of national crisis

Published Aug. 28 2015

Five weeks ago, we learned Hamilton County public school students tested below average on state tests.

Schools Holding Onto Other Funds?

Published Aug. 28 2015

No one doubts the need for more and better innovation in Hamilton County Schools, but Superintendent Rick Smith's recent decision...

Biden candidacy would be formidable

Published Aug. 26 2015

Will he or won't he? It is the month of decision for Vice President Joe Biden.

Local rate hikes traceable to White House

Published Aug. 25 2015

With rate hikes announced by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority on Friday (when such bad news...

Eye on the Left: King's 'Can We All Get Along?' Not Being Taken To Heart

Published Aug. 24 2015

Someone's not taking to heart the plea of the late police violence victim Rodney King: "Can we all get along?"

Corker: U.S. Too Anxious For Deal

Published Aug. 23 2015

If U.S. Sen. Bob Corker had things to do over again, he wouldn't change the way he handled the last...

Include Test Score Results In Superintendent's Salary

Published Aug. 22 2015

In a rare show of courage Thursday night, some Hamilton County Board of Education members fell on their sword.

Opinion: Why Tennessee should spend $89 million on a new library

Published Aug. 21 2015

Nothing sounds sexier than a state library and archives.

Women's soccer match right on time for city

Published Aug. 21 2015

For years, people scoffed at the boosterism claim of soccer being the "fastest growing sport in America."

Consider Achievement School District

Published Aug. 19 2015

It's time for Hamilton County Schools to look into the possibility of putting its lowest performing schools in the state-controlled...

Go slow on outsourcing

Published Aug. 19 2015

Tennesseans should applaud a governor who sets his sights on effective, efficient government, and that's what Gov. Bill Haslam has...

Cuba democracy a worthy goal, but don't bet the house

Published Aug. 18 2015

If Cuba takes steps toward -- and within a few years fully embraces -- democracy, as Secretary of State John...

Eye On The Left: Are Democrats, Socialists About The Same?

Published Aug. 17 2015

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz struggled during a recent news appearance to offer the difference between a Democrat and...

Chattanooga Can Build On Unity

Published Aug. 16 2015

Following the last tear shed, last note sung and last word spoken at Saturday's memorial service for the five servicemen...

Miller Park Was Key In Sparking Renaissance

Published Aug. 15 2015

For those too young to remember or those who have moved to the city in the last 30-plus years, it's...

Erlanger keeps eye on its bottom line

Published Aug. 15 2015

A hospital administration serious about maintaining financial stability often has to make difficult decisions, so Erlanger Health System's call earlier...

Tennessee Democrats seeking comeback

Published Aug. 15 2015

The Tennessee Democratic Party is in the same place today as the state Republican Party was for most of the...