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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Love Key In Marriage Ruling

Published Jun. 14 2015

Sometime this month, the United States Supreme Court will hand down a decision that effectively determines whether same-sex marriage shall...

Stumbling Toward A Bad Deal

Published Jun. 13 2015

As the calendar inches closer to the June 30 deadline for a nuclear deal between the United States and Western...

Santorum: No Backing Down

Published Jun. 12 2015

Don't expect a New Nixon campaign from Rick Santorum.

Punishing 'gangster' climate change deniers

Published Jun. 10 2015

A man elected to the United States Senate by a sovereign state has suggested to the Obama administration that it...

'Strategy' fleeting term in Iraq

Published Jun. 10 2015

If President Obama's words about United States strategy against the Islamic State sounded familiar, they should. He said virtually the...

Continue declining abortion trend

Published Jun. 9 2015

A recent Associated Press survey finds that abortions have declined since 2010 in states both where there are restrictions on...

Eye on the left: Longing For The 2000s?

Published Jun. 8 2015

His predecessor may have a little something to do with it, but the man who left the White House with...

Silverdale As Jail Site Makes Sense

Published Jun. 7 2015

Sheriff Jim Hammond knows he risks sounding like a broken record when he advocates a new jail for Hamilton County,...

2016 To Tell Discretionary Tale

Published Jun. 6 2015

Discretionary funds, which individual Hamilton County commissioners have used to assist schools, communities and nonprofit organizations, may be on their...

TennCare Bumps Ahead

Published Jun. 5 2015

The idea of more streamlined, less wasteful, more cost-efficient health care that, coincidentally, helps the patient is one that should...

Republicans In ACA Fix

Published Jun. 5 2015

Congressional Democrats have Republicans right where they -- and the White House -- want them when it comes to the...

VA: Still a work in progress

Published Jun. 3 2015

Just a year ago, the Veterans Health Administration scandal was still unfolding.

Insurance rate increase? Look beyond BlueCross

Published Jun. 2 2015

If BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee enrollees are surprised that their insurer wants to raise premiums next year by an average...

Eye on the left: The war on Scott Walker

Published Jun. 1 2015

Since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker rose in late winter to the top of some polls for the 2016 Republican presidential...

It's time to combine McKamey Animal Center and Humane Education Society

Published May. 31 2015

It should have been done when the McKamey Animal Center was built. It would have been ideal 20 months ago...

Find a little extra for schools

Published May. 30 2015

We respect Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger's decision not to seek a rise in property taxes to fund a requested...

Thanks, Judge Stern

Published May. 30 2015

When most judges leave the bench, they leave with a sense of accomplishment for having adjudicated thousands of cases, having...

Duggars and hypocrites

Published May. 30 2015

No defense can or should be offered for Josh Duggar, the oldest child in the cable series "19 Kids and...

Mutual respect needed between Hamilton County Commission, School Board

Published May. 29 2015

Hamilton County Board of Education member Donna Horn went before the Hamilton County Commission agenda session earlier this week, metaphorical...

Record state revenue no panacea

Published May. 27 2015

The Haslam administration has predicated its 2016 budget on the Tennessee economy growing at a rate of between 3 and...

Foremost, Iraqis should want to save their country

Published May. 27 2015

If Iraqis are not interested in fighting to save their country from forces of the Islamic State, what chance does...

Memorial Day -- Not For Men Only

Published May. 25 2015

Though Chattanooga National Cemetery personnel say they have no way of knowing how many women veterans are among the 44,000...

Lexia Unlikely To Be Magic Bullet

Published May. 24 2015

Many baby boomers improved their reading comprehension with in-class, color-coded Science Research Associates (SRA) cards.