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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Vote 'yes' on one to protect women

Published Nov. 1 2014

Tennessee is one of the best-managed states in the nation. Our budget is balanced every year, we have cut taxes...

Debate Probably Changed Little

Published Oct. 29 2014

If anyone had their minds changed from Monday night's 3rd District congressional debate between Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and...

Tillis' Path Toward Senate Went Through City

Published Oct. 28 2014

One of the candidates hoping to give the Republican Party a majority of seats in the United States Senate next...

Eye On The Left: Expanding The Race Card

Published Oct. 27 2014

Oh, Kay!

City prepares for 175th (or 199th) birthday

Published Oct. 26 2014

Just how old is Chattanooga, anyway?

Catanzaro should consider transition

Published Oct. 25 2014

Dr. Jim Catanzaro is never without a thought, a plan, a strategy. Where most people his age and with his...

... And Another Thing: California, Here We Come?

Published Oct. 24 2014

If No On 1 wins ...

The non sequitur of American liberalism

Published Oct. 23 2014

The 1861-1865 War Between the States was fought for many reasons still hotly debated today. However, one point is commonly...

DesJarlais will vote district wishes

Published Oct. 22 2014

Not that you'd know it, but U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais is running for a third term in Congress in Tennessee's...

Luther transcended generations

Published Oct. 21 2014

Generations of Chattanoogans knew him only as Luther, and that in itself was a sign of respect.

Eye On The Left: Hot On The Campaign Trail

Published Oct. 20 2014

Best they've got?

In Georgia, Deal, Perdue Best Choices

Published Oct. 19 2014

Democrats in Georgia are banking on the past this November. That is, they are hoping candidates with ties to a...

School Board: Let The People Speak

Published Oct. 18 2014

Can we talk?

Voter suppression charges hard to take seriously

Published Oct. 17 2014

For even any supposedly "nonpartisan" government office like the Government Accountability Office to suggest that Tennessee's voter ID law suppressed...

And another thing ... Time to turn page in Red Bank

Published Oct. 15 2014

The Red Bank Police Department may have closed its internal investigation into the actions of former Officer Doug Millsaps with...

Don't become a poll statistic

Published Oct. 14 2014

When did polling replace thinking?

Eye on the left: Politics Silences Some, Loosens Tongues Of Others

Published Oct. 13 2014

Where's the love for The Prez?

Vote 'yes' on 1, no on 3

Published Oct. 12 2014

State Constitution Amendment 1

Say 'Yes' To Judges Plan, Vets' Fundraisers

Published Oct. 11 2014

State Constitution Amendment 2

People Get To Decide Wine In Groceries

Published Oct. 10 2014

The decision to allow grocery stores to sell wine is where it should be - with voters - in six...

Re-elect Haslam, Alexander

Published Oct. 9 2014

Tennessee Governor: Haslam

Fleischmann will provide dependable conservative vote

Published Oct. 8 2014

Although we did not support U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., in the August Republican primary, we never lost sight of...

Eye on the left: Having it their way

Published Oct. 6 2014

Mum's The Word