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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Where Iran Deal Concerned, A Decade Goes By Quickly

Published Apr. 4 2015

What, in fact, would the United States gain from the nuclear deal with Iran on which it agreed to a...

Cheating Scandal -- Follow The Money

Published Apr. 3 2015

It all came down to the mother's milk of federal money.

No Tax Freeze -- At This Point

Published Apr. 3 2015

If the Hamilton County Commission doesn't believe it should hit up county residents for a 40-cent property tax increase for...

Indiana wants balance of rights, freedom

Published Apr. 1 2015

Despite what you've been hearing, the recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana doesn't mandate that gay people...

Keep guns out of parks

Published Apr. 1 2015

Chances are, in the next 10 years, there will be an opportunity for someone to legally protect herself, for someone...

Student lives matter -- all of them

Published Mar. 31 2015

School discipline should be colorblind. Period.

Eye on the left: Talking dirty about Hillary

Published Mar. 30 2015

If -- or when -- Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy for president, at least one group is ready to strike...

Ted Cruz Not Ready For Big Stage

Published Mar. 29 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz is like Ronald Reagan without the charm. And the achievable bold ideas. And the executive governing experience....

More Foreign Policy Bergdahls?

Published Mar. 28 2015

When American hostage Bowe Bergdahl was exchanged for five Taliban commanders last May 31, the Obama White House already knew...

Harry Reid Walks Into Sunset

Published Mar. 28 2015

Republicans who might have hoped the decision by Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., not to run for re-election in 2016...

Will Vols Learn A Lesson?

Published Mar. 28 2015

The University of Tennessee fired its second serial cheater basketball coach in four years on Friday. Only time will tell...

GOP On Serious Budget Path

Published Mar. 27 2015

If you pay too much attention to Washington, D.C.-centric media, you'd think members of the Republican Congress couldn't tie their...

Lawsuit apparently was in the cards

Published Mar. 25 2015

A lawsuit against the state of Tennessee by seven Chattanooga area school districts over the full funding of local schools...

Children 'to the Roots'

Published Mar. 25 2015

Chris Devaney will have his mind on children as the new head of a Chattanooga-based nonprofit organization, and some may...

All or not at all

Published Mar. 25 2015

Whatever the United States Supreme Court determines in relation to same-sex marriage this term, we hope it won't include anything...

Chattanooga is home to three fine rabbis; one's been named most inspiring in U.S.

Published Mar. 24 2015

Mizpah Congregation's William Tepper was named Monday as one of America's most inspiring rabbis by the Jewish Daily Forward, but...

Iran is still Iran

Published Mar. 24 2015

President Barack Obama's Central Intelligence Agency director said in an interview over the weekend that the leader of an elite...

Tax less, spend more?

Published Mar. 24 2015

Americans want lower taxes and more spending, according to a recent survey by the NORC Center for Public Affairs at...

Eye On The Left: Shh! 'SNL' now a conservative tool

Published Mar. 23 2015

From the you-must-be-kidding department, former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Horatio Sanz recently complained in a podcast interview about the...

Moynihan's family 'problem'

Published Mar. 22 2015

Daniel Patrick Moynihan often was teasingly referred to as "Richard Nixon's favorite liberal" because of the time he spent in...

A Common Core compromise?

Published Mar. 21 2015

If Tennessee schools have in place strong academic standards that consistently increase all students' standardized test, college readiness test and...

Rick Smith could be planting seeds

Published Mar. 21 2015

Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith has proposed a 40-cent property tax increase that he probably will not get. ...

Sunshine, Prayers And Snack Cakes

Published Mar. 20 2015

A few points to ponder while waiting for your NCAA brackets to fall apart: