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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Coooper's eye on the left: Clinton Not Worst Of The 'Worst'

Published Dec. 28 2015

When a left-leaning magazine pans the far left 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner as one of its "Worst People of 2015,"...

Cooper: Many have roles to play in improving trucking

Published Dec. 27 2015

If you ordered something for Christmas last week and paid for one- or two-day shipping, the item likely arrived on...

Cooper: Giving To 'The Least Of These'

Published Dec. 25 2015

For most people, December is a time for parties, mirth-making and joy. For Devona King, the month is all too...

Cooper's eye on the left: What Christmas is all about

Published Dec. 21 2015

The scenery had been painted and the lines rehearsed, and all was set for a production of "A Charlie Brown...

Cooper: Lighting A Flame For Education

Published Dec. 20 2015

Those well-paying, poverty-erasing, economy-stimulating jobs people have been asking for in Chattanooga?

Cooper: GOP primary voters also select delegates

Published Dec. 19 2015

One thing's for sure about the general election in Tennessee next November: Neither Donald Trump nor Ben Carson will be...

Cooper: 'Terrorism' Tempered By Purple Hearts

Published Dec. 17 2015

The director of the FBI revealed Wednesday what many Chattanoogans had feared for the last five months — that the...

Cooper: Debates Highlights Rise of Cruz, Rubio

Published Dec. 17 2015

Candidates took their last prime-time shots at each other before Christmas in Tuesday's CNN Republican Presidential Debate, but it's unlikely...

Cooper: Apollo spark rekindles Hutcheson

Published Dec. 16 2015

A pulse remains for Fort Oglethorpe's Hutcheson Medical Center.

Cooper: Lifetime ban for baseball means forever for Rose

Published Dec. 16 2015

In an era where politicians routinely don't mean what they say and don't say what they mean, in a time...

Cooper: Spinning the climate agreement

Published Dec. 15 2015

"We got the best deal we could."

Cooper: Chattanooga has a choice on shooting

Published Dec. 15 2015

Chattanooga has a choice. It can be the exception, or it can be the rule.

Eye on left: A Lynch Mob For Lynch

Published Dec. 14 2015

Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, a former president of Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pa., should have been born with a...

Cooper: Faith and world need each other

Published Dec. 13 2015

It must be amusing to people of faith to read how "the church" is losing its influence — until it...

Cooper: Could new bleachers solution be found in discretionary funds?

Published Dec. 12 2015

Hamilton County commissioners have been in a "Let's Make a Deal" mood lately in an effort to fund restrooms and...

Cooper: What Clinton says not what she does

Published Dec. 12 2015

While everyone watches Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his next cringeworthy pronouncement, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton goes about her...

Cooper: More Like Dalton Roberts Needed

Published Dec. 11 2015

Dalton Roberts was one of a kind, and thank goodness for it.

Cooper: Bush 'Underappreciated,' Meacham says

Published Dec. 11 2015

As we approach a presidential election year where the leading candidates are rather light in the resumé, the qualifications George...

Cooper: Banning Muslims not in the DNA of America

Published Dec. 9 2015

Curbing overall immigration and tightening travel restrictions to the United States have much more merit during an uptick in terrorism...

Cooper: Credit score not a fair benchmark

Published Dec. 9 2015

A bill proposed by two state House Republicans that would require candidates for nearly all state and local offices to...

Cooper: McDonough earns federal bench OK

Published Dec. 9 2015

Travis McDonough is officially moving around the corner.

Cooper: Americans want to feel assured

Published Dec. 8 2015

President Barack Obama's Oval Office speech Sunday night had all the warmth of a paternalistic "Because-I-said-so" lecture.

Cooper: Let legislature study tax agreement

Published Dec. 8 2015

If it's possible that Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger and Hamilton County city mayors make valid points about who does...