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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's eye on the left: Another record for Obama

Published Sep. 5 2016

President Barack Obama will leave office in January with a number of records, including highest debt, largest one-time deficit and...

Cooper: Footsteps and bumps on the campaign trail

Published Sep. 4 2016

With Labor Day traditionally being the post before the sprint begins for presidential campaigns, it was stunning news last week...

Cooper: It's the economy, stupid

Published Sep. 3 2016

In this strangest of modern presidential elections, the Democratic candidate is unable to go more than a day or two...

Cooper: We're tired of lack of transparency regarding commissioners' pay

Published Sep. 2 2016

For a man who proclaims not to care about a pay raise, Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Beck has worked very...

Cooper: Are after-school programs next quest in government reach?

Published Aug. 31 2016

More than nine in 10 parents in communities of concentrated poverty report that they are satisfied overall with the experience...

Cooper's Eye on the left: Democrats' new low

Published Aug. 29 2016

It's not even Labor Day, and the presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton may have reached a new low.

Cooper: Facebook's political labeling

Published Aug. 28 2016

Facebook knows more about your political views than some of your so-called Facebook friends.

Cooper: National Parks At 100

Published Aug. 27 2016

No one would deny, especially on the week of its 100th anniversary, that the National Parks System is undeniably a...

Cooper: Banners And Banner Education

Published Aug. 26 2016

If the Hamilton County Schools district continues to make the same progress on its average ACT score as it did...

Cooper: Our United Way Umbrella

Published Aug. 26 2016

For nearly 100 years, the United Way of Greater Chattanooga has stimulated our community by linking people with the resources...

Cooper: Ready for two-lane traffic on M.L. King?

Published Aug. 24 2016

The city of Chattanooga would like to put Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on a 'road diet.'

Cooper: Cracks in the Olympic spirit

Published Aug. 23 2016

The Olympic Games offers two weeks of athletes of all countries, races, cultures, genders and orientations coming together for a...


Cooper: Body cameras: Friend and foe?

Published Aug. 21 2016

For anyone who believes body cameras will be a panacea for the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) or any other law...

Cooper: 'A culture of hazing'

Published Aug. 20 2016

A private attorney's investigation into the basketball program at Ooltewah High School did not uncover much more than already had...

Cooper: Ransom-R-Us

Published Aug. 20 2016

While President Barack Obama teed off for another round of golf on Martha's Vineyard Thursday, officials from his administration were...

Cooper: Alcohol Dies A Curious Death

Published Aug. 19 2016

We're delighted that the Hamilton County Commission put the brakes on limited alcohol sales at several Hamilton County parks, but...

Cooper: Eliminate Victims' Services Fee

Published Aug. 19 2016

Though we're convinced that calls for restorative justice often mean "though we committed the crime, we don't want to do...

Cooper: Clintons' taxes very familial

Published Aug. 17 2016

If one presidential candidate releases tax returns and one doesn't, the one releasing the returns will always look magnanimous compared...

Cooper: Affording the Affordable Care Act

Published Aug. 17 2016

One way or the other, the next president will have to deal with the burgeoning cost of insurance on the...

Cooper: Highly effective teachers should be ultimate goal

Published Aug. 16 2016

No one concerned with education should believe statistics showing that nearly 30 percent of Hamilton County Schools' teachers are considered...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Political correctness run amuck

Published Aug. 15 2016

Today, a painting of an early 19th-century fur trading fort and another of settlers and American Indians paddling canoes have...

Cooper: Warning us against Trump

Published Aug. 14 2016

Members of supposedly unbiased media organizations have begun to shuck their cloaks of nonpartisanship in front of God and everybody...

Cooper: Leave alcohol out of parks

Published Aug. 13 2016

With all due respect to the desire to increase county revenue, we hope Hamilton County commissioners next week will reject...