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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Haslam is walking the talk on education

Published Apr. 26 2016

When Bill Haslam became governor of Tennessee in 2011, he said he wanted to improve education in the state.

Cooper's eye on the left: We're just here to protest

Published Apr. 25 2016

Across the country, protesters brandishing "Fight for 15" signs are marching in front of McDonald's restaurants and other establishments where...

Cooper: Step up pace for ISIS defeat

Published Apr. 24 2016

At the current rate, the Islamic State, or ISIS, may be defeated around 2077.


Cooper: School board votes to march in place

Published Apr. 23 2016

Hamilton County school board members decided Thursday that, in spite of what you may have heard or believed, things are...

Cooper: Outside needed to review schools

Published Apr. 21 2016

At perhaps the most crucial juncture for the Hamilton County Schools since the merged system was formed in 1997, the...

Cooper: McCormick may have spoken for many

Published Apr. 20 2016

Tennessee House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick may have unintentionally been speaking for legislatures around the country when he used a...

Cooper: Pulling out the stops against violence

Published Apr. 19 2016

At this point, it would be difficult to say that Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's Violence Reduction Initiative (VRI) targeting gangs...

Cooper: Plants keep the dynamo in Dixie

Published Apr. 19 2016

Ten years ago, Southeast Tennessee had neither a Volkswagen nor Wacker manufacturing plant.

Cooper's eye on the left: Hillary's war On women

Published Apr. 18 2016

Her H is for hypocrisy

Cooper: Sculpting beauty at Montague Park

Published Apr. 17 2016

Montague Park has come full circle.

Cooper: Schools chief should be dispassionate

Published Apr. 16 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education voted Thursday to invite three candidates to interview next week for the job of...

Cooper: Let Bible book veto stand

Published Apr. 16 2016

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam had three choices about the bill on his desk that would make the Bible the state's...

Cooper: Buddy, can you spare a disparity study?

Published Apr. 15 2016

Chattanooga City Councilman Yusuf Hakeem said the council needs a disparity study that might be used in establishing city government...

Cooper: No good choices in bathroom bill

Published Apr. 13 2016

Feel for the tiny, legitimate minority of people -- less than 0.3 percent of the United States population -- who...

Cooper: Obamanet on the way

Published Apr. 12 2016

One could easily argue about whether there is a need to subsidize high-speed Internet service for poorer Americans, but let...

Cooper: Certificate of need reform needed

Published Apr. 12 2016

Where possible and feasible, the free market should dictate how hospitals expand, remodel, add new beds or purchase new equipment.

Cooper's eye on the left: Campuses becoming more timid

Published Apr. 11 2016

Chalk on pavement supporting Donald Trump recently has been deemed threatening at Emory University in Atlanta and the University of...

Cooper: 'One person, one vote' when it suits

Published Apr. 10 2016

The United States Supreme Court unanimously agreed to do nothing last week, and that could be a hopeful sign.

Cooper: Opposed races a win for all

Published Apr. 9 2016

Republicans may enjoy super majorities in the state Senate and House, but that doesn't mean every GOP member of the...

Cooper: Ruling shows cooperation needed

Published Apr. 9 2016

The Tennessee General Assembly will need to return to the drawing board if it wants to be sure criminal gang...

Cooper: Bible too important to be state book

Published Apr. 6 2016

With Gov. Bill Haslam's signature, the Bible will become a state symbol of Tennessee alongside agate and limestone (state rocks),...


Cooper: Counseling bill not needed

Published Apr. 6 2016

Most people who go into the counseling field do so because they sincerely want to help other people and believe...

Cooper: Politics was Crutchfield's passion

Published Apr. 5 2016

Ward Crutchfield, according to the late Hamilton County Mayor Dalton Roberts, was "as addicted to politics as any heroin addict...