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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Republican Senate hopes improve

Published Oct. 22 2016

The certainty Democrats once had of flipping the United States Senate from Republican control is fading, and the GOP looks...

Cooper: Most important part of debate was not Trump's statement about election results

Published Oct. 21 2016

The two forecasts for the country couldn't be more different. But such sedate discussions do not make headlines — not...

Cooper's eye on the left: WikiLeaks exposes Clinton campaign

Published Oct. 17 2016

While traditional big media keep an eye on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to see if he is unable to...

Here's why the Free Press will not be endorsing any of the presidential candidates

Published Oct. 16 2016

The Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, represents an anathema to everything this page has stood for —...

Cooper: Joe Smith preferred for county commission

Published Oct. 14 2016

Two men who say they are conservatives, have been pastors at one point in their careers and have servants' hearts...

Cooper: Give Fleischmann another term

Published Oct. 13 2016

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann believes he's found his stride as a member of Congress and feels most of his congressional...

Cooper: The Free Press is in favor of keeping Gardenhire in Tennessee Senate

Published Oct. 12 2016

Hamilton and Bradley counties are fortunate to have a principled, dedicated state senator in Todd Gardenhire, and we hope they'll...

Cooper: The Free Press recommends re-electing Hazlewood, Gravitt

Published Oct. 12 2016

The Hamilton County delegation in the Tennessee House, barring something completely unforeseen, will return intact when the legislature convenes in...

Cooper: Of what value these debates? [video]

Published Oct. 11 2016

The American people would have been better off if this year's debates between the two major party presidential candidates had...

Cooper's eye on the left: Campus intolerance worsens

Published Oct. 10 2016

A new study confirms that the number of liberal to conservative professors in higher education is getting further out of...

Cooper: VRI still has potential

Published Oct. 9 2016

The jury is still out on Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's Violence Reduction Initiative.

Cooper: Is Obama administration watering down law enforcement?

Published Oct. 8 2016

The secret to more diversity in law enforcement, according to the Obama Justice Department, is not giving so much weight...

Cooper: Obama administration throwing lifelines for Clinton

Published Oct. 7 2016

It appears the Obama administration's Justice Department is closing ranks to ensure no damaging information will surface to make it...

Cooper: Pence shows Trump the way

Published Oct. 6 2016

Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence provided an example for his running mate on Tuesday. If Donald Trump follows...

Cooper: Shh! Record immigration in 2016?

Published Oct. 5 2016

Read anything about 2016 likely being a record year for illegal immigration into the United States?

Cooper: History not likely to get lost

Published Oct. 4 2016

If it's not the Highlander Folk School or Nancy Ward, it might be the Battle of the Bluffs or Diane...

Cooper's eye on the left: Voter fraud a hoax?

Published Oct. 3 2016

If Democrats persist in asking why Republicans are worried about fraud at the ballot box, accused Washington state shooter Arcan...

Cooper: BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee's Obamacare diet

Published Oct. 2 2016

The withdrawal of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee from the Obamacare exchange insurance market in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis last week...

Cooper: Making East Lake safer

Published Oct. 1 2016

The maps which portray a roughly two-mile safety zone that the Hamilton County district attorney general wants to enforce in...

Cooper: Including school athletic facility costs at outset is needed

Published Sep. 30 2016

If Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger has his way, East Hamilton will be the last high school built locally where...

Cooper: Trump's missed opportunity [video]

Published Sep. 28 2016

If Americans tuned in to Monday night's first presidential debate to learn more about the policies Democrat Hillary Clinton or...


Cooper: Big first step for Chattanooga 2.0

Published Sep. 27 2016

If we could look 10 years in the future, we could determine whether the strategies formulated by the Chattanooga 2.0...

Cooper's eye on the left: 'What Has It Gotten You?'

Published Sep. 26 2016

The country's first elected black governor isn't necessarily backing Republican Donald Trump for president but believes Democrat Hillary Clinton may...