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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Brexit echoes key decision 37 years ago

Published Jun. 25 2016

The circumstances don't line up perfectly, but the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom Thursday, and its ramifications for the...

Cooper: Obama still wrong on illegals

Published Jun. 25 2016

Even though President Barack Obama was warned not to take the executive actions he did on illegal immigration in 2014,...

Cooper: Just what the campaign needs

Published Jun. 24 2016

On Thursday, the name of Rick Tyler, independent candidate for U.S. Congress from Tennessee's 3rd District, spread across the country...

Cooper: Carters offer marriage example

Published Jun. 24 2016

People do and will have differing political opinions about the one-term United States presidency of Jimmy Carter, but it would...

Cooper: Political game of chicken and gun

Published Jun. 22 2016

The political game of chicken came off as expected in the United States Senate Monday night, as Republicans and Democrats...

Cooper: Could community intervention work?

Published Jun. 21 2016

Is it possible that community volunteers with a headquarters and a used cab could take a bite out of crime?

Cooper's eye on the left: Dems had Clinton-only strategy

Published Jun. 20 2016

The fix was in

Cooper: Hillary most experienced? Hardly!

Published Jun. 19 2016

Is Clinton, indeed, one of the most experienced candidates ever to seek the presidency? Hardly.

Cooper: Put proceeds back into schools

Published Jun. 18 2016

We hope for a different outcome, but another pitched battle could be ahead for the disposition of funds from the...

Cooper: Anderson's editorial voice was but a small measure of the man

Published Jun. 17 2016

Lee Stratton Anderson, who died early Thursday morning at the age of 90, was not only the editor of the...

Cooper: Breaking even would be a plus

Published Jun. 15 2016

Although the annual scenario begins to sound like a broken record — perhaps something hideous by Milli Vanilli — it...

Cooper: Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson's Twitter attack after Orlando shooting

Published Jun. 14 2016

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., the last...


Cooper: Too soon to spin Orlando

Published Jun. 14 2016

No angle, connection, tie, assignment, linkage or membership of any aspect of the terrorist attack on a nightclub in Orlando,...

Cooper's eye on the left: Hillary-splaining on Libya

Published Jun. 13 2016

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has so successfully scrubbed the Sept. 11, 2012, massacre at Benghazi from her brain...

Cooper: More parking thought needed

Published Jun. 12 2016

North Shore resident Robert Drake unintentionally may have spoken for thousands of Chattanoogans last week about a variety of issues...

Cooper: Eric Berry's wise advice

Published Jun. 11 2016

It wasn't exactly a graduation speech, but the advice Kansas City Chiefs All Pro defensive back Eric Berry gave to...

Cooper: Plenty for UTC; little for wallet

Published Jun. 11 2016

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga appeared to hit the jackpot Thursday in state funding by the State Building Commission...

Cooper: Why not pilot student-based budgeting?

Published Jun. 10 2016

It's not exactly a throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks strategy, but public schools across the country are always searching for the next best thing...

Cooper: Uneasy lies Clinton's crown

Published Jun. 8 2016

Even the application of her crown lacked luster.

Cooper: Reducing 'free lunch' schools

Published Jun. 7 2016

It's a crazy notion, granted, but U.S. House Republicans want all children who qualify for free school lunches -- and...

Cooper: Ali's greatness is relative

Published Jun. 7 2016

More than 40 years after the last American military helicopter left Vietnam, many veterans and patriots have a hard time...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Not with my daughters

Published Jun. 6 2016

The American Civil Liberties Union has jumped feet first in the transgender bathroom controversy, not surprisingly supporting the Obama administration's...

Cooper: Politicians or not, follow the money

Published Jun. 5 2016

Oh for the good ol' days when only the politicians could be bought.