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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: GOP debate finally all business

Published Nov. 12 2015

Although 2016 Republican presidential candidates must continue to differentiate themselves from their rivals on the road and in various debates,...

Cooper: Veterans Day -- what Lincoln can see

Published Nov. 11 2015

The stone statue of the man who sits in the Lincoln Memorial and looks outward at the Washington Monument and...

Cooper: Obama's Keystone decision shortsighted

Published Nov. 10 2015

The political decision Friday by President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline is just as shortsighted as the...

Cooper: Missouri reaction not a good sign

Published Nov. 10 2015

The resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Monday does not bode well for higher education.

Eye on the left/Hampton wouldn't be stereotyped

Published Nov. 9 2015

Democrats' nightmare

Cooper: Americans take faith, vote seriously

Published Nov. 8 2015

In the past seven years, under the highly secular Obama administration, people of faith have remained strong.

Cooper: Moving beyond high poverty schools

Published Nov. 7 2015

Status quo with the Hamilton County Schools may as well be going backward.

Cooper: Arts Building a key in thriving city

Published Nov. 6 2015

Five arts organizations under one downtown Innovation Zone roof will be the ultimate employment of a little used brick building...

Cooper: So how has Iran changed?

Published Nov. 6 2015

Thank goodness the nuclear deal the United States and other Western nations signed with Iran this summer has caused a...

Cooper: Antarctic ice is increasing? What?

Published Nov. 6 2015

A natural occurrence 10,000 years in the making has challenged the thinking of climate change alarmists about Antarctica.

Cooper: Foster case gives Supreme Court lots to decide

Published Nov. 4 2015

The case of Timothy Tyrone Foster before the U.S. Supreme Court is an intriguing one because, if decided legally instead...

Cooper: Fred Thompson's life of high drama

Published Nov. 3 2015

For those of us with just a little bit of the political bug and just a little bit of the...

Cooper: Debates should be tools for electorate

Published Nov. 3 2015

Party presidential debates could be one of the most valuable tools for the electorate in determining which of the candidates...

Eye on the left/Marco Rubio: Evil Mansplainer

Published Nov. 2 2015

Clinton's most feared opponent?

Cooper: Trump is not one of us

Published Nov. 1 2015

It's clear, having lived under a president for nearly seven years who governs against the will of the people, skirts...

Cooper: Needed Assurance For VW Plant

Published Oct. 31 2015

A state Senate panel put its stamp of approval on Volkswagen and its Chattanooga plant Thursday in the wake of...

Cooper: Obamacare and Mammograms, Original Guidelines Safe For Now

Published Oct. 31 2015

In spite of new guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society, the Affordable Care Act will continue to pay for...

Cooper: Media GOP Debate's Biggest Loser

Published Oct. 30 2015

Ten of the top tier candidates sparred on the issues and with each other in the 2016 Republican presidential debate...

Cooper: UAW Desperate For VW Toehold

Published Oct. 28 2015

If the United Auto Workers is confident of the support of the 55 percent of blue-collar workers the union says...

Cooper: Budget Agreement Good And Bad

Published Oct. 28 2015

The good news is the U.S. House has forged a budget agreement. The bad news is the U.S. House has...

Cooper: Eye on the left, Not So Fast, Mrs. Clinton

Published Oct. 26 2015

If "over 50 African-American mayors from across the country" endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, as an email her campaign recently...

Cooper: Don't Fear World History Courses

Published Oct. 25 2015

Should Tennessee public-school parents be worried their children are being indoctrinated into the religion of Islam through the teachings of...

Cooper: TVA's nuclear step the right step

Published Oct. 24 2015

The Tennessee Valley Authority firmly anchored America's foot back in nuclear power Thursday when its Watts Bar Unit 2 received...