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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: President's words to media about eight years too late

Published Apr. 3 2016

Though the chummy Washington, D.C., media to which President Barack Obama was speaking last week probably just nodded their heads...

Cooper: Dreams keep Chattanooga 2.0 humming

Published Apr. 2 2016

Imagine if Hamilton County was a "mecca for teachers." Imagine if Chattanooga residents looking for a new home didn't have...

Cooper: Iran still wants more?

Published Apr. 2 2016

If the Obama administration continues in the same vein, Iran may go from a part of the "axis of evil"...


Cooper: Increase threshold for de-annexation

Published Apr. 1 2016

If state Sen. Bo Watson's municipal de-annexation bill is re-introduced in the next Tennessee legislative session, it should cover all...

Cooper: Georgia bill really about religious freedom

Published Mar. 30 2016

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal chose corporate business over religious business Monday in deciding to veto a bill that would protect...

Cooper: Deposit may help WWTA solve problems

Published Mar. 30 2016

A state government that doesn't examine its agencies on a regular basis invites further bureaucracy, which is good for no...

Cooper: Tennessee's background checks for teachers aren't enough

Published Mar. 29 2016

Tennessee is one of only 11 states that requires teachers to have a background check before being hired. That 39...

Cooper: Lowering responsibility never a good idea

Published Mar. 29 2016

The Chattanooga Housing Authority is caught in the middle of the kind of bureaucratic situation only the federal government can...

Cooper's eye on the left: Capitalist Or Communist ... Whatever

Published Mar. 28 2016

Whatever works?

Cooper: Time for schools to think outside the box

Published Mar. 27 2016

If ever there was a time for the Hamilton County Schools to think out of the box, it is now.

Cooper: Pinkston's refusal understandable

Published Mar. 26 2016

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston said in a letter Friday he would not appear before the Chattanooga City Council...

Cooper: Fetal assault law rightly will sunset

Published Mar. 26 2016

A 2014 law with understandable intentions but infinite pitfalls will be sunset on July 1.

Cooper: Neal Pinkston, Andy Berke need VRI summit

Published Mar. 25 2016

Both Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston believe the city's Violence Reduction Initiative can...

Cooper: Brussels attacks highlight need for quicker end to Islamic State

Published Mar. 23 2016

The cowardly, coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday cry out for the necessity of stepping up the destruction of...

Cooper: Waiting for U.S. upside in Cuba

Published Mar. 22 2016

It was business as usual hours before President Barack Obama arrived Sunday for the first visit to Cuba by a...

Cooper: Silencing Trump speech ineffective

Published Mar. 22 2016

The totalitarian Cuban government and left-wing protesters in Arizona over the weekend had the same end in mind — to...

Cooper's eye on the left: Reid now likes 'Biden Rule'

Published Mar. 21 2016

A day after calling on Senate Republicans to give Supreme Court nominee Merrick B. Garland a hearing before the end...

Cooper: Still the economy, stupid

Published Mar. 20 2016

Illegal immigration and the Southern border wall may be good conversation starters when it comes to presidential support for Donald...

Cooper: 'Moderate' nominee just a label

Published Mar. 19 2016

The headlines were everywhere earlier this week, and the meaning behind them was just what you'd expect.

Cooper: Hypocritical winds blowing over Atlantic

Published Mar. 18 2016

Just a day after saying it will ban commercial oil drilling off the Atlantic Coast, the Obama administration dedicated more...

Cooper: Politics shouldn't stop mental health bill

Published Mar. 16 2016

Beltway pundits already have written the obituaries on this year's Congress, saying election-year politics and the battle over a potential...


Cooper: 'Carter Act' could help elsewhere

Published Mar. 16 2016

A law inspired by the treatment and recovery of former President Jimmy Carter from liver and brain cancer could —...

Cooper: Smith's exit leaves clean slate

Published Mar. 15 2016

With Superintendent Rick Smith's announced retirement Monday, the Hamilton County Schools system now has a clean white board on which...