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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Cleveland -- model good behavior

Published Feb. 9 2016

As hundreds of students milled around tables during Career Day in the University Center at the University of Tennessee at...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: 'That's what they offered'

Published Feb. 8 2016

What's a failed secretary of state speech or three worth?

Cooper: Johnston is the preferred assessor candidate

Published Feb. 7 2016

From all indications, Hamilton County residents voting in the March 1 Republican primary couldn't go wrong by electing any one...

Cooper: Keep Greenholtz as judge

Published Feb. 7 2016

In appointing a judge for the 11th Judicial District Criminal Court last summer, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam — in an...

Cooper: Haslam: Political Collegiality Missing

Published Feb. 6 2016

Gov. Bill Haslam wasn't about to go out on a limb.

Cooper: Oil Tax Dead On Arrival

Published Feb. 6 2016

President Obama, likely feeling he has nothing to lose, is expected next week to propose a $10 per barrel tax...

Cooper: The Donald's blame game

Published Feb. 5 2016

Since Monday, Donald Trump has blamed voters, the media and now Sen. Ted Cruz for his loss in the Republican...

Cooper: Deal with rural broadband now

Published Feb. 5 2016

Rural residents shouldn't to have wait another year — or more — for Tennessee legislators to get more study results...

Cooper: Not much clarity from Iowa

Published Feb. 3 2016

The Iowa caucuses had something for everybody — unfortunately.

Cooper: 'Construction mitigation' will help

Published Feb. 3 2016

Delayed renovation work on the Wilcox Tunnel could pay off for some area businesses.

Cooper: College tuition freeze sounds great

Published Feb. 2 2016

What Tennessee parent sending their children to a state public college or university wouldn't like a two-year tuition freeze, or,...

Cooper: Fender's ministry of compassion

Published Feb. 2 2016

Brother Ron Fender was, to many people who encountered him in Chattanooga, the closest person to Mother Teresa they were...


Cooper's Eye on the left: Somebody Was Going To Say It

Published Feb. 1 2016

Super Bowl race war?

Cooper: Deadline for last year of Obamacare?

Published Jan. 31 2016

As if television commercials and "news" stories in various media haven't prepared you, today is the enrollment deadline to sign...

Cooper: Little changes ahead of Iowa caucus

Published Jan. 30 2016

The table is set for Monday's Iowa caucuses, but Thursday's Republican presidential debate did little to whet voters' appetites.

Cooper: Searching for minority police in Chattanooga has been largely in vain

Published Jan. 29 2016

The Chattanooga Police Department has tried practically everything to recruit minority — and especially black — job candidates. Everything, that...

Cooper: Keep unions, school districts separate

Published Jan. 27 2016

"We have always done it this way."

Cooper: Weary of selective political scolding

Published Jan. 27 2016

The problem with pointing your finger is there are always three fingers pointing back at you.

Cooper: Surprise! Americans want something new

Published Jan. 26 2016

A new survey indicates most Americans — 61 percent — have little to no confidence in the federal government to...

Cooper's eye on the left: Misery index for young grows

Published Jan. 25 2016

And they helped elect him

Cooper: Fleischmann on challenges of 2016

Published Jan. 24 2016

Congressional Republicans would like to steer the country back toward the constitutional way of governing the Founding Fathers created, U.S....


Cooper: School board faces its own high-stakes test

Published Jan. 23 2016

When Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith resigned Thursday, he surely felt both a personal sense of relief — stemming...

Cooper: Giving vouchers space to breathe

Published Jan. 22 2016

The concept of educational vouchers in Tennessee got the go-ahead Wednesday to be discussed further in the state House.