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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Flight of fantasy

Published Jan. 22 2018

Democratic Party leaders wish she would just fade away, but fringe leftists continue to bring up the name of Hillary...

Cooper: Trump's fitness elicits empathy

Published Jan. 21 2018

The same national media that couldn't see past their personal biases to gauge the strength of presidential candidate Donald Trump...

Cooper: Cannabis oily situation for states

Published Jan. 20 2018

Cue the Cheech and Chong videos and the Bob Marley music. Cannabis is all the talk in Tennessee and Georgia...


Cooper: Woody Allen's clay feet

Published Jan. 19 2018

For those who form their opinion on politics from luminaries of the entertainment industry, for those who get their cue...

Cooper: The DACA chicken game

Published Jan. 17 2018

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has turned into a political game of chicken.

Cooper: A new wave of intolerance

Published Jan. 16 2018

We often have bemoaned the increasing lack of tolerance on today's college campuses and the desire to smother opinions that...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Not everybody is ready for Oprah in 2020

Published Jan. 15 2018

Oprah Winfrey has been given hours of media love since her speech last week after accepting the Cecil B. DeMille...

Cooper: Trump should recall tax pledge

Published Jan. 14 2018

It was presidential candidate George H.W. Bush's greatest campaign moment, and the occasionally stumble-worded candidate delivered speechwriter Peggy Noonan's words...

Cooper: Trend will clarify city safety

Published Jan. 13 2018

Although Chattanooga saw a record number of homicides for recent years in 2017, total shooting incidents, total people shot, shootings...

Cooper: Heritage Center hits first goal

Published Jan. 13 2018

Area veterans and their supporters gave more than $600,000 over the past six months to bring the Charles H. Coolidge...

Cooper: Is 'exemplary' possible for Hamilton County's schools?

Published Jan. 12 2018

Much attention over the past year has been paid to Hamilton County's priority schools, and rightly so.

Cooper: 'Know when to hold 'em'

Published Jan. 10 2018

The city of Chattanooga has decided it won't lose tens of thousands of dollars on the sale of a piece...


Cooper: Not convinced about tax increment financing

Published Jan. 10 2018

Not enough i's were dotted and t's crossed Monday for the city's plans to extend Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard...

Cooper: No unemployment appreciation

Published Jan. 9 2018

A record is a record.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Fonda's actions still resonate

Published Jan. 8 2018

To many Vietnam veterans, actress Jane Fonda is still "Hanoi Jane" for actions they consider abetting the enemy during the...

Cooper: Corker and 'fake news'

Published Jan. 7 2018

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said just before Christmas he had a "newfound empathy" for President Trump and how false information...

Cooper: The Signal schools two-step

Published Jan. 6 2018

Participants at Thursday's Signal Mountain Town Council meeting with Hamilton County Department of Education officials talked around each other like...

Cooper: Insurance hope for small businesses

Published Jan. 6 2018

No one is calling it a game-changer yet, but the proposed Labor Department rule issued Thursday allowing "association health plans"...

Cooper: Trump farms out voting fraud probe to Department of Homeland Security

Published Jan. 5 2018

President Donald Trump dissolved his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Wednesday and farmed out the work to the Department...

Cooper: TVA's correct wind decision

Published Jan. 3 2018

The Tennessee Valley Authority recently made a financial decision it believed is in the best interests of its ratepayers. That's...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Even the left piling on Hillary

Published Dec. 31 2017

Vanity Fair called foul

Cooper: Trump underestimated in 2018, too?

Published Dec. 31 2017

As the 2016 presidential primary elections unfurled and businessman Donald Trump increasingly took a lead in the Republican Party delegate...

Cooper: Shaping the school district

Published Dec. 27 2017

Nearly six months into his tenure as superintendent of Hamilton County Schools, Dr. Bryan Johnson has attempted to apply a...