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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: North Hamilton critical for Marty Haynes

Published Mar. 4 2016

Hamilton County Commissioner Marty Haynes won almost every voting precinct north of the Tennessee River en route to his Republican...

Cooper: GOP digging hole for itself

Published Mar. 2 2016

Every Republican state primary election or caucus from here on out this spring in which there are more than two...

Cooper: We're all better off when candidates face opposition in elections

Published Mar. 1 2016

Some months ago, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Chattanooga, was looking ahead to the possibility of a 2016 primary opponent and...

Cooper's eye on the left: Clinton gets ahead of facts

Published Feb. 29 2016


Chattanooga Free Press announces its endorsement for president

Published Feb. 28 2016

Tennesseans have an opportunity on Tuesday to cast their Republican presidential primary vote for a man who is not only...

Cooper: Faith groups favor no one

Published Feb. 27 2016

After three primaries, numerous debates and more than a year of campaigning, not one Democratic or Republican presidential candidate earned...

Cooper: Will Trump's black eyes matter?

Published Feb. 27 2016

It might have made more sense for Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., to have verbally punched businessman...

Cooper: Hamilton County should support Chattanooga 2.0 plan

Published Feb. 26 2016

The Hamilton County Commission should give the Chattanooga 2.0 initiative a rousing 9-0 vote of support next week.

Cooper: State Rifle? Why Open That Door?

Published Feb. 26 2016

No offense to Ronnie Barrett, the Tennessee native who apparently has made a killing by developing a .50-caliber rifle now...

Cooper: Slattery should weigh in now on refugee program

Published Feb. 24 2016

Since a Tennessee state Senate resolution passed Monday asks — but does not direct — state Attorney General Herbert Slatery...

Cooper: GOP should be 'Biden' its time

Published Feb. 24 2016

Add United States Vice President Joe Biden to the chorus of those who believe the Senate shouldn't take up the...

Cooper: Helmets save us $3 billion per year, so why are we repealing the helmet law?

Published Feb. 23 2016

One thing is certain if Tennessee lawmakers repeal the state law that requires motorcycle riders over 21 to wear a...


Cooper: Cruz dirty tricks rankle

Published Feb. 23 2016

Is this the real Ted Cruz emerging?

Cooper's eye on the left: Don't know much about history

Published Feb. 22 2016

Millennials had a little trouble identifying current and past governmental leaders in a survey at George Mason University.

Cooper: Chattanooga History Center needs a 'White Knight' to save city's heritage

Published Feb. 21 2016

The opening of the Chattanooga History Center in sleekly designed space in a Tennessee Aquarium Plaza building for the last...

Cooper: Buyout better of two bad choices for Hamilton County schools

Published Feb. 20 2016

It is galling when the better choice may be to give another Hamilton County Schools superintendent an expensive going-away present.

Cooper: Will your primary vote count?

Published Feb. 19 2016

In the Tennessee Republican presidential primary on March 1, your vote will matter even more than you think.

Cooper: Ooltewah must address its culture

Published Feb. 17 2016

One thought stands above all others in the conjecture about who knew what, when they knew it and what they...

Cooper: Politics no fitting eulogy for Scalia

Published Feb. 16 2016

Anyone who thought President Barack Obama wouldn't take the opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice who would affect the...

Cooper: Eye on the left - Obama's Hug Does In Christie

Published Feb. 15 2016

Bro embrace after hurricane

Cooper: Chattanooga's new children's hospital deserves our support

Published Feb. 14 2016

Two years ago next month, Erlanger Health System Chief Executive Officer Kevin Spiegel — on the job for only 11...

Cooper: Obama not walking the talk

Published Feb. 13 2016

Seven years and one month into his presidency, Barack Obama is aghast the tone of politics in the United States...

Cooper: Welfare drug screening worth it

Published Feb. 12 2016

If less than 0.2 percent of people who have applied for welfare in Tennessee since July 2014 have failed a...