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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Uninsured motorists, beware

Published Dec. 28 2016

Approximately one in five Tennessee drivers — some 1.2 million, as of the latest available statistics — does not have...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: The most important issues

Published Dec. 26 2016

If the Hillary Clinton campaign wants to add yet another excuse for its presidential loss to Russian hacking, 'deplorable' voters...

Cooper: 'A kind, forgiving, charitable time'

Published Dec. 25 2016

Now, Family Promise contacted the United Way of Greater Chattanooga, which manages the annual Times Free Press Neediest Cases Fund....

Cooper: Presidential planes just the beginning?

Published Dec. 23 2016

After President-elect Donald Trump complained, Boeing said it will lower the price on a new Air Force One fleet.

Cooper: Heeding Jeh Johnson's advice

Published Dec. 23 2016

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has some sound words for his boss, the current president of the United States, and...

Cooper: Are we willing to put politics aside during holidays?

Published Dec. 21 2016

Whether we prefer 'Merry Christmas' or a more generic greeting this season, almost all of us say political views left...

Cooper: Left's whining won't stop after Electoral College vote

Published Dec. 20 2016

If you thought all of the whining about Russian hacking, urgent recounts, voter fraud, an alt-right movement, unfaithful electors and...

Cooper: Sad departure of Holmberg Bridge glass [video]

Published Dec. 20 2016

The aura of walking across the Holmberg Bridge connecting Walnut Street to the Bluff View Art District is something akin...

Cooper: More data means stronger students

Published Dec. 18 2016

With the arrival in Hamilton County last week of 2015-2016 TNReady assessment scores, teachers and parents of state high school...

Cooper: The Administration's failure in Syria

Published Dec. 17 2016

The Obama administration is undoubtedly glad to have its media cheerleaders focus on allegations of Russian hacking in the presidential...

Cooper: Removing the 'storm" of hate

Published Dec. 17 2016

If we're lucky, we'll have heard the last of Dylann Storm Roof after his sentencing next month for the June...

Cooper: Chattanooga City Council turnover less likely

Published Dec. 16 2016

In the spring of 2013, Chattanooga elected a new mayor and seven of nine new City Council members. Don't look...


Cooper: Being 'frenemies' with Russia

Published Dec. 14 2016

One in four Americans, according to a new report, believe more people were killed under the United States presidential administration...

Cooper: Third way in reappraisal bills?

Published Dec. 13 2016

If the city of Chattanooga and the other nine municipalities in Hamilton County learned a state law was on the...

Cooper: Lurone Jennings needs to give accounting

Published Dec. 13 2016

We're shocked and saddened to see that veteran area youth leader Lurone Jennings, director of Chattanooga's Youth and Family Development...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A training ground for Jihadists?

Published Dec. 12 2016

Our good friends, the Iranians, with whom the U.S. signed a nuclear agreement in 2015, have opened a new theme...

Cooper: Truckers want to do their part

Published Dec. 11 2016

A transportation industry is willing to pay higher taxes so that the infrastructure it relies on will be easier to...

Cooper: John Glenn a hero from a different era

Published Dec. 10 2016

For many baby boomers, John Glenn was as close to an authentic American hero as anyone could get. It was...

Cooper: Cures Act a strong dose of hope

Published Dec. 9 2016

In a day when approval of Congress barely exceeds 10 percent of poll respondents and few believe the body ever...

Cooper: 'Experience' charge making Democrats look desperate

Published Dec. 7 2016

The left's desperation to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump before he takes office would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Cooper: Sheriff Watson, show your paperwork

Published Dec. 6 2016

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson's actions in selling used cars seem to run counter to state law. We say "seem"...


Cooper: Can Trump slow health costs?

Published Dec. 6 2016

What health care coverage will look like under President Donald J. Trump can only be speculated. We can be sure...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: A truly 'Beastie' creation

Published Dec. 5 2016

From the stranger-than-fiction file is the report of a Beastie Boys member creating a vegan shoe which will profit the...