EPB fiber optics moving fast

EPB fiber optics moving fast

June 10th, 2009 in Opinion Free Press

If you have noticed more men up power poles in your neighborhoods in recent months than usual, it's not just because they were repairing electric lines or working on power transformers. They are the people of EPB (formerly known as the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga). And EPB CEO Harold DePriest is proud to tell you they have been installing nearly a thousand miles of "fiber optics" lines to give our community speedier and more reliable electric and communications services.

EPB Chairman Joe Ferguson announced yesterday that EPB's fiber optics network construction is about a year and a half ahead of schedule, and now covers all of Chattanooga, East Ridge and Red Bank

As a result, Chattanooga has the distinction of being the largest city in our country with full fiber optics coverage, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. DePriest announced.

So what does that mean to you?

It means that very high speed and high quality service for electricity, high definition TV, Internet and communications services are available for local homes, businesses and industries.

EPB says additional good news is that these services should help create more and better jobs for the people in our area.

So far as "regular" EPB electric service is involved, the fiber optics system makes it possible for EPB to know instantaneously - "at the speed of light" - if here is any interruption in service, thus speeding repair and service restoration very quickly.

EPB's fiber optics system is another very important step forward for Chattanooga in our fast-moving world of communications, information, business, industry and economics. The people of EPB deserve congratulations for their speedy and efficient work in providing this advance for our people and our community.