Another $5 mil Volkswagen benefit

Another $5 mil Volkswagen benefit

March 24th, 2009 in Opinion Free Press

Many in the Chattanooga area have been exulting over the benefits that will come to our people as Volkswagen plans to invest close to $1 billion in its new local plant, creating many thousands of new jobs, directly and indirectly. But there are also some other indirect benefits that Volkswagen has announced.

Volkswagen is donating about $5.28 million to promote Hamilton County and other Tennessee education in ways that will benefit many people.

* Hamilton County public schools will receive about $800,000 for a summer training institute for teachers, Calvin Donaldson School renovation and ACT test preparation.

* Chattanooga State Technical Community College will receive a Volkswagen Training Academy for VW's work force.

* The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will receive a Volkswagen Competitive Challenge Scholarship.

* The University of Tennessee will receive a Volkswagen Endowment Fund for student and faculty aid.

* Oak Ridge National Laboratory will receive a Volkswagen Scholars program for students interested in automotive careers.

* Tennessee State University in Nashville will receive student scholarships and faculty support.

* Fisk University in Nashville will receive a Volkswagen fellowship for students in environmental, community service and business projects.

* The University of Memphis will receive an initiative to recruit, retain and prepare specialists in science, technology, engineering and math.

It is obvious that Volkswagen intends not only to be a major investor in local industry, but also an investor in the general progress of our people, locally and throughout Tennessee.

We appreciate Volkswagen.