Maglev train through Chattanooga?

Maglev train through Chattanooga?

September 12th, 2009 in Opinion Free Press

Chattanooga and Atlanta are conveniently linked by Interstate Highway 75 and by less-than-an-hour airliner flights. Do we also have a prospect for a future "maglev" train connection?

A maglev train can achieve great speed and a smooth ride by literally "floating," being levitated magnetically as it speeds along a track.

Famous French and Japanese maglev trains have attained speeds of more than 350 miles an hour. Germany, China and Britain also have maglev lines. Will we some day have a maglev train running from Atlanta (or Miami) through Chattanooga to Chicago?

Rep. Zach Wamp has reported that the Federal Transit Administration will provide $14.2 million for engineering and environmental studies toward such a possible maglev line.

"This keeps us in the high-speed rail program nationally and allows the Atlanta-to-Chattanooga route to advance forward to the next level," the congressman said.

Don't line up for tickets today. But a maglev could be in Chattanooga's future.